Tuesday, April 30, 2013


   I initially promised that the opinions that I give, and the stories that I tell and the satire I impart on this blog site would be entertaining and humorous and hopefully insightful and enlightening. After reviewing my posts-to-date, I believe they weigh in a little too much on the heavy side, just like I do [Editor's note: ha]. so it is my intention to inject more humor and frivolity in the future, as well as a few human interest stories. 

   Let me begin this new and improved format at once. With my reporting of my concern that our constitutional rights were being abused and ignored during the manhunt that followed the Boston bombing, I had failed to identify and acknowledge something very, very wonderful about human beings. Something quite unique to the animal called man. Almost instinctive in his nature, and glorious to witness. 

   That is the fact that whenever you see a scene of destruction and devastation, where people are getting hurt or killed, you will also see a number of others who go to the aid of those injured or trapped, despite the very real possibility of their own demise, these people risk their lives to comfort and assist those victims. Not for fame or fortune, but for the sake of helping a fellow human being in need. 

   We witnessed this in Boston, moments after the bombs exploded there were people running to the blast site in order to aid those hurt, or assist the first responders any way they could. We were told of the marathon runners who, despite having just run 26.2 miles, continued running to the hospital so that they might donate blood for the many injured. 

   Boston isn't the only place where this occurred, after 9/11 we saw thousands and thousands volunteering their time, their skills, their resources, whatever was needed, they would readily supply.

   After hurricane Katrina, when their government failed them, the people of the Gulf coast received massive assistance from not only their fellow Americans, but people all around the globe. 

   During the Arab Spring we were shown people being shot for their protesting, and within all the chaos and danger you could see people running in to aid those victims and get them to medical care.

    All over the world, whenever earthquakes occur, or dams burst and flood, or mines collapse, or factories explode, or any of a thousand tragedies happen, You will always find people who will selflessly stand up and ask "how can I help?

   With all the infighting and derision, the atrocities inflicted, and the suffering endured by so many these perilous days, it makes my heart smile. and my hope for us grow, to see the proof of man's basic love of his brothers, and his concern for their welfare. Thank you to all who restore my faith in the human race, God bless you, and may God bless the human race.


[Editor's note: You're welcome.]

Don't You Point That Finger At Me

   In an effort to be fair in my various accusatory postures, I will attempt to broaden my description of the particular whos, whats, wheres, and whys involved, and try to separate the innocent and unknowing from any collateral damage. 

   When I speak harshly of the GOP, I don't intend to include every Republican party member in the nation. I'm sure that the vast number of Republicans are honest, hard working people, honorable folks who only want the best for their families and for America. When I criticize the GOP for wrongdoing, it is those that are in control that I'm aiming at, the very top of the ladder. 

   I only find fault with the masses of Republicans for allowing their party leaders to act in the fashion they do, but I also realize that the amount of leverage any one party member has is obviously very limited, and the same can be said for Democrats and Independents too, I just wish they wouldn't support the party line just because they are Republicans; those that are in power take that as a free pass. 

   There are obvious targets of my assorted accusations, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Sununu, Rice, Clarke, and a number of others with well-known names that round out the Bush criminal cabinet. My most fierce attacks involve this group of traitors, their selfish behavior, their arrogant lies, their diabolical agenda, their abandonment of oath and honor, their cronyism, and the reckless ways they allowed this great nations financial health to be devastated by their lords and masters on Wall street.
  These greedy bastards used war, fear, and intimidation to line their pockets with gold, and the cost was perhaps a million lives worldwide, mostly civilians, untold trillions, that's trillions, with a "T" of dollars, and the stability of the entire planet whose destiny has not yet been determined. This cabal of thieves could teach the Mafia how to steal. 

   One other main focus of my criticism consists of the GOP Senators and Congressmen in Washington DC. Between the Tea Party's extreme views, and the entire tally of GOP legislators acting like sheep, by voting only along party lines, even over the desires of more than 90% of this country, these representatives of ours have successfully blocked virtually all legislation, including jobs bills, and infrastructure bills that would create millions of jobs for Americans and restart our lagging economy. They are cowards whose self interests trump any concerns for this country and its people, and they should be driven from office.

