Friday, March 29, 2013

Politics: Defined -- (Truthful Edition)

Republican (n)
1. Varies from unit to unit, however, most often consists of: a combination of ingredients. Including, greed, lack of values, lack of integrity, a willingness to sacrifice all principles, the ability to betray all promises made and oaths taken and the treacherous selling out of his country to the highest bidder. Republicans also have the ability to not only deny known facts, but to conjure up any facts needed at the time.

Democrat (n)
Very similar to Republican, however, Democrats lack the backing of most big money so they have to appeal to a broader base. The need for there to be a genuine appearing concern for the average American forces most Democrats to adopt causes that effect the lower class and middle class, however they retain most of the other traits possessed by Republicans.

Independent (n)
An entity that does not possess the money to get elected.

Other Parties (n)

The Supreme Court (n)
Nine individuals, posted by Presidents to review and validate issues and laws while pretending to be non-political.

Lobbyist (n)
A person, employed by any organization to use any means needed for the purpose of bribery and corruption of lawmakers.

Special Interest Groups (n)
 Corruption specialists (see also Wall Street).

The American Public (n)
A group representing 99% of the populace of the United States of America. Although this contingent is by far the majority of the countries inhabitants, it is ruled exclusively by the powerful elites. All political actions and decisions are done only at the desire of the Elite class. The facade of any political power held by the masses is just that, a facade.

The Elite Class (n)
Individuals and corporations with enough money to bribe all the politicians needed to fulfill their agenda.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wea Culpa

   "What we've got here... is a failure to communicate!"

   This phrase from the film "Cool Hand Luke" is one of my favorite lines.

    My personal opinion is that a great deal of anger and animosity are rooted in the simple fact that information between two or more entities is either missing, misspoken, or misunderstood.

   Wars have been waged, people killed, and empires fallen because the interpretation of a certain set of specifics was not jointly shared. That is the reason that we use blueprints when erecting buildings and other structures, to assure that all participating parties know exactly what procedures will be followed, and what the end result is expected to be.

   I think if we erected buildings and built bridges by giving only oral instructions to the various parties involved in the construction process, we would end up with things that nobody would want to live in.  Certainly would not want to drive upon.

    Another phrase I like was one I first heard while working in retail sales. The key to being successful in sales is knowing what your customer needs and wants, and finding ways for them to get it. The only way to acquire that information is to listen to them, then confirm that information with them immediately. Never assume you got it right the first time. Thus the phrase, "when you assume, you make an ASS out of 'U' and ME."

   For some particular reason human beings seem to me to be prone to believing that if a certain wish of theirs goes unfulfilled, or a statement of theirs gets skewed, then somehow it involves a personal attack.  In reality, it's nothing more than mis-communication.  The lack of one party or the other to convey or receive information as intended. This in itself is usually harmless enough, but it seems more times than not that these errors are taken on a personal level, and retribution is the order of the day.

   What escapes my understanding is why we are so inclined to immediately determine this was a hostile action, instead of finding out the details involved by asking the intentions of all parties, and then making a judgement call. I will freely admit that I do this all the time, instead of requesting of someone the reasons for their actions, I will assume their behavior was deliberate, and without giving that other party the opportunity to explain, I will silently store that information away.

  The problem is that future interactions get tainted by this stored incorrect information, and the problems get compounded, occasionally resulting in damaging behavior.

   I will make a pledge today to honestly strive to give others the opportunity to clarify intent, so that unintentional animosity is minimized, and respect and fairness remain mutual. I hope that if others see this same trait in themselves, that they might also resolve to do the same.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome home... now GET LOST!

   Hey, welcome back. You did a great job over there. Too bad about your arm, but at least you still have the left one, thank God. I guess it's true, the third time is the charm. Here you make it back home twice without so much as a scratch, and then the third time you get deployed --BOOM!-- goodbye right arm. What a pisser that must be to you.

