Wednesday, July 31, 2013

THE STORY OF DOUCHEBAGISTAN Chapter 7 "The people of Douchebagistan"

  The Douchebagistanian people are true blue to king Cheney.

  Whatever the king said, the impressionable young douchebags would believe. Their loyalty is unquestioned, for the king had told them that facts were evil, and for them to believe his words, not their own eyes, and they did

   Douchebagistan high school produced some that would go on to great fame, as these yearbook photos clearly show.
   See anyone you know?

Here we have the National members
of the Douchebag GOP tea party.

   Here we witness some Douchebag police in the process of questioning a very suspicious person.

   It was later found that he was not displaying an
"I love king Cheney" sticker on his vehicle so he was promptly shot.

  Members of the Douchebagistan secret police are caught in party mode celebrating the hatching of the queens 9 reptilian daughters.

   These members are all hand selected by the minister of hate Limbaugh.

    Minister Limbaugh has spent countless hours with each of these members in locked rooms to insure that they are properly filled with his own particularly vile form of hatred.

   His training appears to be very successful, for people will tell you that anyone who listens to Limbaugh long enough will soon find themselves hating everything.


 This is a small sample of the Douchebagistan people, we'll look at more of them in future chapters of "The story of Douchebagistan"



Tuesday, July 30, 2013


   America is nearing the tipping point, also called the point of no return, and if things don't change soon, then it will be too late.

   The disparity between the have and have nots is wider than ever, and all the indicators point to this imbalance continuing for the foreseeable future.

   There has always existed multiple economic classes in America, but beginning with the industrial revolution, the opportunities for the multitudes to realize true financial success in their own lifetime was made possible for the first time in history.

   With that opportunity the American middle class grew to be a massive financial powerhouse, everyday workers being able to afford multitudes of products that were once only attainable by the wealthiest among us.

   The beginning of the 20th century saw the elite robber barons of the day controlling all the financial resources, thereby keeping a stranglehold on any opportunity for others.

   Starting with Teddy Roosevelt's dismantling of corporate trusts and monopolies, and government legislation reigning in the abusive tactics of Corporations, along with the founding of trade unions,  the American middle class began to grow and thrive.

   During the 1920's Wall street was an unregulated entity, and as such it was manipulated by the elite for their own self enriching purposes, and just as it has done numerous times since then, the unsustainable bubble burst.

   The incredibly irresponsible practices of the day came back to annihilate not only the American economy, but the economies of virtually the entire planet.

   Along with the rest of the world, the United States was plunged into a horrible financial depression for the next decade, people had no money to purchase goods, so manufacturers laid off their workers, which created a vicious downward cycle of chain events.

   At this same time, European countries were also suffering the effects of worldwide financial collapse, but one European country in particular was also being financially strangled by other nations.

   After Germany lost World War 1, it was forced to pay restitution to France and Great Britain, since 1918 those nations had been siphoning off every asset in Germany, which kept the German economy in ruins.

   The absolute economic chaos experienced by the German people was directly responsible for the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, and eventually World War 2.

    Ironically, WW2 was the catalyst that propelled America out of the great depression, along with the need for weapons and supplies, came the need for workers to make those items.

   After WW2 ended, America had become a mega economic giant, with the end of arms production American industries were now tasked with producing goods needed throughout the world, goods that Europe and other countries were unable to produce because their infrastructures had been destroyed.

   American industry also saw tens of millions of its own country men now with the financial ability to buy their products, along with government housing loans and the G.I. bill for veterans, Americas economy soared.

   Throughout the next few decades the American middle class grew and prospered, and as it did, so did our nation.

   But in the last few decades, something else has occurred, the middle class has been shrinking, corporations have automated production, thereby needing fewer workers, and the workers it does still require are more and more doing those jobs in places like China and India.

   The once mighty industrial American machine seems to have been parceled out to parts of the world where workers are one notch above slave status.