    The final group of Republicans I so joyfully accuse, are the various Governors and state legislators who have used any means they deem fit to enact laws that, block voting rights, limit womens' health clinics, redistrict areas to ensure GOP victories, etc.
These GOP loyalists take their marching orders from the men behind the scenes, the money men, the connected men, men like Karl Rove and others. If exposed to light these groups would legally be classified as an organized crime entity and prosecuted according to the RICO act, but be assured, that will never happen. 

   I don't think for a second that there isn't corruption within the Democratic party. It's just the sheer magnitude of corruption that permeates the GOP that overwhelms me and drives me to anger. So in my rantings and ravings, please be assured, I respect the everyday man, regardless of party-affiliation, it's the criminal element calling the shots that I have a problem with.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Justice Has Left The Building

   When I watch shows on television such as "Law and Order," or any that dramatize the legal and judicial profession, I have to constantly stop myself from being critical of the reality they portray and remind myself to just relax and try to enjoy the story. 

   That's because the main fiction in those shows isn't the storyline; it's the way they depict how the system works.

    From initial arrest to eventual outcome our modern legal system consists of people seemingly devoid of compassion and fair-mindedness. Starting with the cops who, depending on how much you piss them off, will take extremely wide interpretation of the laws in order to charge you with the maximum number of offenses possible and with the most severe degree possible for those offenses. 

   I have witnessed numerous times people being charged with first and second-degree felonies for things that are misdemeanors at best, and non-existent on more occasions than you might think. That is a result from society at large being ignorant of what their police departments are up to and the direct acceptance and encouragement of prosecuting attorneys at all levels of government to maximize any charges possible. 

   These prosecutors know that if they can intimidate someone by threatening massive fines and long prison sentences, it is highly likely that whatever they offer as a plea agreement on lesser charges and softer penalties, will be readily accepted by those accused, out of fear of being locked up for years and years. 

   The police and the prosecuting attorneys know that most of those charges won't stick. But, if they lose, it only costs them a judgement. On the other hand, if the accused loses, he will lose years of his life and more.

   The prosecuting attorney's office is staffed with, perhaps, the most callous, heartless, ruthless and cynical members of all law-enforcement branches. They know that the more convictions they achieve, the better their résumé looks. 

   TV programs showing prosecutors exhibiting remorse for the accused being found guilty make me laugh. They couldn't possibly care any less about those they put away. And since a high percentage of those accused end up with court-appointed attorneys who get paid a flat fee for their representation, the advice almost always given is to "just take the deal." Thereby freeing up that court-appointed attorney to handle cases for which he's getting paid ten to twenty times the amount he gets from those the courts give him. 

   Blind justice no longer resides in this nation, only a legal grist mill run by uncaring self-centered people who do not see someone as an individual citizen who is innocent until proven guilty, but as a commodity, to be used in any fashion needed for the attainment of their personal goals


                                   GETTING A CLUE

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Please, Please, Please Say It Ain't So!

   You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you're driving down the freeway, going about 72 miles per hour, watching other traffic, and perhaps scouting out lane change opportunities, when all of a sudden, as you are rounding the curve, you spot him: that semi-hidden vehicle parked in the shadows of the overpass, and with the drivers door open ever so much there sits a person wearing an official uniform; in their hands, they hold what looks like an over-sized pistol. That over-sized pistol is pointing directly at you, and as your foot instinctively separates from the accelerator pedal, your eyes immediately focus on the speedometer, you experience what feels like Mike Tyson landing one right in your midsection, because you just got caught. 

   As you pass that now obvious police vehicle, and witness in the rear view mirror that its door is now closed, its red and blue lights are flashing wildly and it is approaching you at what appears to be light speed, that a nice chat with the officer is about to befall you, followed by an invitation to donate a fair chunk of change to the powers-that-be. 

   It's that feeling, that nauseating gut-grabber that is starting to make its presence known to me more and more. As I keep tabs on the performance of our elected representatives in Washington D.C., I pay special attention to our President, Barack Obama and the way he carries himself while performing his Presidential duties. 

   I have always been a strong supporter of Obama, believing that the desperately needed changes this nation requires were being handled by someone with the ability and desire to get them done.