   Look on the bright side! You could have been one of the guys you saw get their head blown off, or that corporal you told me about who helped you out of the burning Humvee, and then had his legs blown off. From your letters I thought Iraq sounded bad, but it's got nothing on Afghanistan, huh?

   The way you described the aftermath of those suicide bomber attacks was more than I could handle. Just the idea of seeing babies and little children lying all around me, with their heads split open or their little arms and legs ripped off their tiny little bodies. Or especially the little girl you told me about; the one who had all her clothes and hair burned off her body and her skin was charred black, and all she could do was cry out for her dead mother. Man, I'll tell you what, I have no idea how you could forget an image like that, I get nightmares of it, and I wasn't even the one who saw it.

   But hey, at least losing that arm bought you a ticket back home. This time for good.

    I guess going back to being a carpenter isn't really an option for you anymore, but I'm sure you'll find something out there once the economy picks up. In the meantime, just kick back and relax. In about nine months, your interview with the Veterans' Affairs Department is scheduled, and if they approve you for partial disability, you can maybe move out of your folks basement. Then things will be looking up, huh? Anyway, again, welcome back.

   The way we treat our returning veterans is appalling. This nation should hang its head in shame for the abuses piled upon these heroic warriors. In some parts of the country returning vets who have suffered disabilities while serving our great nation are told that there is a waiting list of nearly two years before their case is even heard -- not approved -- just heard.

   Recently it was announced that due to sequestering, many programs designed to help veterans and their families were being slashed. Programs that would assist these vets with integrating back into a society far removed from that of the one they were living in recently. Tuition assistance programs for the children of those killed protecting us.

    How any member of our government can validate the type of treatment our returning heroes are being subjected to is beyond my understanding.

   Statistics show that an alarming number of these veterans are committing suicide daily, why would that be?

    Because of the horrible things they were forced to witness; because of unending stresses; because of multiple deployments; the list goes on and on.

   The job that these people were tasked to do in the name of the United States of America was done on their part with honor and excellence. The politicians who so bravely sent the sons and daughters of others to die in a foreign battlefield are now engaged in political gamesmanship for reasons of selfishness that belie their stated concerns. It's bad enough their partisan behavior punishes the citizenry they were sworn to protect, but the outrageous idea that we would give to those soldiers anything less than the very, very best we can offer, after they were willing to give ALL for us, is shameful.

   These people went into harm's way for us, they now need our help and understanding. As a nation, if we refuse them this help, then I'm sure God won't see any reason to bless us.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Don't they know they're dead?

   Someone recently suggested that I should post some of my rants that I wrote before I started this blog. At the time, I thought those postings are mostly political and relate to the 2012 election. Which, according to my abacus, was before now, 2013. I thought the messages I was trying to convey were basically time stamped and had no place in the current time period.


   You see, I forgot to factor in the equation that the GOP and the trolls that reside there, are under the impression that the American public all have the same afflictions.

   Those afflictions consist of the following:
  1.  We are all blind
  2.  We are all deaf
  3.  We are all stupid
  4.  We all have a thirty-second memory
  5.  Facts confuse us
   I find it virtually unbelievable that the Republican Party continues to try to shove the same ideas and ideology down our throats that the voters, clearly rejected in the latest election.

   Not only did the American public shun the GOP's platform, it rejected their various candidates on a wholesale level. Now, being blatantly lied to on an ongoing basis was bad enough, but they would get caught red-handed and just continue the lies.

   This was not an isolated incident, but an established agenda. So, what does that tell you about how they view us? They consider us either completely apathetic or completely stupid. Take your choice, they're equally offensive.

   The lengths that the GOP are willing to go to in order to satiate their base, whomever they might be, are bordering on treason. Purposely allowing untold damage to this nation, its economy and even its people. All for the sake of protecting and enriching the very small number of elite whom the GOP truly represent, is in my opinion an act worthy of prison time. Or better yet, hanging.