   With the absolutely reckless policies of the George W. Bush administration, along with 2 very expensive wars, America has been put in debt up to her neck and beyond.

   Add to that huge tax cuts on the wealthy, and mass deregulation of  banking and industry, deregulation by the way that created the unbelievably massive implosion of the housing market, and you get to where we are today.

   What we have is a GOP that is acting like a spoiled child that can't have its way, it refuses to even vote on jobs bills, or bills for infrastructure rebuilding, the GOP is more than willing to let this nation go down in flames for its corporate masters cause.

   The GOP claims that there are more people receiving some type of government assistance today than ever before, that may be the only true thing they have said in years, but they fail to add that it is because of their failed policies, and their complete allegiance to corporations, and the elite 1%  that created that situation.

   As the middle class evaporates, as the rich get richer, as the poor get poorer, America will find itself with countless millions of its citizens who find that they have nothing left to lose, and people with nothing to lose are willing to do extreme things.

   So take note GOP and the elite 1%, you have pushed the people of America to the edge, the same people who facilitated your rise to success, can also bring you down, and it won't be as pleasant of a trip, its time to stop your greed and self centered behavior.

   If the tipping point is crossed, then it will be you elite that will be responsible for it, and you will most certainly be held accountable




Monday, July 29, 2013

THE STORY OF DOUCHEBAGISTAN Chapter 6 "The royal family"

   The offspring of king Cheney and queen Coulter were a very different group of kids.

   Due to the animal and human DNA found in the royal couples system, they produced some of the strangest Douchebagistany children in the land.

Prince Cantor was the 
firstborn male, and though born without genitalia, he would in time be regarded as one of the biggest dicks in the land. His royal title is the "Duke of puke".


Prince Ryan was second in line, strangely, Ryan inherited his mothers serpent DNA and was produced as an egg by queen Coulter. Prince Ryan appeared human in many ways, but his rattlesnake nature never left him. His royal title is the "Duke of fluke".

Princess Bachman was the first daughter born to king Cheney and queen Coulter, and she was at once loved by all of  Douchebagistan, but the men of the land loved her the most because she was born without any gag reflexes. Her royal title is the"Dutchess of dick".

Princess Palin was truly a miracle baby, being born without any sign of a brain amazed all the doctors, apparently all the air that filled her head was enough to keep her alive, Her royal title is the "Dutchess of dumb".

Queen Coulters serpent DNA was responsible for the remainder of the royal offspring, the queen laid 9 eggs, and each of them hatched on the same day, and all of them possessed the same family traits, but these princesses would go on to prove to the world that they were every bit a snake as their mother was. These princesses were given a shared royal title, they were named, the "Dutchesses of deception".

   These are the members of the royal family, each of them unique, but all of them Douchebags through and through.

   Stay tuned for further chapters of the story of Douchebagistan.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE STORY OF DOUCHEBAGISTAN Chapter 5 "still more ministers"

   All the Douchebagistan
ministers share the same nasty qualities.

 They are all evil,foul, and self righteous fools.

They are also all GOP

Minister Norquist is in charge of soul sales.

His previous job was being a toilet bowl.

His hobbies are eating babies and licking toes.

Minister Sununu's only duty is to be uglier than every body else.
His hobby is to hide his face.

Minister Rumsfeld is in charge of phony wars and false intelligence.

He previously worked as a pedophile priest.

His hobby is licking king Cheney's boots. 

Minister Cruz is the official Douchebagistan witchhunter.

He previously sold meth and heroin to school children.

His hobby is putting baby kittens in microwave ovens and timing how long it takes for them to explode.

Romney is the kings minister-at-large.

His role changes every 5 minutes.

He studies chameleons.

   There you have it, the official ministers of the land of Douchebagistan. Be sure to read chapter 6 of the story of Douchebagistan where I reveal the identities of the royal family.



    I have come to the conclusion that what America is in need of most is women.

