Wednesday, June 26, 2013


   Prior to their incredibly aggressive Blitzkrieg attack on Europe, the Nazis put Germanys industrial sector into hyper-drive producing weapons of war. They trained masses of new soldiers to fill their military. They spread lies and propaganda at every waking moment. They invented false scenarios to inflame public opinion against neighboring countries. Finally, they burned down the German parliament building, blamed it on the communists, declared martial law, and declared Hitler the Fuehrer, the undisputed ruler of Germany.

   When Japan decided that they were going to declare war on the United States in 1941, they first amassed a huge navy and army, then ships and planes. They predicted that if they were to have any chance for victory that they would first need to compromise our Pacific fleet, on December 7th 1941 they surprise attacked our naval base in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Their plans worked nearly perfectly, many of our battleships were destroyed or severely damaged, as well as many other ships, luckily for us our aircraft carriers were at sea and were not part of the carnage. That same day Japan also attacked most of our naval bases located throughout the Pacific.

   In both these examples there are common traits, one is that they both had aggressive actions planned, namely war. Another is the building up of needed stocks of materials and weapons, and third was the need for secrecy while they prepared for war.

   Although it would most certainly appear otherwise, the shotcallers of the GOP are not stupid, not by a longshot. They are self serving, arrogant, and corrupt bigots, but they are not idiots, they realize just how little of a chance they stand in getting any of their candidates elected in 2014 and 2016. On a level playing field the Democrats will crush them like an aluminum can, but they aren't planning on facing them on a level field, they haven't tried that for some time now. What the GOP plans to do is to open their playbook of dirty tricks and employ each and every evil one of them.

   Dirty tricks and politics have gone hand in hand since there were politics, but the levels that the GOP has been demonstrating for the last dozen years or so is off the charts, and not only that, but the insidious nature of these tricks is unbelievable. You have to give them credit for coming up with some of the most evil ideas on winning elections that man has ever devised. There appears to be no limit as to what they will attempt to achieve their goals, they will destroy a nation if need be just to fulfill their twisted agenda.

   That is why I'm sending out this warning, I'm dead serious that I believe this is happening as you read these words. The GOP got beat up in 2008, in 2012 they got their ass handed to them on a silver platter, they have alienated so many groups of voters it's hard to keep track of them. With nothing left to lose the GOP is planning on unleashing dirty tricks and tactics that nobody else has even dreamed of yet, they will continue relentlessly accusing Obama and the Democrats of any made up scandal they can devise, they will take the art of lying to previously unknown heights, they will use every means possible to keep the minority vote obstructed in all the states, and they will use computer fraud to rig the counts.

   I've listed some of the things we know they will do, we know this because they have already used all of them in the past, but be ready, they are extremely desperate, they are all in now, and it's winner take all, so buckle your seat belt and watch what pure evil can do when it has to.




Tuesday, June 25, 2013


   The founding fathers wrote a Constitution that was to be the cornerstone of our republic, without it's strictly enforced procedures and guidelines they felt that their new nation could not survive for long. These men formed this rule book for democracy based on their experiences with power and how it easily corrupts those who possess it.

   Based on their knowledge of the evils that can erupt from concentrated power, they set forth to limit any one person or entity being able to amass that concentration. They chose to divide that power between 3 different branches of government, they are as follows;

   1. EXECUTIVE: This would include the President, Vice President, and their respective cabinet appointees, ie the Secretaries of State, Defense, Interior, etc. The executive branch is responsible for foreign affairs, and as the name implies, executing the laws that govern the nation, as well as forming public and foreign policies. The executive branch cannot enact any laws on its own, they can only enforce the laws that exist.

   2. LEGISLATIVE: This branch would be comprised of the Senate, and the House of Representatives, together commonly referred to as the Congress. They are the ones responsible for enacting all laws of the land, as well as having the sole power to declare war. The Congress is also in charge of approval of all government funding budgets. The Senate is comprised of 100 members, 2 from each state, the Vice President acts as President of the Senate, but only votes if their is a tie, otherwise he is not afforded a vote on any bills. The House of Representatives has  members that represent particular geographical districts in the U.S. These districts are divided up into population groups to ensure that everybody in the country gets fair and equal representation in Washington D.C. Potential legislation gets debated and approved or rejected  separately in both houses, if approved the legislation goes to the President to either be signed into law, or vetoed. If a President vetoes a particular bill then it goes back to the Congress, if the Congress can attain a majority of 2/3rds of its members, then it can override that veto and become law.