   The 8 years of George Bush Junior was an era that will go down in history as possibly the most corrupt administration that ever shamed the American Presidency. To this day, I am puzzled as to why that entire group of murderers, thieves and traitors has been allowed to walk freely among us. And yet, even with the evidence continuing to be revealed about the outrageous behavior of that administration, the GOP of today is offering the very same menu.

   George Bush Junior. was an idiot who served a need. A straw man for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc. Now look at what we were offered last round; Romney, Trump, Gingrich, the assorted other losers. What they are saying was, is and will continue to be , isthat you and I are inconvenient objects that have to be tolerated, not taken seriously.

   The powers that run the GOP could not care less about you, me or 99.99% of this country. You are a bug to them. An insect of no value. Their agenda is their only focus and they are very used to getting what they want. To me personally, the GOP has mortally wounded itself. I can't see how it can resurrect itself as a party capable of winning any national elections very easily and it appears to me that they are determined to keep digging that hole deeper and deeper.

   And I say good riddance! I'm glad to be rid of your treacherous behavior, and the contemptuous way you purport a desire to help this country and its people  to be stronger and safer. I hope that whatever arises from the ashes of this meltdown will be a party that actually cares what happens to us.

All of us.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

A little hoppiness...(a joke)

   On a beautiful, sunny spring morning, two friends were driving down an old country road, just enjoying the day.  While one of these gentlemen was a Rabbi, his friend was a Catholic priest.

   They were engaged in a theological conversation, when suddenly, directly in front of their speeding vehicle, a little bunny rabbit hopped onto the roadway, attempting to cross to the other side. This all happened so fast that the Rabbi didn't have time to swerve to avoid hitting the bunny.

   At once, the priest yelled, "Stop the car!" The Rabbi retorting that nothing could be done for the rabbit now. But the Priest was insistent. "Stop the car." The Rabbi did what the Priest requested and pulled the car over. Immediately, the Priest leapt from the vehicle and ran back to the rabbit. The Rabbi was watching in the rear view mirror as the Priest stood over the flattened bunny.

   The Priest reached in his pocket and removed a vial of liquid. While performing the sign of the cross, he sprinkled the bunny with the contents of the vial. Within seconds, the rabbit regained his former shape, was on his feet and hopped off into the woods.

   The Rabbi, having witnessed these events, was astonished. He had never seen anything like this before. Upon re-entering the vehicle , the Rabbi told the Priest of his amazement and said, "That must have been a miracle!"  Then he asked the Priest, "Was that holy water in that vial?"

   The Priest replied, "No , it was hare restorer."


Beating Dead Horses

   For reasons that escape me now, have escaped me in the past, and most likely will escape me in the future, I continue to get bombarded with the same criticisms over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and ov...

   What's that you say?

   Stop saying that?

   You say that is very irritating?

   Well, yes, I would have to agree. But don't get annoyed. Trust me, after a while you just assume there will never be an end to it. So, you try your best to ignore it. You will forgive me if I assume that you have a marginalized capacity for understanding what I am trying to convey to you, and though I might be thinking you are disrespecting me by not absorbing my observations with the enthusiasm they certainly deserve, I am willing to repeat them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and ov...

   What's that?

   You get my point?

   Well, you say that now, but you know you're just going to do it again.

   When you are among people you have known for a long time, you get to understanding their habits, their quirks and their general view of life. When these same folks, who you know to never utter a curse word, suddenly shout out "FUCK YOU!" then you can bet they get your full attention.

   If on the other hand, some others you might know use foul language in every sentence, the likelihood of your even noticing their curse is not very high. When everything you do or say is at one time or another, being subjected to criticism, then it doesn't take long for you to easily discount the opinions of the self-appointed evaluators as suspect.

   Unfortunately, when that point arrives, your interest in separating the valid criticism from those you deem unfounded, is at best -- low. In reality, it is most likely void. I make no claim to perfection; I am a work in progress... a beta. I try with due diligence to make all who might know me aware that my faults are many, my virtues few and that I am no better than any other human being on this planet [except for Ann Coulter -alex]. As I have stated on numerous occasions, the only thing that I believe gives me any authority to delve out advice to anybody, is my life experience.

