Monday, September 30, 2013


   While watching Ted Cruz spewing out lies on T.V., I recognized an emotion building inside of me that up to now could only be triggered by seeing and listening to 1 of 2 people, and I use the term "people" in the broadest sense of the word.

   Those two are George Bush Jr., and Dick Cheney.

   Even the utter loathing and disgust I experience  at the likes of Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Michele Bachmann, Rush, Bill, Sean, or the Fox news channel can't stir the type of complete and total hatred I feel toward those two murderous traitors to America.

   And trust me, that says a lot.

   But now it appears that a third vile and unholy monster has arisen from the slime to test my ability to forgive and empathize .

   I recognized that old feeling after hearing Cruz spewing out his evil lies for about 5 minutes, as soon as I was imagining how enjoyable it would be if I could just reach my hand through the T.V., grab Cruz by the throat, and punch him in the face for about a week and a half.

   These are not emotions I enjoy feeling, I try very hard to not hate, but when I see somebody like Cruz, or Bush, or Cheney, destroying our nation in the fulfillment of their self serving evil agenda, I just don't seem to have any control of it.

   However, unlike the continual angst and anger I feel toward Bush and Cheney's ability to escape the justice they have coming to them (so far), I find the pure hatred that Cruz stirs in me, can be overcome by sitting back and watching the total destruction of the entire GOP that Cruz has effected.

   The pure pleasure I get from seeing the GOP/Tea party imploding into obscurity is enough to bring me back to optimism and good spirits.

   Just imagining the utter turmoil and infighting that is taking place throughout the conservative party brings a smile to my face.

   And I believe that when America finally hangs Bush and Cheney as the traitors they are, then I will finally be rid of this ultimate hate.



Saturday, September 28, 2013


   I have great news for all the folks on the left, you can now relax and unwind a while.

   Do you know that feeling of anger you get when hear some douchebag like Limbaugh or Hannity spewing out lie after lie?

   How about that feeling of total frustration you get when trying to explain anything logical and honest to a Tea Party ignoramus?

   Are you disgusted when you hear that the house GOP's are voting to repeal Obamacare for the umpteenth time?

   Does the word filibuster now make you sick?

   Are you tired of being treated like a complete idiot by the GOP and its ridiculous blame game?

   Well these few things I just listed, along with the many, many, many more despicable actions that the GOP has perpetuated can now be viewed in a new light by the Liberal/Progressive/Democratic voters.

   The reason we can take a different stance on all these GOP transgressions, is because Ted Cruz and the Tea party have gone so far over the limit with their absurd behavior, that conservatives can't even stand each other anymore.

   Even the most thick headed ignorant Republican can't help but see what a destructive and useless entity that party has become.

   The GOP/Tea party has managed to alienate just about every voting group in America, and the few inbred bigoted racists they have left as a base don't have the votes to elect a dog catcher.

   The complete implosion of the conservative party is a self inflicted event, they have managed to pull off something those of us on the left only dreamed about doing,destroying the lie machine known as the GOP.

   Whatever rhetoric and accusations that they spew out now are nothing but wasted breath, they do not possess one ounce of credibility in the eyes of the nation, and any trust of them has long since gone away.

   So, short of some earth shaking scandal involving every democrat in America, the left will easily win every national election for the foreseeable future.

   That is why I say, relax, enjoy the show, the GOP is very entertaining when they're like this, pretty funny too, I can hardly stop laughing at them and their televised squabbling, just like a reality show.

   But above all, remember to thank personally those who made this dream come true, Ted Cruz, and the American Tea party.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Tea party tea party, I give you great thanks
Because  of the whacko's, that fill up your ranks
And lest I forget, the ignorant asses
That also exist, in your lunatic masses
And then there's the racists, the bigots and fools
You happily use them, as your destructive tools
A nation divided, is your ultimate quest
Where you make the rules, and screw all the rest
You say what you want, are the things that are right
But you want a country, whose people are all white
The message you spout, is abundantly clear
You love spreading rumors, panic and fear
With your hearts filled with hatred, it's easy to see
That your family line, is pure GOP
But your party crossed over, that invisible line
So consider this a warning, take it as a sign
America rejects, your sinister ways
As you will discover, in upcoming days
As your party dissolves, and the numbers get fewer
Your reps will be fired, and sent back to the sewer
Our government needs leaders, those that are heroes
And all that you've sent, are self centered zeros 
So why do I send, this big thanks to you
It's because you have done, things we couldn't do
You've turned all the people, against GOP ways
And your future is bleak, with limited days
So I'll thank you again, with these simple words
Don't ever come back, we don't want your turds