    Through his first four years I defended him from all attackers, believing that they mostly consisted of bigots and sore losers. I touted that his progressive programs and social remedies were being sidelined and sabotaged by a treasonous Republican Congress, Hell-bent on an agenda of non-cooperation at any cost. 

   The uneasy feelings I am currently experiencing are derived from Obama's agreeing to and supporting of certain laws and legislation that seem to give our government more and more leeway to deny us our rights as American citizens. The authority to arrest, imprison and in the extreme, kill us.

    Nobody on this planet was more elated than I was when George W. Bush and his criminal organization finally left the White House and my spirits and optimism had hit new highs when the GOP machine failed to retain the Oval Office. 

   I'm not giving up hope yet, I still believe President Obama truly has this nation's best interest at heart, and will guide us to a new era of American world leadership, and restore us as a role model for all other nations and restore the prosperity and prestige we once possessed, which the previous administration carelessly squandered away. 

   I'll be keeping a watchful eye on his future actions, and I'll be praying to God that he turns out to be the hero I so desperately want to believe in, and our nation so desperately needs.


Friday, April 26, 2013

That's Why Everyone Calls Him "Dick."

   On a previous blog, I wrote a somewhat scathing commentary about George W. Bush, and my surprise that there were still people that would honor him by building a Presidential library bearing his name, even though over an 8 year period the only things he demonstrated that he was a master at were deception, manipulation, and treachery. Otherwise he acted like a spoiled child, or an illiterate moron. 

   The years spent watching that insufferable idiot took its toll on me.  At the end of his second term I was so overjoyed that he was leaving, I didn't care if a spider monkey got elected, as long as it wasn't George W. Bush.

    Here we are, four years since baby Bush ruled the roost, and I believe my opinion of him has softened a bit; by no means am I giving him a pass for his belligerence, and treachery, but I think I gave him credit for being more intelligent than he actually is. 

   It was apparent from early on that not only did Dick Cheney have Bush's ear, he seems to have had virtually unlimited influence and control over all decisions made by Jr. While still a candidate for President in 2000, Jr. asked Cheney to help him find a suitable candidate for the office of Vice President, and after what I can only guess was an exhaustive search, found nobody to fill the position except he himself. Even better than that, he already knew just the right folks needed to round out Bush's administration, how convenient was that! 

   It was obvious early on that Cheney was President in everything but title, and that old Georgie was nothing but a vessel that the Dickster used to gain power.  However, the sheer hollowness of depth demonstrated by Bush was nothing short of amazing. You couldn't have found a better straw man if you looked for a thousand years.

    Now this political union may look innocent and conveniently haphazard to the naive, but rest assured, the powers that be had very carefully plotted, planned, and put into effect this diabolical duo's coupling for the express purpose of fulfilling an elaborate agenda that they had lying in wait, for just the right moment to arrive, and now here it was. 

   They had an idiot that had name recognition and political experience, but had the leadership skills of a carrot, and would be more than eager to delegate any decision making to others around him. They had a gang of fellow conspirators that were hand picked years ago, and standing by for their cue to enter the scene. 

   Those criminals included the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Clarke, Karl Rove, and many others. These sinister players, and the GOP leadership they controlled, had spent the better part of two decades slowly building the Republican party up until it became a powerhouse in Washington D.C., and in a majority of the states. The time had finally arrived for this cabal of traitors to act, they managed to rig the election for their stolen victory, and now were in a position to initiate the sinister agenda that they had planned for so long. 

   Their plan was the overthrow and takeover of Iraq, but they needed a plausible excuse for the invasion that the American public would accept. Fast forward to 2001, it became known that an attack on the World Trade Center was imminent, and the method of delivery was to be airliners crashed into the towers, and perhaps on buildings in Washington D.C. 

   Now these evil men are a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. They saw the first attack on the WTC, and the public outrage was minimal. They saw our embassies getting bombed and again, public outcry was barely heard, then the USS Cole gets blown up, again nothing. They knew that what it would take to stir America to arms would need to be spectacular, and with that they set out to ensure that the attack on the towers would be a huge success, with a level of destruction the world had never seen. 