   I suggest to others in the belief that perhaps another might gain insight, in order for a better decision. Or maybe to allow someone to take comfort in the fact that what is happening to them has also happened to others.

    I've spent many, many hours searching inside myself. Asking questions of my inner being that were difficult to face. I know what my good and bad sides contain and I make an ongoing effort to improve myself and to be a better human being.

   But the bottom line is that I AM a human being. I have faults. I will still fail sometimes, but when you receive criticism because it is the status quo, then minimizing the validity of that criticism is a forgone conclusion.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Believe Me, It's True

   By no means do I claim to be a sage of any type. Nor do I espouse that I possess superior wisdom to that of anybody else on the planet. I'm not aware of having any ESP or mind-reading abilities.

   I do not consort with the Devil. I couldn't read your palm if you paid me. I wouldn't go near a tarot card or crystal ball. Reading tea leaves and entrails are completely beyond my comprehension.

   No, the only thing that in my opinion qualifies me to even suggest anything resembling advise to another human being is that I have survived up to now.

   My still being among the living would most likely surprise more than a couple of the people I've known on this adventure ride we call life, myself included.

    My attitude which governed my actions throughout my time on Earth however, is why I feel qualified to say anything at all.

    I absolutely do not throw stones, for I live in a house made of glass. Any type of advice that I might render comes from first-hand experience with consequences. So, anything you perceive as judgemental on my part, is strictly in your imagination.

   That being said, let me tell you some of my observations. I find a number of human behaviors annoying, as I'm sure we all do. However, there are two that carry the potential to send me to the dark side, where anything resembling empathy disappears and evil thoughts on how I might make this persons life immediately less-than-desirable start to fill my brain.

   One is the lack of ability to accept fault. These individuals have programmed themselves to the point of believing that any negative circumstance in their lives are the result of someone or something causing disruption for them. Leaving themselves blameless of any guilt. They seem to possess the ability to identify the persons responsible for their unfair predicament with ease. As long as none of the guilt is due to their own behavior. Nothing, it seems, is ever their fault.

   The second behavior is much worse.  It encompasses a great deal of any interaction that one might have with others. That ugly monster is inconsideration of others. It has permeated society on all levels and people from every walk of life are potential offenders.

    With varying degrees of ability, peoples inconsideration can go from somewhat rudeness, to out-and-out life-threatening situations. All without the offender so much as giving any thought about how their actions might impact others.

   This type of behavior can be seen in virtually any day to day activity, but is most commonly witnessed in the driving habits of others. where the separation from face-to-face confrontation appears to give them anonymity from their victims

   . Giving consideration to others is the same thing as empathy, an emotion we desire and expect from others. Yet, it is one we so rarely extend to one another.

   This is the " GOLDEN RULE", to treat people the way you would want them to treat you. I attempt to follow that rule, and I will admit that I fail at it regularly. But, I try, and slowly, I find more and more that it becomes habit and that I think about how my actions will impact others around me.

   I am only able to be aware of my behavior because of my past experiences. Both good and bad, and God's grace in giving me the ability to see the rewards that I bestow upon myself by acting with compassion and caring for others. For I have witnessed time after time that some things are truly their own reward. And the blessings you receive back are ten-fold of what you give.

   If you want peace and compassion in your life, I promise you this: you can easily attain it by practicing it upon others. You will realize sooner than you think that you will hear God's words in your heart and you will know peace.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thank God For God part 1

   Let me begin this posting by making one thing perfectly clear. I personally have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Furthermore, I believe God has had a plan for us since the beginning of time and that plan is not, in my opinion, defined anywhere in writing to be deciphered.

   I struggled for many, many years trying to understand what God was and what He wanted from me. For a long time I just fooled myself into thinking that I understood. But, I was wrong. Due to the inner frustrations I harbored between doing the so-called "right" thing and the things that I desired to do, I more and more would choose the things I wanted to do.