   3. JUDICIAL: This branch includes the Supreme court and all lower courts. The Supreme court is the only court required by the Constitution, all others are established by Congress. Their are currently 9 members of the court, 8 justices and 1 Chief justice, they are all appointed by the President, and must have their appointment confirmed by the Congress. Once confirmed, a federal court judge may only be removed from the bench by impeachment or criminal conviction. This is done to ensure that the justices are free from political pressures in order to be unbiased in their decisions. This branch of government was designed to be specifically non political.

   The current Supreme court appears to be anything but non political, of the 9 justices on the court, 5 are established conservatives, and even though political agendas are not to be initiated or maintained in the decisions of the court, it is very apparent that key issues are being decided to facilitate some political agendas, namely, virtually striking down the voting rights act of 1965.

   After the civil rights legislation was enacted in the early 60's, it was clear that the suppression of the black vote in certain states could only be ended by the federal government limiting the ability of those states to create illegal and unfair circumstances for those voters. The 1965 voting rights act required states that had a history of voter suppression to submit any proposed voting legislation changes to the Justice department for review before that state could enact it into law. Periodically the Congress reviewed and extended the voting rights act, in 2006 its extension was approved unanimously by the Senate, and by nearly all of the house of representatives. So why did the highest court in America decide that act was no longer needed?

   In 2008 America overwhelmingly voted Democratic, even with gerry mandered Republican districting and voter suppression tactics employed, the GOP got their clock cleaned at the polls. They decided to put their tactics on steroids in 2010 and won back the house. They attempted the same strategy in the 2012 elections but the Democrats learned the lessons of 2010 and took to court every state that had voter suppression laws enacted. Most of those cases were won by the Democrats due to the 1965 voting rights act, the states enacted suppression laws without prior approval, thereby rendering them illegal, the result was that Obama was reelected, the Senate majority remained Democratic, and the GOP lost a number of seats in the house.

   At this time the GOP is in a death spiral, its outdated message of hate and intolerance have repulsed many voters, its allegiance to big banks, big oil, and the elite 1%  is so blatantly apparent that it's a national embarrassment, its candidate offerings consist of corrupt bigots and idiots whose only concern for the people is that they will believe the next round of bullshit they're being fed. Their arrogance have alienated them from all minority voters and most women voters. And instead of revamping and updating their political policies and platform, the GOP has decided that they will just keep on the same path, if they can't win the minority vote, then they will do everything possible to keep minorities from voting.

   That's where the Supreme courts decision comes in, now that they declared section 4 of the voting rights act unneeded, it opens the gate for Republican led state legislators to pass laws inhibiting minority turnout. With all the evidence of attempted voter suppression witnessed in 2012, the Supreme court now says that suppression no longer exists and the law is not needed. If that isn't a totally political move by the conservative justices, then they are just so far removed from reality that they should be removed from power.

   After allowing the citizens united case to succeed, and now removing the voter safeguards from the voter rights act, the conservative members on the Supreme court are displaying their true allegiance, not to you, me, or the Constitution of the United States. They are willingly breaking the sworn oath they have taken, and in true GOP fashion have told the people of America to fuck off. These arrogant bastards are a vile corruption of what the founding fathers had in mind for the highest court in the land.

   The act has gone  back to Congress for re-authorization of section 4, but what matters is that the supposed un-political court has again proven to be just another tool to be used by the GOP.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013


   I recently experienced two of my young family members taking a bottle of soda  out of my truck without asking me if they could. When asked if they were the guilty party , it was of course denied. After a couple of days my brother was able to coax a confession from them. They apologized to me and I would let my brother decide any punishment for them. I did however resolve to explain to them exactly what their actions cost them, it cost them my trust, and that the road to rebuilding ones trust is long, difficult, and not guaranteed of success.

   As I contemplated on how I could best get my message across to them, I became more and more aware of just how important trusting was for the human race, that it touched every aspect of our lives, and if we were suddenly without it, we would not be able to function.

   When we are children we trust our parents to care for us and keep us from harm. We send our children to school trusting they get a good education. We trust when our light turns green that the lights on the other signal turn red. It goes on and on and on, virtually everything we encounter requires a certain amount of trust.

   I believe that a large part of the blame for the enormous amount of apathy that the people of America are experiencing are the direct result of trust being broken.

