Thursday, January 30, 2014


   Opportunities like this are few and far between. And when they do come around you need to first off recognize them for what they are, and second you need to grab a hold of them and work them for all they're worth.

   The Golden opportunity that I'm referring to is the fact that the progressive liberal Democrats are in a position to virtually dominate the 2014 and 2016 national elections. The GOP has left the door wide open for us to clean their clocks at the polls.

   Even after the blood bath they took in 2012 they still haven't changed a bit of their losing strategy. They continue going forward with the identical failed agenda that proved so destructive to them already. And they just appear to be doubling down on that same flawed agenda.

   After alienating just about every group of voters from minorities and women to young people and the LGBT community the GOP/Tea Party ticket has been left with a threadbare base of old white men and diehard southern bigots. And those old white men aren't regenerating anytime soon.

   And as an added bonus for us the various factions that make up todays Conservative movement, namely the GOP and the Tea Party are at each others throat. Further still you have the Libertarian Party causing its own style of division among the ranks.

   The splintering of these groups alone should cause us to be very optimistic about our potentially being the majority in both houses after the 2014 race. But as the commercials say, "But wait..there's more". The fact that the GOP shut down the government in 2013 and then held America hostage has not been forgotten by the voters. The continuing success of the ACA will show how much the GOP was lying to America. The obstruction they created to make the congress the least productive in American history was there for all to see.

   The current desperation of the GOP is extremely apparent. They have resorted to their worn out old standbys, "Fast and furious", "The IRS scandal", and of course, "Benghazi..Benghazi..Benghazi". They know how pathetically weak they are and there is little they can do to fix it.

   That is why we can decimate them across the board. If we unite as a solid force and give it our all we can finally get to a place where the GOP can't stand in the way of jobs bills or infrastructure bills or the myriad of other legislation that we need to get America back to work. We need to work tirelessly toward that goal. We need to get out there and make sure their voter suppression tactics fail. We need to make sure every single Democratic voter knows just how critical the 2014 elections will be for our future.

   We also have to be aware of the dirty tricks the GOP likes to enlist in their arsenal. Things like ballot rigging and voter intimidation. Remember that they are extremely desperate and have absolutely nothing to lose. They will employ anything they can to win. They have no morals or decency when it comes to winning or stealing an election. They have already proved that many times in the recent past.

   As the clock continues to wind down toward the November election date we will see the GOP engaging in ever more desperate behavior. They will lie bully and scare as many people as possible in every conceivable way. But as I said we can and must put an end to these home grown terrorists that would let America fail for the sake of their elite masters.

   Just imagine the progress we can make as a nation when we have an elected body that is unified in the goal of restoring this great country to its proper standing in the world. It's a wonderful thought. 

   Lets make it happen.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014


   Between my bouts of uncontrollable laughter, I will sometimes pinch myself just to make sure that this isn't just a pleasant dream I'm having.

   I have said many times that the GOP/Tea party has passed the point of no return, that all their evil ways of attempting to regain political power have come full circle, and now it's biting them in the ass.

   Their gerrymandering districts, their unending attempts of repealing healthcare, their suppression of voting rights, their non stop filibustering, their refusal to hold votes on jobs bills, infrastructure bills, and any other bills put forth by the Democrats, their holding this nation hostage and threatening it's financial life, it just goes on and on.

   They did all these things with the bravado of a king, somehow believing that the American public was too stupid to see what they were up to, well guess what GOP/Tea party, surprise, we know you are lying, we know you represent the elite 1%  and the corporate masters that own you, we know that you are nothing but arrogant self serving bigots who don't give a damn about anybody but yourselves.

   Your treasonous party plunged this nation into the longest war in its history, you have cost us thousands of brave American lives, trillions of dollars, and succeeded in allowing your corporate masters to nearly destroy our entire economy.

   And then to prove just how evil and despicable you are, you try to turn around and blame the current President for all the failures that your party is responsible for, well listen up, you are done, in the 2014 and 2016 elections, we are going to fire your worthless  asses and send you back to your cesspool of ignorant likeminded bigots.

   The way you spent the last 5 years doing absolutely nothing but attempting to obstruct every piece of legislation proposed by the Democrats, the way you tried over and over and over to make our President look like a failure, the ever increasing amount of lies and deception you so comfortably spewed out, have shown that you are well aware that the majority of this nation is opposed to your views.

   And now, after everything you have tried has failed, you are becoming more and more desperate.

   Instead of expanding your base, you chose instead to double down on your archaic policies, instead of listening to the people, you were just the lapdog of the rich, instead of doing the right thing for America, you turned your back on this country.

   I have to admit that watching you the last 5 years has been very entertaining,  how each and every time you tried to indict our President in wrong doing, it always ended with  you shooting yourself in the foot, not once or twice, but every damn time.

   I guess that since every Republican  President in the last 50 years has been guilty of corruption and dishonor, you must have figured that President Obama must be corrupt too, of course you were wrong.

   President Obama has shown more leadership than 
all the GOP Presidents combined, add to that he is a moral man with rock solid family values, and an unbridled passion for helping the disenfranchised among us. He supports the everyday American, not just the elite, he is a believer in the America our forefathers envisioned, not the America the elite would like to rule.

   So after all your many failures, you put all your eggs into one basket, the hope that the ACA would be a complete failure, and that you could ride out the 2014 and 2016 elections telling everybody that your party was the right answer to our problems.

   But guess what, even with your trying incredibly hard to sabotage the ACA, it has been getting better and better, and people are again seeing just how low you are willing to go to get your way.

   And now with that taken away from you, all we hear are the same old false issues you love to scare people with, and that desperation is what makes me laugh.

   You are a pathetic party of traitors, your evil agenda of greed and power make you despicable, I wish for your party all the nasty and bad things that can happen to them, I gleefully laugh at your every misfortune, and I happily toast your ultimate demise