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


He spews out lies, with accusing ways
That are so reminiscent, of the McCarthy days
He doesn't care, about the facts
He only cares, about who he attacks
He doesn't seek justice, or fighting foul play
He just likes us to hear, what he has to say
He will pander to all, of his gullible base
He'll shake all their hands, and lie to their face
Though Canadian born, he claims he's a Yank
But it's very apparent, he is only a skank
He has little integrity, and honor not a speck
But he will gladly accept, your donation check
Cruz will happily screw, his country and friends
For he thinks that the means, justify the ends
But his actions of late, have caused him to lose
The support of the ones, who once shared his views
They once thought him the answer, a GOP messiah
But now everyone sees him, as just a pariah 



Saturday, September 21, 2013


They call it Fox, and say it's the news
But rumors and lies, is all that it spews
Fair and balanced, is the claim they make
But the facts that they use, are usually fake
They foster rumors, built on lies
There is no shame, in those lying eyes
Rupert Murdoch, a conservative ass
Owns that network, which has no class
He gives the word, and his minions hurry
Throughout the newsroom, like roaches they scurry
The people he uses, to deliver his lies
Are easy to loathe, hate and despise
There's Limbaugh Oreilly, and then there is Hannity
If you believe what they say, I question your sanity
They are bigoted racists, and their message is clear
We are here to alarm you, and fill you with fear
They care little for truth, and nothing for you
For their great love of money, they do what they do
But they aren't alone, there are many in their ranks
For Fox news is filled, with assholes and skanks
An America divided, is their unholy quest
To let the rich get richer, and screw all the rest
They service their masters, the wealthy elite
They do what their told, and bow at their feet
The balls in your corner, it's now time to choose
Do you believe in America, or believe in Fox news



Thursday, September 19, 2013


   Of course anybody who knows me would find this statement absolutely absurd, but I assure you, it is totally the truth.

   Here are the reasons I love the Tea party.

   I love how they openly obstruct any progress that might be made in Congress, allowing all American voters to clearly see that they don't give a damn about the average citizen, just their self centered interests, and those of their elite puppet masters.

   I love how they openly threaten to destroy this nations economy if they don't get their childish way.

   I love how they unashamedly pass laws with the obvious intent of denying voting rights.

   I love how they continually pander to their ever shrinking base by acting like fools, voting 40+ times to repeal Obamacare, holding unending hearings on issues everybody knows are absurd.

  I love how they present candidates and spokesmen that appear to be recently released from some home for the mentally challenged.

   I love how they refuse to show anything but total contempt and dislike for gays, women, immigrants, and all minorities.

   I love all these things the Tea party does, because it will insure that in 2014 and 2016, America will finally get a group of leaders in Washington D.C. that will put the concerns of the people first, not the rich, not the oil companies, not the banks, not Wall street, but the American people.

   And I will also love seeing the Tea party fade away into oblivion, where they certainly 


Sunday, September 15, 2013


   So, you think you have an idea of what we here on the progressive side are fighting for do you?

   Well, are you confident that you know exactly why it is we refer to you as racists or nut jobs?

   Allow me to make it crystal clear for you.

   We here on the left believe that every woman, child, and man, regardless of their religion, race, sexual orientation, or skin color has a God given right to be treated equally.

   We here on the left believe that we are indeed our brothers keeper, that there will always be people who will need assistance of one type or another, and that in a nation as abundantly blessed as this one has been, we feel that there is plenty to share, and that those who have reaped more rewards, should also share more of them.

   We here on the left believe that if something is good for the entire nation, it is also good for us, if every American can have the benefit of healthcare that is affordable, then we are all better off.

   We here on the left believe that it is much more important to be good stewards of our planet and its abundance, than to try and strangle out every last bit of value it contains, just to make a buck.

   Now I'm not saying that some conservatives don't also possess some of these beliefs, but overall, you just appear to be rather selfish and self centered, not really caring very much about anybody but you.