   Look at our police departments, when I was growing up we were told that the police were our friends and if we needed any help, then just call them and you will be rescued. Well, the age of cell phones that record video has proven that those galant knights in blue seem to not only regularly exceed their authority, but are complicit in breaking more laws than anyone else. And now with illegal traffic stops for ID checks, they are part of an ongoing enterprise that flaunts their disregard of Constitutional laws.

   We trust that when we go to the market to purchase our groceries that the products we are offered are wholesome and safe, only to find that 90% of that food has been genetically modified, and the meats and dairy come from animals filled with growth hormones and antibiotics.

   Millions of people save money for decades to insure they can retire with dignity, they trust bankers to watch over their retirement funds and keep them safe, then those bankers invent complicated schemes with which to manipulate those funds into generating huge bonuses for the bankers and brokers, and then the bubble bursts, millions of people lose their life savings, pension funds get bankrupted, millions lose their homes, and the bankers say, "Oh, we're sorry, but there's nothing we can do for you", all the while these fat cats are tucking away millions in bonuses in their off shore accounts.

   We elect representatives to send to Washington D.C., we trust them to speak and act on behalf of  those people that sent them, we trust that their actions will be motivated solely by the desire to fulfill the solemn oath they took to "protect, preserve, and defend our Constitution", and instead we get lawmakers who are so deep in the pockets of big banks and corporations that daylight can't enter. They blatantly lie to us while filling their greedy pockets courtesy of their crony co-conspirators.

   When everything you thought you could trust turns out to be just groups abusing that trust to enrich themselves, I suppose apathy is the only thing you can do to keep from giving up all hope, so it should come as no surprise that some people take for granted that their leaders are not to be believed or trusted, and after all, who can blame them.


Friday, June 14, 2013


   Because of being accused continually of having some sort of blind allegiance to President Obama, and because some things Obama does perplex my logical thinking, I will testify exactly what I believe.

    I believe that no party or individual politician is beyond reproach. I think that every last one of them are human,(well, maybe not Cheney and Bachmann) and they are subject to human frailties. Temptations exist for every manner of appetite and regardless of moral strength, the mighty have fallen before and it should come as no surprise that they still do. So it is imperative that once chosen, a representative of the people must have their feet kept to the fire. The constant scrutiny by all the people must be maintained if we expect excellence from our lawmakers.

   That being said, I, nor virtually anyone else are privy to what information our President has knowledge of, I have no doubt that as a candidate making political promises Obama was unaware of many things that would possibly alter his opinion on certain items, and once informed of those circumstances was forced to rethink his previous position. We should and must give him that latitude without undue criticism.

   When Obama took office he was met with the full fury from the opposition, he was told that the sole goal of the GOP was to insure his becoming a one term President. Who ever had to deal with that blatant bullshit before? Obamas big mistake was attempting to reach across the aisle and make everything bi-partisan when that was the very last thing Republicans were seeking. If he would have recognized their stubborn hostility earlier and just passed his desired legislation while the Democrats controlled both houses then a lot more would have been accomplished in his first two years.

   After the GOP took the Congress in 2010 all bets were off. The GOP representitves fell right in step in their obstruction of any and all legislation introduced by Obama or the Democrats.Even after the American public overwhelmingly rejected the GOP and it's platform in 2012, the Republicans continued their crusade to rid this planet of Obama and his policies.

   My apparent cheerleading for Obama and the Democratic party is largely due to the utter contempt I have for the GOP. I'm not an idiot, I realize that all political parties are corrupt to a certain level, but the GOP is so flagrant in their abuses to America that I can forgive many discretions being done by others.

   You always hear "quit blaming Bush", but you know what? That stupid SOB allowed Dick Cheney to lead him by the nose into the darkest, most evil filled days this nation has ever witnessed, together with the other traitors in the Bush criminal family this nation ended up virtually bankrupt of prestige, money, and hope. That was the legacy left by Bush and the GOP, that is the huge pile of shit that Obama was handed when he was elected in 2008. I said at the time, who the hell would want to have to try fixing this mess.

   But Obama did rise to the challenge, in the face of pure obstruction and defiance, he was not only able to halt the disaster of an economy about to collapse, but has in the last 4 years managed to bring back job growth, to stabilize the housing market, to allow the stock market to reach new high levels, to end the war in Iraq, to find and kill Bin Laden, to decimate Al Qeada, to return our auto industry to health, to give millions of Americans the opportunity to see a doctor and get proper medical attention, the list goes on and on and on.