   Bush immediately declared "war on terror" and claimed Presidential powers afforded to him only during a state of war. Constitutional rights were curtailed and suspended in the name of security, legislation such as the "PATRIOT ACT" were hurriedly pushed through Congress, and if you questioned ANYTHING the government decreed, you were labeled "un-American" and chastised accordingly. 

   Now that Cheney and his minions created complete chaos at home and abroad, they could put forth the lies needed to invade Iraq. Those lies were that Saddam Hussein secretly supported and trained the terrorists involved in 9/11, and later, that he was amassing weapons of mass destruction that he was planning to use against the United States. 

   With unbelievable manipulation of supposed evidence, and lies that were epic in number and audacity, they put forth their diabolical agenda, and the rest as they say, is history. Cheney and his cronies in the military industrial complex made their billions of dollars, got control of Iraqi oil, and all it cost was a few hundred thousand lives, a few trillions of dollars, and all the prestige that the United States once held in the eyes of the world. 
   The treason most certainly didn't stop there, over the next five years Bush, Cheney and the GOP leadership would turn a surplus of hundreds of billions of dollars into a deficit of trillions of dollars. They would deregulate industries controlled by their corporate crony friends, and stifle the authority of other government agencies to enforce regulations if those regulations interfered with the profitability of those corporations. 

   These complicit traitors not only stood by and profited from their insidious actions, they facilitated the ability of their financial overlords to bring this nation to its economic knees, destroying the security and life savings of millions upon millions of Americans, costing millions of people their homes, their jobs, and their dignity.

   But there is no need to worry about Bush and Cheney and the bankers and Wall street, they have lots of money, and they'll be just fine. 

   Even though some years have passed, my belief is that Bush, Cheney, Rove, and their criminal enterprise should stand trial and go to prison where they belong. I'm not naive, and I doubt any one of these pieces of shit will ever see a prison cell, but I can promise you that if I witness any of them suffering intensely, the only thing you'll see me doing is laughing.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who The Hell Decides These Things? They Need To Be Fired!

The George W. Bush Presidential Library

   The Bush library? George Bush? George W. Bush? Really? A Library? How ironic is that? This boggles my mind to no end, that a person who's taken the English language to a previously unknown level of misspoken words and phrases, a person that can't repeat a full paragraph written on a script without screwing it up, a person who claims to have graduated from college, yet sounds as if he left school after almost finishing 7th grade.
This guy is opening a library with his name on it?

    Now I realize that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, but come on, this is just too much. How, how, how could a just and loving God allow this to happen? Is this the punishment for some unspeakable sin? Is this God's wrath being poured upon us? Or is this just God's idea of a practical joke? 

John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
   What's next, the John Wayne Gacy ranch for homeless boys? A franchise of Jeffery Dahmer butcher shops? The Osama Bin Laden school for diplomacy in government?

    When I think of a library, I imagine an institute of great learning. All the knowledge mankind has accumulated throughout history, in books, neatly lined-up on shelf after shelf, row after row, inviting you to dive in and languish in the splendor of a world filled with science, and history, and nature, and all the magical things you can possibly think of. I picture a place of great dignity and integrity, a place of high ideals, a place of honor and respect. 

   Let it suffice to say, that I don't get that same image when I think about George Jr. Let's set aside the deception and lies he told in order to declare war on, and then invade Iraq, a war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and put an entire region of the world into chaos that continues to this day. 

Let's also set aside the fact that he spent the entire amount of prestige the United States held in the world by the arrogant attitude and treatment of most other countries on the globe. Let's also set aside his flagrant breaking of the law, his disregard for the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and his personal approval for the torture of prisoners. 

   But let's not set aside the fact that on countless occasions George W. Bush willingly and without remorse, broke a sacred vow he took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    He made a personal promise to every man, woman, and child in America with the knowledge that those promises were worthless, and to him, merely words spoken to achieve a goal.

    George W. Bush is a traitor to this country, and a liar that doesn't deserve anybody's respect. He is a dishonorable person that has done irreparable harm to this country, its people, and the people of the world. 

   A library, or any other institution of honor and distinction should not have to suffer the shame and humility of being named after George W. Bush.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Should Have Seen It Coming (satire)

Faux Noise: Bare and Phalliced
   It appears that FOX News (?) Channel has an exclusive on the story of the century.