   But what makes us democrat/liberal/progressive types think that you are all either crazy lunatics or bigoted racists, is the people you choose to have as your representatives.

   They openly promote shutting down the entire government if they don't get their way, an act that would cause untold long term harm to every person in America.

   They brazenly pass state legislation with the admitted intent to deny large groups of people their right to vote.

   They block federal legislation that would create millions of jobs in America, as well as rebuild our aging infrastructure.

   They spend mass amounts of time and tax dollars voting over 40 times trying to repeal a law that will give millions of Americans healthcare while at the same time saving hundreds of billions of dollars for our country.

   They are absolutely opposed to anything that our President proposes, just to try and make him look ineffective and weak.

   They constantly spread rumors, and falsely accuse President Obama of wrongdoing, when they know full well he is innocent of their charges.

   They perpetually make thinly veiled remarks about his race, and his ability to lead America.

   These are just some of the reprehensible and evil things your chosen leaders act out on a daily basis, there are many many more.

   Along with all the things I have just mentioned, the conservative party also seems to have a great fondness for candidates who appear as though they just got released from the funny farm, or maybe they just escaped from there.

   From our perspective, anybody that not only is tolerant of representatives like these, but endorses them with fervor, must be one of two things:

   1. A bigot and/or racist who feels superior to others and desires that they should be afforded the recognition as such.

   2. A nut job who is too arrogant or ignorant to realize that the people they are voting for have little concern for them, but big allegiances to the rich and powerful elite in America.

   So in the future, when you can't figure out why someone is calling you deaf, dumb, and blind idiot, just refer back to this piece I've written, and you will understand.


Sunday, September 8, 2013


   Let's say you bought a car in the year 2000, this was not a new car, but it looked like an ok deal, so you went ahead and purchased it.

   Within a few months that car was having some problems so you took it to a mechanic, after he was done looking at it, he told you that it would need some work to get it running right.

   You said, ok, I'll take your word for it, go ahead and fix it.

   A short time later your car was returned to you, it still drove a little funny, but the mechanic said that will go away shortly, so you said ok, and then you waited for the car to start working correctly.

   The car never really drove as well as you thought it should, and then after some months went by, your car had a major breakdown, you were in a panic, what am I going to do to get around you thought, but your mechanic said, leave it to me, I'll fix it up, everything will be fine, trust me.

   Again you left your car in the hands of your able mechanic, this time however, he told you that your car was in great danger of a complete breakdown unless you took major precautionary steps to stop that from happening.

   What could you do? You were stuck, you could not risk losing your car, so you said, well, if that's what you say I need to do, then I guess I'll just have to trust your judgement.

   When you finally got your car back, you noticed on the bill that he did lots of seemingly unneeded repair work, and the cost was way more than he told you it would be, but he just replied, when I started working on it, I saw that it needed more repairs than I thought it would, so I just did them.

   You were unhappy about these surprise charges, but what could you do? He said they were needed, and you thought you could trust him to have your best interest at heart.

   When you again got your car back, it seemed as though it was running worse than ever, for the next few years you found yourself constantly having to pay your mechanic more and more money just to keep your car on the road.

   Finally, in 2008, you had had enough, it was very obvious that your mechanic was not only inept at his job, but he was purposely soaking you for every penny he could steal from you.

   You found yourself a new mechanic, and when you brought him your car he said, there are a lot of problems with this car, mostly from your previous mechanics lack of skills and deceitfulness, but this car is worth saving, it won't be easy, but I will do everything I can to bring it back to good health.

   So you turned your barely running car over to your new mechanic, and right away he began to get it running right, he told you it would take some time to restore it completely, but that he would do the best he could.

   For the next four years you would take your car back to your new mechanic, and each time you got it back you noticed it was running better and better.

   But in 2013, you heard a strange noise coming from your engine, you took it back to your new mechanic and he told you that it needed to have some precautionary work done, but that it should not be too expensive for him to do.

   All of a sudden, you're paralyzed with fear, you think back to your old mechanic telling you that same thing, and even though your new mechanic has never cheated you, and that he has gotten your car running better than it has in many years, the trauma that you suffered from your old mechanic is giving you fear of being totally used again.

   If you haven't gotten the meaning of the story by now, it is this, President Obama feels that we need to show Assad and the others that using chemical weapons is intolerable, and a price will be paid if you choose to use them.