   Obama did these things while a cowardly and treacherous Republican party did nothing, not a fucking thing, except employ every method, trick, and lie they could conjure to block anything that would shed a positive light on his Presidency. At the cost of untold miseries heaped upon the American public, the GOP stood directly in the path of jobs bills that would have employed millions, of infrastructure bills that would have not only created hundreds of thousands of jobs, but would have boosted our lagging economy and fixed our aging roads and bridges. These arrogant bastards even voted down legislation that over 90% of this country approved of...OVER 90%..

   President Obama has approved programs that I'm leery of, he has signed orders that make me uncomfortable, but I'll tell you what, all you have to do is open your eyes and reflect back into the recent past. The absolute ass fucking we were getting from the GOP, which continues to this day, gives me reason to believe that if they were returned to power,the GOP would pick right up where they left off and then bend us over for some more of the same.

   When America elected a black man as President, I was not only surprised, but I was completely filled with  joy and optimism , the knowledge of our people  having the ability to see past a persons skin color, and elect him to the most powerful job on the planet, gave me great hope for our nation, and our future.

   Time will tell if Obama will go down as a great President or not, but my bet is that without the leadership and determination he has already proven he possess, America would be a very different and less livable place than it currently is.

   America is still recovering, and the World continues to be at a very unnerving point in history, but imagining George Bush, or any of the other GOP offerings leading the way, is a nightmare I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


   I am writing this blog as basically a continuation of a previous posting titled, "Thank God for God". It is designed to hopefully enlighten others about the reality that our lives are important and we are here for a purpose. The following views of mine are an open and honest rendition of what I absolutely believe is the truth.

   Picture in your mind a $1 bill, now picture 10 $1 bills, now 100 $1 bills, now 1,000, now 10,000, now 100,000, and finally, picture in your mind 1,000,000 $1 bills. At what point were you unable to mentally visualize the $1 bills?

   Try this, think of our sky, how high does it reach? Now think what's beyond our sky, our solar system, how far does that reach? Now think what's beyond our solar system, our galaxy, how far does that reach? now think what's beyond our galaxy, the universe, how far does that reach?

   The point I'm making here is that the human brain is capable of  mentally visualizing things to a limited degree, we understand that those things contain vast amounts of material, but trying to conjure an image of those vast amounts is impossible after a certain point. So is the concept of God, God is far too complex for our limited thinking capability to decipher.

   Now, picture yourself sitting back watching your favorite television show, you get up and go outside for a breath of fresh air, as you walk around the same electronic signals that let you watch that television show are now swirling all around you, not only those signals but signals from all the television shows, and all radio broadcasts. You can't see them, you can't feel or taste them, but you know for a fact that they are there.

   The point here is that just because you can't see, hear, or taste something, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

   Scientists tell us that the Earth is aprox. 4.5 billion years old, and that some form of life has existed on it for roughly 3 billion of those years. We are told that through countless evolutionary occurrences and sporadic catastrophic anomalies that humans have come to be the dominating species on this planet.

   Human beings have existed on this planet for a blink of the eyes of Earths timeline, and yet we have managed to not only rule over every aspect of it, we have been able to send other humans to the Moon and back. Our science has allowed us to even send out probes into the universe to explore what else lies out there.

   I fully acknowledge my belief in evolution, I don't propose to put any constraints on the methods chosen by God to place his creations wherever he pleases, and by whatever means he chooses. I realize this belief is contrary to the classical teaching that the Earth is 5000 years old, but I think science has proven that to be slightly inaccurate, I don't recall Moses encountering any dinosaurs.

   I also believe that God has populated vast numbers of other planets with life of one kind or another, he is after all God and he can do what he wants.

   In my time spent on this planet I have experienced many aspects of being alive, like most people I have encountered great suffering along with great joy, but usually just day to day events with no particular fanfare.
I have been aware however that as I grow older and have more to reflect back on, that the wisdom taught to us by Jesus , although masked in parable form, has the simplicity of meaning that is undeniable.

   My straining to understand what God desired of me was the main block to my progress, I found that by simply trying to abide by his main teachings of loving your brothers and sisters and treating others as you would have them treat you, was proving to be the key to understanding that we are all the same, we are all Gods creatures and his love for us is unending. Without having to try at all things were revealed to me that brought peace and contentment to my soul. Every kind act I performed seemed to return to me ten fold.