    FOX reported that it has confirmed this information, with its usual sources, in the chat rooms and on blog sites.

   Those sources revealed that the United States has, for the last 61 years, been using North Korea as a covert training base for the elite troops it plans to use in the sequestering of it's population, and the imposition of military rule across America. 

  The reports indicate that ex-Vice President Dick Cheney will be given the honorary rank of six-star general, and placed as the "Dicktator" in charge. Donald Rumsfeld will be named Vice Dicktator, but only given four stars, because Cheney doesn't think he deserves five. 

   Ex-President George W. Bush has not been contacted by anybody. 

Pyongyang, North Korea
   FOX News reports that the military takeover has been planned since 1952, and that its time for implementing is now, before the Republican party self-implodes completely and fails to exist at all.

    Fox also says that their sources in the chat rooms admit that the covert nature of this takeover plan was brilliantly executed, that while the entire world was told that North Korea was a closed society and that no outsiders were permitted into the country, there existed the perfect cover to train the forces needed for their diabolical agenda, without the world ever noticing. 

   Evidently, the initial plan had called for a number of North Korean soldiers to be involved in the initial invasion. However, due to the emaciation of 93% of the North Korean military, Cheney and his evil group instead secretly made a pact with the Swiss Navy, and the Salvation Army to ally with the Sri Lankan soldiers that they have already trained. 

   There were reports that the Canadian Mounted Police were scheduled to take part in the operation, however FOX News could not confirm this on any of the blogs they looked at.

   FOX  News confirmed their reliable sources have claimed that this takeover operation is imminent and that we should expect to start seeing its full implementation no later than election time in 2014. 

"Hello, Clarice."
   It has also been rumored that in preparation for his position of "Dicktator," Cheney has imprisoned three young men that share his blood type for the express purpose of any new heart transplants he may require. Word has it that since his body had functioned without any heart for so long, that it doesn't recognize the need for one now, and so rejects them soon after installation. 

   Donald Rumsfeld is scheduled for a nose extension so that he can still breathe through it while it's stuck up Cheney's ass.

    Condoleezza Rice apparently has not been offered a position in the new regime because, as Dick Cheney states,"Come on.  She's black and she's a woman.  How could that help?" 

   Their plan calls for the dissolution of the Senate and Congress, but experts agree that nobody will notice the difference with them being gone.

    All citizens opposed to this new government are encouraged to immediately head south and climb the fence into Mexico, where it is reported that the Mexican population is waiting to greet them with open arms. 

Stay tuned to FOX News Channel. Your reliable news source.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Do as I say, not as I do.
   My father would utter a particular phrase of advice on occasion that never really settled with me. Even at a young age, it struck me as wrong and I believe that even then I resented him giving it. The phrase was "do as I say, not as I do." 

   Now this may be a common phrase spoken by generations of parents as far back as the stone age, but I made a point to never use those words to my children. The idea that a certain action was totally legitimate for one person but not the other seemed very unfair, even back then in the 'good ol' days.' 

   So, fast forward to the present time, I find that my inner voice is screaming to myself in silence, "you don't have a problem giving advice, now show that you can take advice." Easier said than done, but I'm gonna try.

    This hobby of putting words to print started as an interesting experiment suggested to me by numerous friends and family.  It has since morphed into something that I enjoy doing greatly, and although I realize that the public at large can read everything I write, it feels to me like I'm composing a journal; a book of memos to myself to remember that learning from your mistakes might keep you from repeating them in the future, hopefully. 

   So, what's the advice I give, that now appears I must heed? Empathy. The very basic element of the golden rule. The word itself signifies many aspects of the thought process, but I believe the most important of them is the conscious effort to think outside of ones normal parameters, and play out in your mind, the logical outcome of what certain words spoken or actions taken would entail, and how they might be interpreted by others. 

   In the past I have hurt and angered some of the people in my life that make living a worthwhile venture. Intended or not, hurt still hurts. By my not heeding my own advice of compassion to others, loved ones suffered. I have been accused of being harsh and heavy-handed in my descriptions of certain groups and organizations, but unless specified by title, my placing of contempt is aimed at those in control of those enterprises, not their following. 