   The fairer sex constitutes over half the population, yet there are only a small fraction of that now in the house and senate seats.

  Why is that?

   Not withstanding the idiot Tea party women, or the over the top lunatic women of the far right, women in general seem to be much more adept at getting things accomplished in politics.

   We have superb examples of dynamic, hard working, charismatic women in Washington politics right now, and a potential Presidential candidate in 2016 that scares the crap out of the GOP.

   Women in places of political authority appear to be much more empathetic to those truly in need in America, and as such are much more effective in overcoming the challenges they present.

   Again, discounting the ridiculous idiots that the GOP offers, the women in office today are far and away much more admirable examples of the type of elected officials Americans are starving for than their male counterparts.

   There are many noble and honorable men in Washington D.C., but there are also very many who seem to view their job as a game, a game where the loser is us, the citizens of the United States.

   The Republican party has alienated itself from virtually every group in America except older white males, their outdated and bigoted mindset doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon, and anything they offer in the form of female candidates, are at best nothing but ignorant morons.

   The progressive liberal cause has always been dedicated to electing the candidate who can best accomplish the tasks given them, be they man or woman, black, white, or brown.

   I believe we need to encourage more women that they can make a difference in America, that they do have the power to change things for the better.

   Washington D.C. is the pinnacle of the backroom deal, it has been that way from the beginning, but women have been excluded from that old boys type of network for most of our history, so the best chance we have in getting elected officials that possess the independence, honesty, and integrity we desire, is to elect more women to office.

    Visit me on f/b @ Getting a clue1

THE STORY OF DOUCHEBAGISTAN Chapter 4 "More Ministers"

   Because of the mass amount of inbreeding in the Cheney line there were many members of his family  that worked for him.

   The number of royal ministers he appointed to oddly named departments reflects that fact.

   Minister Trump is the keeper of birth records for Douchebagistan

   Though its his only duty, he struggles with understanding how it works on a daily basis.

   His hobbies are being a dick, and pretending he's not gay.

   Minister Issa is responsible for the false accusation department. 

   Issa is very prolific in his job, and the accusations he comes up with almost sound possible.

   His hobbies are burning down buildings and filling out claims.

   Minister O'reilly is the royal court whore.

 His duties are to use his mouth daily to be sure all the royals are sated.

 His hobby is ad nauseam.

   Minister Adelson is the royal purchaser of politicians.

    His duties are to gather as many Republican politicians together as money can buy.

   His hobby is being creepy. 

   Minister Boehner is the official court crier.

   His duties remain unclear due to his not seeming to be able to accomplish anything at all.

 His hobbies are beating dead horses, and whining that no one wants to play with him anymore.

  Although these ministers are the inbred relatives of king Cheney, they are all true blue Douchebags through and through.

   Be sure to read chapter 5 of the story of Douchebagistan to see even more Douchebag ministers.



Saturday, July 27, 2013


   The evil king Cheney of  Douchebagistan has many ministers.

   All of them are lifelong Douchebags and each one has certain responsibilities.



  Minister Rove oversees the dreaded Douchebagistan secret police.

   Before becoming minister, Rove was employed as a female impersonator at the Wee Takitall all male lounge.

   His favorite hobbies are tripping blind people and drowning small puppies.

  Minister Mcconnell is the keeper of the turtles.

   His hobbies are opening and closing his mouth, and trying to remember to breathe.

   After deposing king Bush, king Cheney decided to let him stay on as Minister of space cadets.

  Though the only space program is between his ears, he has fun.

  The ex-kings hobbies are trying to act important, and telling people it wasn't his fault.

  Minister Ginrich is the head of the department of hypocrisy.

   His duties require him to be critical of all others who act as he does.

   His hobbies are cheating on his wife, taking bribes, and telling people he is still important.

 Minister Limbaugh is in charge of the department of hate.

   Limbaugh is especially qualified for this position due to his vast knowledge of hatred, and his many many years of experience practicing every form of it.