   While I was struggling to be a good Christian, I had no idea what that was. When I finally started to listen to that inner voice and do what it told me was right, then the voice got louder and louder and before long it was easily recognized by me.

   This voice explained to me what I have told you, that if God wanted us to understand exactly what he is, then our minds would be capable of that understanding, and that we are all here on a journey, a journey that will eventually reunite us all with our creator. Once we are united once again we will want for nothing and bathe in everlasting love. And it is that pure love that is God.

   I attribute a large part of my misunderstanding Gods message to me due to being constantly told to fear God, do this or you will go to Hell, or if you don't act this way God will be angry with you. Fear was the motivator  used over and over. I was told he was a God of love and yet all I should do is be afraid of God.

   Fear is a good control mechanism for a while, but it will lose its effect eventually. I came to see that religions depended on fear to control people, and I convinced myself that God hates religion.

   Once I was no longer fearing God his message came through, God made us, he knows us better than we know ourselves. God realizes we screw up, he sent his only son Jesus Christ to redeem us from sinful damnation. That is how much he loves us, he wants us to love him and to have him in your life. If God wanted robots he would have made robots, he didn't, he wanted us, and still does.

   I once thought that being a Christian meant not doing anything fun, just boring times and lots of church, but I discovered that having God in my heart and knowing that no matter what happens, when it's all said and done, that eternal love awaits us, all our questions will be answered and all our pain taken away.

   And the price for all of this?  $0.00, not a dime, Our salvation has been paid for in full, it's free for the asking.

   I don't subscribe to any organized religious organizations, I listen to the voice from my heart, and though I still screw up regularly, I always come back to the place I am loved and forgiven.There is one message that is the key to what God wants of us, and if we adhere to it, then all the blessings and peace of the lord will be ours, that message is," DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU"

   Keep following the words of that message and I promise you that you will truly find God very quickly.


Monday, June 10, 2013


   After referring to my previous blog post "Following the money", it has been established by virtually every expert in the architectural planning, designing, and building world that the 3 WTC buildings that collapsed on 9/11/2001 could ONLY have done so with the use of explosives.

   Experts in the structural demolition field have also testified that the likely possibility of a skyscraper collapsing on it's own footprint without strategically placed explosives was impossible, let alone 3 different buildings in the same place and on the same day.

   Hundreds of people including police and firefighters swore they heard and felt multiple explosions occurring in all 3 buildings. You can view video taken of the scene and hear for yourself explosions happening, as well as the evidence of Thermite burning throughout the structures, and of molten steel (the characteristic evidence of Thermite) puddling in the basements.

   Now with that established, who would have the following:
1. Access to the interior building and elevator shafts
2. Detailed knowledge of where to plant the charges
3. Access to military grade Thermite
4. A cover story allowing them weeks of access to all 3 buildings

   Let's dissect this in order of appearance.
1. To obtain access to the buildings and elevator shafts would  require security clearances as well as a legitimate purpose for that access, just prior to 9/11 there was a reworking of the elevators done. A perfect opportunity to place explosives and to compromise the supports needed to insure the structures demise. Logic would dictate that a group of middle eastern young men attempting to pass themselves off as elevator repairmen would raise more than a few suspicions.

2. Having the appropriate knowledge of where to plant the explosives would be critical for a successful demolition, experts will tell you that weakening the supports of the structure is key to making sure of a complete destruction. You would need detailed plans and drawings of the entire building to know where to plant those explosives. How many people in the world have that kind of knowledge?

3. Anyone can make Thermite, but what was seen was evidence of military grade Thermite, a much much more powerful type of Thermite that is only used by the military. A grade so powerful and difficult to manufacture that obtaining it would be extremely difficult to do.

4. As shown in example 1, posing as elevator repair crews it would be possible for persons to gain entry to the towers for an extended period of time in order to place all thge charges needed.

   OK, so that could explain the how's and where's of the story, but now arises the most important questions of all, "WHY" was it done, and "WHO" did it?

   Who did it is a mult-layered group. Depending on who you listen to and who you believe. From all that I have seen, read, and investigated on the 9/11 tragedy, I will now offer you my best guess as to who was responsible. Up to this point all the data I have provided are verifiable facts, easily proven with little effort. From this point forward I will attempt to use common sense and logical conclusions to validate my beliefs.