It's... dark in here.
   When I rant and rave regarding alleged cover-ups and conspiracies, I will regularly accuse non-believers of having their heads stuck in the ground, or being unable to grasp what is obvious to others, or unwilling to face reality. Mea Culpa.

    To those who I have personally hurt and offended, I sincerely apologize for my rudeness and insensitive actions, and offer up the following. 

   I realize now that my admonishments of those who share a different opinion than me are too all-encompassing and that there is a need on my part to hold accountable those that are guilty, and recognize the innocent as blameless, and make certain that my meanings are understood as intended. I do understand that there are many who do make the effort, and take the time to evaluate circumstances and events and come to a different conclusion than my own, and I do respect their beliefs, even if they differ from mine. 

   In no way do I intend them to feel as though I'm belittling them for those beliefs. On the contrary, my ultimate goal is that everybody take the time and put forward the effort to know and understand the issues facing us all. If, after that they see it differently than I, so be it. But, at least they have thought about it. 

   In future blogs I will be just as harsh and just as punishing as ever to those I feel are guilty, however I will use this forum to promise that in any forthcoming postings that I will strive to be more aware of my words, and try to eliminate any collateral damage from their misinterpretation.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Puppies and Sunshine ( Satire)

Two not-yet-dead puppies
Well, if you'll excuse the pun, the cat is out of the bag. [Editor's note: Pun is not excused.]

   It appears that our government has been engaging in an ongoing program to eliminate all the puppies on the planet. This seemingly herculean task has been reportedly initiated for the direct suppression of any happiness being experienced by the populace of the world.

   It seems that after decades of intense study by researchers around the globe, the ancient bonds between humans and canines are much, much more intricate than previously believed. Research scientists have revealed that human DNA has a fundamental gene that is the root system for everything we perceive as happiness, and that any and all other conceptions of happiness on our part are directly dependent upon the performance of that particular gene.

Rosco's cuteness won't save him.
   The researchers have dubbed it the "puppy gene," for in their research they have found that the only thing that initiates the functionality of this gene is the direct physical contact between humans and puppies.

    These scientists also report that this particular effect seems to be enhanced with the repeated inhaling of the puppies breath, but they caution that after the puppy has reached one year of age, their breath tends to mute the performance of that gene.

   It has long been theorized by conspiracy advocates that certain segments of our government have had sinister plans for the suppression of our freedoms, and the establishment of a "new world order" in which an elite few would hold a tyrannical rule over all people and all lands, giving them complete power over life and death. Well, it seems those soothsayers were correct after all. The belittling and besmirching of character that the vast majority of us relentlessly heaped on these visionaries has proved our short-sightedness.

Dead, dead, dead, dead
  Now it would appear the price of our pathetic attitudes is about to be paid in full. The lack of all happiness around the world appears to bring on a state of apathetic self-pity and depression that incapacitates humans to experience concern of any nature, thereby rendering them powerless to interfere with the institution of the new world government, and the despots that have conceived it.

   Evidently the systematic elimination of all the worlds puppies has been secretly employed for some time now and the point of critical mass has been attained. It seems all those jet trails that have been appearing to multiply in the sky lately contain trace amounts of a chemical that scientists have discovered affects only puppies, and in high enough doses, terminates them.

They'll soon be "sent to the farm."
   This chemical is undetectable and inert until it is exposed to sunlight, which is the reason it is dispersed into the high atmosphere, for maximum penetration. The government has been covertly introducing that chemical into the entire worlds jet fuel supply for years and it has apparently reached the point of no return, experts now predict that the worlds entire puppy supply will be dead within 6 months.

   Predictions for successful domination of the worlds inhabitants range from 12 to 18 months.

    In light of the complete success of the puppy program, the government has postponed the continuation of all conspiracies it is currently employing.


[Editor's note:  Proper precautions should be taken with any puppies who have not reached gestation by removing them from your presence, by way of throwing them in a garbage can, and then adopting a cat, because cats are far superior.]

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's The "Rights" Thing To Do

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
   First things first. I think the men that bombed Boston are despicable, good riddance to the dead one and may his brother suffer every day of his life for their actions. It is my complete belief that any and all who engage in the murder of innocent people to bring attention to their particular cause should suffer endlessly and experience the pain in measure which they so casually inflict on others.