   After some years, any voice which God had been using to talk to me through, got more and more faint. I always thought of myself as a Christian, but I doubt anyone else would recognize me that way. I'm not saying I was evil and created chaos wherever I went, but I didn't leave too many commandments intact.

   I'm now 55 years old, and suffice it to say that I've been around the block enough times to be familiar with all the neighbors. Some of those times have been good, some bad, and some I truly would not wish upon anyone. Through the haze has come good, however. That's what I want to share and I believe with my entire being, what I say is true.

   The secret to understanding God is the realization that we do not possess the ability to understand him.

    You need to think of God as you would the universe; it is impossible to conceive the size of this universe. It's too large. This is why we can't logically picture God. He's too complex.

   At the moment I accepted that fact, I began understanding. I have read the Bible cover to cover more than once, but that's all I did: read. I did not experience.

    My rational, logical thinking would be challenged by unbelievable stories contained throughout the Old and New Testament, and my skepticism would attenuate my faith in the truth. When I realized where God's words were truly written, it opened my eyes at once. For the first time in my life, I knew there truly was a God and He loved me and had a plan for me.

   As simple as it sounds, I found God's words written in my heart. I know this sounds goofy and some people will say, 'of course they're written on your heart,' but the simplicity of my description belies the fact that it took a half century for me to see the truth. I'm not just saying that I know the truth now. I can feel every bit of God's love and grace in every part of my life.

   Outwardly, I probably don't appear much different to those who know me. But, inside me, God has shown me that I need to rely on His strength and wisdom. The key to this all is that God loves us so much, that he wants to nurture us, to protect us and to keep us near him.

   We are the ones that keep rejecting Him. I don't purport to be able to describe God to anyone else. Like I said, I'm comfortable that if we were meant to understand God , the our brains would be able to do that.

    Throughout my blogging career, I will rant and rave about many subjects. Many of them political and many with what, I believe, are diabolical intentions at their root. I'll yell at people to wake up and see what's going on, and I will expose unjust behavior that shouldn't be happening.

   But, regardless of my ratings and ravings, I can promise you this: I know that in the end, our heavenly Father has a place set for us where there will be no wars, no pain and no injustice. A place filled only with His love.

   With the way today's world is and the leadership we're supposed to trust to see us through, I am ever-more thankful for God's unending grace.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

You'll Understand When You're Older

   "You'll understand when you're older!" 

   Everybody on the planet has been told that at sometime in their lives. I have no doubt little pygmy children receive this advice from their little pygmy parents. I'm pretty sure every culture that has existed in the past, and all the future cultures to come, will be familiar with this phrase. 

   There don't seem to be any guidelines, as far as having to be a certain age to have people casually offer these five words to you. In lieu of an answer to whatever question you may have posed to them.

   Now, I know I had these words of wisdom bestowed upon me countless times, for questions that I'm sure covered the gamut of possibilities. Although, at this time, I cannot remember even one of them. So how can I be sure that what I was told is true? Do I understand everything now? Of course not. Did I somehow understand something and not notice it? Possibly. Should I have written all my questions down so I could check them off a list as soon as I understood them? Probably.

   You see, that's the problem with having a person that you trust to give you the correct information to a question you submitted, not only refuse you an answer, but then go on to suggest that in the future there will come a point where your question will be answered. So what they're telling you is that an answer exists--they seem to possess that answer--but you, for some unknown reason, are unworthy of receiving it at the present time. But, if you're nice and play your cards right, that answer will be yours down the road. 

   If you find that response unsatisfactory and push the conversation as to why you must wait for your answer, you will ironically receive the same advice. That you will also 'understand that when you're older.'

    Again, there are no guidelines as to what the term "older" refers to. I will be older in 10 seconds than I am now, is that old enough? Do I need to wait until my hair is white and others have to change my diapers for me? 

   I think either people don't know the answers themselves but they don't want you to know that, or they think these questions you're asking aren't worth their time answering. Either way, it seems like an easy way out for them.