   I think it is absurd to believe that a group of Muslim Jihadists could have pulled off the previously mentioned procedures in their planned attacks on the World trade center buildings. They were inept at even having their agents taking flying lessons without them being reported as suspicious to the authorities. The idea that this group had the skills, intelligence, networks, and opportunities to accomplish this feat is ludicrous. The  successful execution of such a monumentally difficult task would have to be done by an extraordinarily adept team of professionals found only in the intelligence community, namely the CIA or the NSA or a group we probably have never heard of. This group would have the financing needed, the availability of controlled materials, the necessary  false identities easily obtained, and the discipline and command structure required for such a complicated mission, qualities currently taught to the elite forces of America.

   So who ordered this elite group to do what they did?
My opinion is that the Bush White House gave them their orders. Bush and Dick Cheney along with Donald Rumsfeld and others had been desperately seeking ways to validate the invasion of Iraq and to establish an American presence in the area. I believe that they had received previous intelligence of the impending attack on the WTC buildings and decided that it would supply them the perfect excuse they were searching for, if that is, the attack was a success. It was then they were determined to make sure it didn't fail.

   Recalling the previous attacks on the WTC in the !990's, the multiple attacks on our embassies, the attack on the USS Cole, and the Somalia episode, the Bush cabal knew that if the general public didn't demand blood for those events, that they would have to make damn sure that this event would be so spectacular that America would have to rise up and demand blood for blood. At that moment it was decided that the towers would need to fall, but they also knew that that would only happen if they were to assist it's destruction by doing what was done.

   They got their desired results, and they were able to deceive America further by falsely implicating Iraq in the plot, then claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction ready to be used on the U.S. We entered a war that lasted 11 years, took over a million lives, cost trillions of dollars, and destroyed what little stability there was in the region.

   No doubt in my mind there exists many more reasons for their treachery, for instance Dick Cheney and his company Haliburton making billions of dollars. The bottom lne is that these traitors have yet to be indicted for their actions. The evidence is there and grows daily, we need to bring these criminals to justice.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I present to you a chronicle of  historical events that might have been possible if things happened differently.

It was by the narrowest of margins but it's official now,  John McCain and Sarah Palin will be the new President and Vice President of the United States of America. President elect McCain told reporters that he plans on retaining most of the staff from the previous administration due to their vast experience and knowledge of government. McCain said he will send Palin on a worldwide goodwill tour as soon as they take office.

 June 2009
After receiving intelligence that Iran was mere days away from launching a nuclear attack on Israel President McCain and his military  advisors decided that a preemptive air strike would be their best method in containing Iranian aggression.
Naval ships launched a total of 47 cruise missiles at various Iranian targets while Air Force stealth bombers attacked suspected underground weapons facilities.

August 2009
With the collapse of all the nations major financial institutions and the stock market reeling from a 60% drop in value, President McCain today issued a moratorium on all banks and halted all banking business in order to stop a run currently taking place across America. Reports are similar throughout the world, every industrialized nation is experiencing financial collapse.

September 2009
With the country still in shock from the sudden death of President McCain, Vice President Sarah Palin took the oath of office and was sworn in as the the new President of the United States at noon today, due to the mass protesting currently happening in Washington D.C. the ceremony was performed indoors and no public appearances were planned.

October 2009
In a surprise move, President Palin has announced that she has chosen former Vice President Dick Cheney to once again fill that position due to his skilled abilities. It is hoped that by having a familiar face in the White House some of the rioting now taking place throughout America will stop.

December 2009
Today President Palin decreed by Presidential order the implementing of military forces into Iran to halt the threat of Iranian aggression into Iraq and Israel, plans call for 200,000 military personnel to be deployed there by late January 2010. Rioting and and attacks on western embassies continues throughout the region.

March 2010
With the complete collapse of the U.S. stock market rioting broke out in every major city in America. To bring back order President Palin declared martial law throughout the nation. With most of the army deployed overseas there is a shortage of personnel to enforce her orders so the police are authorized to use deadly force wherever needed to stop the looting and rioting. A dawn to dusk curfew has been imposed and violators are subject to being shot on sight.

April 2010
All nations worldwide are now in the midst of total financial and social collapse, the Europeon nations have disbanded and many of those countries are experiencing border skirmishes, Russia and China are now in the throes of civil war, and the middle east has been set afire in violence.