   His hobbies are practicing beastiality with male yaks, and inserting his head into his rectum.

 These are some of king Cheneys ministers, each one hand picked by Cheney because of their total commitment to the Douchebag way of living. Look for more ministers in chapter 4.               



   Douchebagistan was ruled by an evil and cruel king, but their queen was also a mean and vile ruler.

   Queen Coulter took pleasure in tormenting everyone she met.

   With a heart as black as coal, and as hard as stone, queen Coulter and her coven of douchebags in waiting would spend hours and hours just thinking up evil things to do.

   The evil queen was conceived when a wild boar ate some mushrooms that made him insanely horny, the only living thing that boar could find was a large rattlesnake. The boar did his business with the snake and 6 weeks later, queen Coulter was born.

   While still very young Coulter was slithering through the swamp and came upon an old Nazi's retirement home.

   Coulter went inside and immediately felt
like she had finally found her true family.

   She shared in all the Nazi lifestyle, yes, young Ann felt like she found the place where she most belonged.

   The Nazi's welcomed her and taught her all the things that are important in the life of a twisted evil bigot.

   They even gave her employment training.

   These kind hearted generous Nazi mentors even got together and bought young Ann Coulter her very first work uniform, including the optional handcuffs and cat-o-nine tails.

   It didn't take Ann long to become the best pain giver in the land.

   Soon, people throughout Douchebagistan would say,"if you really want to suffer, go talk to Ann Coulter".

   And that is how Coulter would soon be the queen of the land.

   One day, king Cheney found himself thanking somebody, he couldn't believe that he had done that, he immediately called for his minister of hate, Sir Limbaugh.

   Sir Limbaugh assured the king that what he needed was a mate that would be a constant source of misery in his life, someone who would always be there to crush any empathy that might surface.

   Sir Limbaugh said he knew just the person, and with that he sped off to retrieve Coulter from her usual corner.

   As soon as king Cheney met Coulter, he knew he was dealing with a kindred spirit, he wasted no time in asking Coulter to be his queen.

   They married that very day, and the now queen Ann Coulter was finally able to make the entire land as miserable as she possibly could.



Friday, July 26, 2013


   This is the story of a land called douchebagistan, and just like other stories have many chapters for the reader to enjoy, so will this story.

   The first thing you'll want to know, is who the characters are, so without further ado, I present to you, the Douchebagistanies.  

   This is the Current King of all the Douchebagistanies, King Cheney.

   King Cheney stole his title from the previous king by being a puppetmaster of king Bush, but king Bush was too busy being an arrogant buffoon to notice the strings attached to him.

   King Cheney is as evil a king as there ever was, he doesn't care about all the Douchebagistanies, he only cares about himself.

   King Cheney had been involved in the affairs of Douchebagistan long before he was king. He has worked very hard in order to now claim the title of most douchebagiest.

   Some of the evil things he has done have included causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children so that he could make money.

   While king Cheney was still a puppetmaster to king Bush, they decided to destroy the twin castles in Old York city in order to sell a war to the people.

   The people believed the lies the king was telling, and soon there were two wars being waged at the same time.

    King Bush and Cheney were elated, with two wars they could sell lots of weapons and oil to douchebagistan and make lots and lots of money.

    King Cheney stays close to home because all over the world he is viewed as a criminal, and other countries will arrest him if they can catch him. He is also a criminal in douchebgistan, but he has enough money to keep from going to jail there.

    In the next chapter, we will learn about the Grand  Queen of
Douchebagistan, Queen Ann Coulter.



   I've posted douchebags, traitors, and most the most hated people, now allow me to present to you some of the most admirable, commendable, and heroic people in America, past and present, the kind of American role models we need more of.

The voters that waited in line for hours to show the GOP that they will not be suppressed

George Washington Carver

The freedom riders

President Abraham Lincoln

President Franklin
Delano Roosevelt

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The American service

man and woman


President Barack Obama