    It has taken me years and years of observation to realize what was going on and how this game was played. So, if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry.



Saturday, March 9, 2013

Love to Hate

   Well, I decided that some more dialogue was needed on the subject of bigotry than I spoke about in my last blog. As I previously stated, I don't understand why someone can hate another person based on circumstances beyond that other persons ability to control. 

   While growing up in the late 50s and through the 70s, my parents were not particularly racist. There would be the occasional derogatory reference regarding minority groups of one kind or another, but never within earshot of that person and never with the type of conviction you would see on television when showing racial tensions in the south. 

  But, my parents never really taught us to accept other races on a peer group level either. Perhaps, growing up in San Jose, California, where there is a large Hispanic community, got me accustomed to being comfortable around others that didn't look like me, I really don't know.

   What I do know, is that I want to scream when I see on TV a KKK march, and there in the arms of a white sheet covered coward, is a small baby dressed up in the same ridiculous attire, complete with swastikas and all. 

   Or a little five or six-year-old, marching along with the other Nazis, shouting "white power, white power!" In my opinion these children need to be removed from that environment and given a chance to grow up without role models that seem to have cornered the market on hate. The parents who poison the minds of these innocents should go to prison for child abuse. 

   I have said in previous blogs that I make a determined effort to not hate, but there is very little else that tests my resolve more than those "people" who would aggressively expose little children to the pure evil they so lovingly embrace and espouse. The only thing that keeps me from wanting to visit violence upon these ignorant assholes is to attempt whatever empathy that I can imagine is the reason for their warped thinking. 

   The only thing that I've concluded is that these morons have such a low opinion of themselves, that they can only feel better by blaming all the worlds problems on others. Convincing themselves that they are blameless and if it weren't for those damned (fill in the blank), I would be fine and life would be good and blah , blah, blah... 

     I'm astonished at times, how many people are petrified to look inward. Examine their own lives, own up to their own faults and weaknesses. It just seems easier to blame others for your misfortune, instead of acknowledging your own failures and correcting them.

    My own philosophy is the oldest one on earth and if everyone practiced it, there would be no need for any other laws to govern us. That philosophy is the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 

   All I am saying is this: we all make mistakes. We are all scared of the unknown. We all want acceptance. So remember this, don't hate. Hate hurts you, not the one you hate. If you put forth the effort to try to understand others and use empathy, not apathy, then the person you face in the mirror will look better and better.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Maybe They're Stupid For A Reason

   I have a lot of fun on the internet. I play a lot of games, I check out YouTube, watch the videos, browse through Hulu a while, I'll listen to songs I haven't heard in years, watch movies, investigate the various conspiracies being theorized as of late. 

   One of my favorite things to do is monitor my Facebook page to see what my friends and family are up to. I find that being a card carrying smart-ass comes in handy when being invited to comment on every conversation being posted and I love nothing better than to have someone else decide to engage me in a free-fall of flowing ideas and opinions on any subject.They can agree with me or disagree, it makes no difference to me. I just love the interaction and I am still in awe of the power of the internet.
    While some would tag me a conspiracy theorist (a title I will proudly own), I go through all the material I can find on the particular subject of my interest before I form an opinion. But, my opinions are backed with hard facts derived from many, many hours of deciphering information made available for me to view. 

   Having the internet at hand for fact-finding, as well as fact-checking is a dream come true for me. The thing that is so annoying to me, are the "people" that will post a legitimate-looking piece of information on the web and purposely disguise their true agenda, carefully blending in their propaganda and lies, amidst otherwise factual items. 

   These people cover the spectrum of issues but it appears to me that the vast majority involve the same ugly theme: bigotry. Some try to soft-peddle it, others are more blatant. But, it's the same thing. Hatred of others because they are not the right color, or race, or religion, etc. 

   I realize this has been a problem since the beginning, but I thought in this day and age people had enough exposure to the rest of humanity to see that we are all the same.