   I have no sympathy for these individuals, and I believe that no punishment is too harsh for them

   That being said, I also believe all American citizens should be afforded the due process that our Constitution guarantees them, regardless of the severity of their offenses.

   There is nothing in the Bill of Rights that says a person has a right to free speech unless we don't think they deserve it. It doesn't say we have the right to a free press unless they say bad things about us

   . The United States of America was founded on principles that were conceived and committed to writing by men who witnessed the tyranny and unfairness of regimes of their day on an ongoing basis.

   Our founding fathers fought and died for the ability of their children, and their childrens' children, and all who follow to have the opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These weren't convenient ideas for them, they were core beliefs that they knew were required for a free and open society.

   In the 237 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence this nation has witnessed many situations that tested these concepts. Some for the good, some not so good.

    The founding fathers gave us the flexibility to amend those laws with a two-thirds majority vote by the individual States. However, beginning in the 1970's, we have had those in power slowly nibbling away those rights. Using Presidential powers, our various rights have been curtailed in the name of national security or other powerfully worded reasons.

   The slow erosion of these rights continued throughout the 80s and 90s, regardless of what particular party was in the White House. Then came 9/11, beginning that day and continuing to the present time, the rate at which our rights are being ignored and trampled on has expanded exponentially.

   We are told that withholding Miranda rights was needed to safeguard the public, we have a government that can declare you a terrorist and incarcerate you without charges; or send a Drone to kill you.

    We have witnessed a veritable martial law declared on a major U.S. city, and the passing of Presidential orders giving law enforcement a virtual free pass to stop, interrogate and detain any citizen it feels poses a threat.

   The treatment of prisoners deemed terrorists by our government was a harbinger of things to come, unspecified detention without charges, refusal of legal representation, torture, disregard for habeas corpus.

    The declaration of a "war on terror" is more than a mere phrase; in legal terms a "state of war" gives special powers to the President that would not otherwise exist. Bush and his criminal posse took these powers to their limit and beyond anything resembling legality, and we let them get away with it.

   Now it seems the great hope we have placed in our current President may have proven to be a disappointing dream. Same shit, different day.

    Why are we allowing this to go on? It's because we have been told that we should be scared. Scared of the Islamic boogey-man -- scared of the illegal immigrant coming for your job -- scared, scared, scared, scared, scared.

   We have become a nation of apathetic frightened ostriches, sticking our heads in the ground and hoping the bad things don't see us. Well it's time to wake up and open your eyes and your mouth about what's going on. Taking your rights does not make you safer, it makes you vulnerable to those who would like nothing more than to enslave you and lord power over you.

   We live in a once great country, but history has proven over and over that even great countries can fall if not kept in check. There is a saying,"Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither." 

    I hope we are deserving...


Friday, April 19, 2013

What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?

"Ay dehr, Bahb." "Ay dehr, Joe."
   My inquisitive nature takes me exploring all over the web, and I seem to have a fondness for investigating articles pertaining to theories of conspiracies of one type or another.

    Most of these postings are obviously tainted by extremists and bigots with a damaged way of thinking.  But, there are many that make a lot of sense and there are a few that contain enough evidence that make them undeniable.

   There appears to be a recurring theme in a large number of these postings: the fact that all across America we are becoming a police state. If you search the web you will find an overwhelming number of incidents involving police misconduct. Everything from illegal traffic stops to planting of evidence, false arrest, perjury, and physical brutality.

   Now, I realize this type of bad behavior has been around since there have been police, but the sheer volume you can witness on the web would indicate that a serious problem exists here in the land of the free.

    The widespread ownership of cell phones that record video has no doubt made a tremendous difference in the ability for the average citizen to prove his side of the story.

   Previous to these electronic witnesses it would be your word against the cops, and I think we all know how that would turn out.

    There should be no doubt as to why the police are distancing themselves more and more from the public they are sworn to protect. It is because they're scared; scared because when you treat people with the kind of contempt displayed by law enforcement these days, you can certainly expect that a few of those people might not have a problem putting them in their place, or in the ground.