   The people of the United States are in a turmoil of emotion over the possibility of punishing Assad for his actions.

   They are afraid that this is only an excuse to get us into another conflict in the middle east, just as the Bush/Cheney administration had deceived and lied in order to fulfill their agenda to invade Iraq.

   The differences are miles apart, Obama has done all he could to end Americas wars abroad, he has shown nothing but integrity and honesty in the 4+ years he has been in office, and he has proven time after time that he can be trusted to make decisions that are in the best interest of America.

   So now we need to do just that, to trust him, to afford him the confidence he has earned, and that he deserves.

   The Bush/Cheney/GOP years caused most of our nations population to be distrustful of their government and its leaders, Obama is trying to restore that lost trust, so how about we cut him a little bit of slack, and not hold him accountable for the criminal behavior of the previous administration

   Our President has knowledge of circumstances we don't, so lets not be ruled by emotions, lets be ruled by intelligence and understanding, an understanding that Obama has earned the right of our trust at every turn, lets afford him that trust now.



Thursday, September 5, 2013


   In 2008 I breathed a very welcome sigh of relief when the Bush/Cheney/GOP criminal enterprise was finally voted out of power, to be sure they left a huge pile of crap that we had to deal with, but at least they couldn't keep harming this nation as they had been doing for 8 incredibly long and torturous years of pure misery.

   Obama has for the last 4+ years not only brought us back from the edge of an economic collapse that was engineered solely due to GOP actions, he has, against a GOP electorate thats only goal is to block all of his proposals, accomplished the following:

   1. Passed legislation that gives millions of people healthcare who previously were unable to get it.

   2. Turned around a jobs crisis from losing many hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, into gaining millions of jobs in the last 4+ years.

   3. Restored a housing market that was in a free fall of dropping values, into one that is showing increasing values and strength.

   4. He has ended a war started by the GOP for their own self serving purposes.

   The list of his accomplishments goes on, in spite of the total obstruction supplied by the GOP.

  At the present time, all of America is in a heated argument with each other on whether or not we should involve ourselves in the crisis that currently is happening in Syria.

   Party lines have been ignored so far, for the first time since Obama took office, but that could all change when the house votes on whether we will or won't allow a strategic attack on the Syrian regimes chemical weapons launch capabilities.

   Obama feels very passionately that a surgical strike on the Syrian regimes ability to continue chemical attacks on its own population is needed.

   Even though he feels that he has a constitutional right to carry this out on his own, he has submitted his proposal to congress for their approval.

   Regardless of what congress decides, there are two very important points to be acknowledged here, unlike Bush/Cheney, Obama listens to the people of this nation, and abides by their will.

   The second point is, that despite over 4 years going by, the Bush/Cheney legacy is still rearing its ugly head up.

   Because of the vast amount of lies they told, the unending amount of truth twisting they did, their ignoring of inconvenient facts, and their overall contempt of the American people, the GOP has succeeded in destroying peoples confidence and trust in their own government and it's leaders.

   Even though Obama has proven his integrity and honesty on all other issues, the American people have been so traumatized by the self serving acts of the GOP, that they still remain hesitant to believe what they are told.

   So for those that would say," it's been 4 years now, stop blaming Bush for your problems", I can only reply, pull your head out of your ass and try to pay attention, virtually every major problem that we are suffering with today can be traced back to the Bush/Cheney administration, and it's criminal behavior.

   I look forward to a time when I'm not reminded on a daily basis of just how much we got screwed over by Bush/Cheney/GOP.



Sunday, September 1, 2013


   I think that I shall never see
   A group as evil as the GOP
   Their hateful words flow like open spigots
   Their ranks seem filled with racist bigots
   The truth they'll twist ignore and bend
   The lies they tell seem to never end
   They claim they are loyal patriotic and true
   And their only concern is to look out for you
   They say we'll protect you that you needn't worry
   but when they're unseen like roaches they scurry
   They convene like a coven to plot and to plan
   And they focus  their hatred on one single man
   A man full of honor integrity and grace
   But they all hate this man for the color of his face
   They say that's not true that it isn't a fact
   But forget what they say just watch how they act 
   They'll tell you the reasons why he isn't right
   But the real reason is because he isn't white
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