    Recently, while sparring on a posting by my nephew, a friend of his I was debating made reference that once the "coon" is out of office ,then the South shall rise again. I let her know that we Yankees have waited over 150 years for the South to rise from the mud and that it appears we have more waiting to do. 

   I could not believe the stupidity of this woman. I know it's just a word. I know she lives in the South, but c'mon. There are still countless numbers of these Neanderthals among us. What the hell has to happen before they figure out that hating anyone only hurts themselves. And hating someone for something they had no control over is stupid! 

   I'm most likely wasting my time even writing about this, but if there is a chance that anybody can realize that the path to peace within, must begin with love and acceptance of all without, then it's worth trying.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Don't Make Me Repeat This, Please!

                    "Those who do not learn from the past, are condemned to repeat it." 

   This is one of my favorite quotes. It suggests, appropriately, that in life's roller-coaster adventure ride, if we fail to acknowledge our various experiences, commit them to memory and utilize what we learned in our future decision-making processes, that we will continually relive particular life events with the identical outcome each time. 

   If, for some reason, no matter what that reason may be, we do not recognize an event, evaluate it, dissect it for informative value and then store it to memory for later use, then at some point in the future we will be forced to re-live both the good and bad aspects of similar events. 

   On the other hand, when we properly observe our daily struggle, both the actions and reactions of ourselves and those around us and we take notice of and remember the positive and negative qualities of each event experienced, no matter how trivial, then we can make decisions more likely to have positive results in the future. 

   As easy of a task this may appear as, it has proven itself to be a quality that has eluded the thinking capacity for many of our species since the dawn of time. Instinctively, we know that when you stick your hand in a fire it hurts, and you no longer desire to put your hand there. When you hit yourself with a rock, or stab yourself with a knife, or go out in the snow naked, you realize immediately the undesirable results of these actions. And you don't repeat them. 

   For reasons unknown, there are many of us who fail to engage this seemingly simple step in our daily existence. Examples are abundant, the woman who chooses men that abuse her. The substance abuser, the chronic gambler, the list is endless.

    I'm sure for a great many of the people , there lies an emotional event in their history that stifles the learning effect. Preferring instead to bury unpleasant memories, I'm not addressing those individuals now. 

   The people that I'm attempting to relate to now are, for the most part, probably not even aware of the consequences involved in their behavior. I can list a number of subjects that would benefit from greater participation  of the human race, but my focus today is on getting people to make a determined effort to see beyond the day-to-day lives we lead and involve yourself in the events of the world. Especially the events taking place here in America. 

   The current political condition we are experiencing needs fixing badly. Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent makes no difference. We need to act now. Apathy is a disease that can kill even a great country such as our own.

    If we all look at the past, learn from it and involve ourselves into standing up for what our history has shown us is the right path, and to reject what has proven to be our failures and to pay attention to those we give authority, holding their feet to the fire, then we will not only save our great nation from its spiraling free fall from grace, but we will ensure the continuation of America being the greatest nation on Earth. 

   We are not powerless, and we can force those that try to repress us out of office, and replace them with those who would represent our true beliefs and desires. You don't have to get on a demonstration line to participate, but what we all need to do is study the past. Lose the apathy and voice your Constitutional rights be upheld and cherished the way our forefathers intended.


Friday, March 1, 2013

"Pooped-out Pope" (pun)

It seems the post-present Pope is pooped. Previously, the post-present Papal proudly performed perfectly pleasant prayers piously. This people-pleasing Pope projected perfectly pitched passages pertaining to pages of prophecy, placed on papers predominantly printed previously.

Pitifully, this Pope's pep is precluding him permanently from preaching peace per prior promises. Perhaps the pledge of a new Pontiff to placate peoples needs to practice piety pertaining to the Papacy will prevent part-time practicing patrons from putting aside precious pieces of their peaceful pursuit of perfection.


[Editor's note: Poorly-punctuated, painful prose proliferates this pungent page.  Please pass this post, post-haste.]