May 2010
President Palin has recalled all U.S. troops home in order to reenforce the police in maintaining martial law, armed militia groups have taken control of vast areas of the country and have stated their intentions of creating a separate nation. Many of the Federal detention camps have been overrun and the detainees freed.

June 2010
With most members of the military refusing to shoot their own countrymen, what remained of the U.S. army has disbanded with most soldiers joining the various militia factions. It appears that full civil war is now being engaged in many parts of the country with state borders appearing to be the front lines of battle.

December 2010
In an apparently successful coup, Vice President Dick Cheney has announced that he will now assume the role as President and bring about order and reunification for America. Ex-President Palin has been executed.


Saturday, June 1, 2013


   Just when we thought that Obama and his minions couldn't get in anymore trouble, Fox news has been notified by numerous of it's anonymous informants that there exists incredible amounts of hearsay evidence implicating the President and his henchmen in a myriad of misdeeds.

   1. Watergate scandal: Even at the age of 11 Barack Obama possessed a sinister spirit, realizing early on that being black meant that he would need to be a Democrat if he was ever to be elected as President, the young Obama set out to humiliate and taint the honorable GOP by staging certain incidences that would look as though the Republicans were involved in criminal behavior.

    After paying off the cops and certain CIA personnel Obama had his thugs ransack the Democratic election headquarters in Washington D.C. The thugs purposely left evidence of a bungled burglary in order to get caught so they could falsely claim to be working for the Nixon White House. Obamas plan was brilliant and worked perfectly, people unwittingly believed that Nixon was involved and the damage done was horrific. Because of Obamas need to besmirch the GOP, this country lost perhaps the greatest President it ever had.

   2. Iran/Contra scandal: In the mid 1980's the then 25 year old Obama realized that the current President, Ronald Reagan was becoming overwhelmingly popular and needed to be stopped. Through the contacts he had kept with the CIA Obama proceeded to employ a scheme he had been planning for just such an occasion.

    His close contacts with the Muslim brotherhood allowed him to go to Iran and set up a deal with Ayatollah Khomeini to sell weapons to that enemy of America. Obama then gave that money to the rebel Contras. Obama then called his friends in the liberal press and said that the Reagan White house was illegally funding that group against the dictates of Congress. Once again his plan worked flawlessly and the purely innocent Reagan had his unblemished reputation tainted by Obamas evil deceit.

   3. 9/11/2001: Obama was now only 5 years away from being legally old enough to be President. He figured that embarrassing President George Bush Jr. in office would allow him to win in 2008 so he devised his most evil plan ever.

    Again through his close ties with the Muslim brotherhood he arranged for a group of Islamic Jihadists to hijack airliners and crash them into the world trade center and the Pentagon. He thought that the public would see Bush's inability to protect them and drive him from office, but Bush's heroic response to the terrorist threat along with civil rights crippling legislation passed by the Senate and Congress scared Americans enough to keep Bush in power.

   This was seen by Obama as a temporary set back and he immediately launched another scheme to fulfill his goal of shaming and embarrassing this President.

    Obama spread rumors and planted false evidence that Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq had trained the 9/11 hijackers and that he had weapons of mass destruction stockpiled that he was planning on unleashing on America any day.

    This seemed preposterous to Bush, he asked Vice President Dick Cheney his opinion and Cheney told him that Iraq was now a peace loving nation and that Saddam was now a Christian missionary teaching Sunday school to kurdish children, he said that the information must be wrong and that holding Iraq guilty of any wrong doing would be an injustice of the greatest magnitude. Bush agreed with Cheney and decided to do nothing to Iraq.

   But Obama wasn't finished yet, he had his friends in the CIA convince Bush and Cheney that Saddam wasn't the angel everyone thought he was, and if we don't attack him now then we can expect a nuclear attack within a week.

   Bush and Cheney decided that protecting Americans was more important than there political careers so they selflessly went ahead with the invasion of Iraq. After discovering that no WMD's existed in Iraq Bush and Cheney realized that they had been duped, but by then the damage had been done and once again Obama had succeeded in tainting the image of one of Americas finest and most honorable President and Vice President teams.

   If it weren't for the fact that we here at Fox news are fair and balanced such reports by unnamed sources would be investigated thoroughly, but because we pay our unnamed sources only for honest news stories we feel their integrity is beyond reproach and they wouldn't fib.

    Stay tuned to Fox news for more Obama scandals as quickly as we can get them.