  I have had enough interactions with law enforcement over many decades to come to the conclusion that there are three types of officers:

   1. A police officer will treat everybody equally, not form their opinion based on ones skin color or ethnic roots.  A police officer will allow you to explain your side of the story before making a decision of guilt, A police officer will treat you with proper respect according to your behavior.

   2. A cop will be dismissive of any reasons you give him that explain your actions if they don't agree with what he thinks you're up to, a cop will imagine he spots a license plate light broken, or a failure to use a signal when turning as an excuse to pull you over and interrogate you to satisfy his curiosity.

   3. A pig will base all of their opinions, judgements, and actions on one thing: the belief that they themselves are superior in society. With the exception of those that are like minded, the remainder of the population are scumbags that just haven't been caught yet. The superiority complex they harbor gives them the illusion that they are above the law. Disrespecting you is a deserved outcome. In their eyes your guilt is a foregone conclusion, and whether or not there is any evidence of misdeeds, they will not hesitate to accuse you of anything they believe. If they have to lie in a courtroom, or plant evidence at the scene, then so be it.  Because they know you've broken the law before and gotten away with it, so it's only fitting that you pay the price for it now.

   I believe that a police officer has an enormously difficult job that we should honor and appreciate. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the courage and bravery they strive to maintain while having to face danger and human suffering on a daily basis. In my eyes the men and women who can perform their duties without compromising their integrity and honor are nothing less than heroes and should be recognized as such.

   The vast amount of peace officers fall into the cops group. They seem to view wearing a badge as just a job and the methods used in performing the duties that are assigned them depends on however they feel that day, or if they had a fight with their spouse the night before, or if it's raining. The dedication that makes a police officer what they are seems to be lacking in cops.

    Finally we have the pig, Thank God they are the minority of this group. Unfortunately, for the others in law enforcement these assholes' actions are what people remember most about their encounters with law enforcement, thereby tainting the publics view on all police, and since the blue wall of silence forces all police to protect their own, the criminality of these pieces of crap goes unpunished, thereby reinforcing their bad behavior as legitimate in their screwed up way of thinking.

   Let us all pray that if we do become a police state we are policed by the police officers and not the pigs.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Heroes Come Through Again!

Yeeehaw!  Wahooo!  Yip yip yip yip yip!

   Let's hear it for those absolutely fantastic legislators we have in Washington D.C.! You remember, don't you? The ones that are representing us, the ones achieving great things in our name.

   Who would have thought that they would have the foresight to realize that over ninety percent of us were terribly mistaken about our desires on background checks for firearm purchases?

The U.S. Senate
   I just thank God almighty that these brave and fearless political soldiers have the keen understanding to see that what we all really wanted and dare I say, needed, was a continuation of the status quo, not more rules for us to follow.

   After all, why fix something that isn't broken?

   Yes, these national heroes have once again shown us that they possess the bravado needed to vacate the desires of those who elected them, and to replace it with the desires of those that have purchased them, for the good of our nation of course.

    Where would we be without the unending toil and sweat these benevolent Senators and Congressmen suffer through day after day, all in the name of protecting us, mostly from ourselves apparently.

    I believe that these selfless, honorable, and caring individuals should be recognized for the sheer courage it requires to publicly oppose anything that more than 9/10ths of everybody in the nation is in favor of.

   With only love and respect for us, these unselfish super-humans risked their career and integrity to insure that they would do whatever was needed to defeat this bill. Having only our best interest at heart, at a time that we thought that we knew what we wanted.  But, they wisely perceived our mistaken decision and without regard for their own safety, boldly voted down the legislation they knew was bad for us all.

   Though there were a few Democrats siding with them, the vast majority of glory and honor goes once again to the Republicans, who prove, over and over, that they know what's best for us, and they're not about to let anything stop them from demonstrating that belief on every possible occasion.

   We, as a nation, should show nothing but respect and admiration for the courageous display of patriotic behavior that these elected officials demonstrate daily. With such dedication on their part, I believe we should reward these champions of truth and justice for their actions.

    The banks and corporations have long recognized the value of these legislators, and so should we.

    So remember to say thank you to them on election day for making the world a safer place to live in.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lend Me Your Ear; and Your MInd.

   Where, oh where to begin?

   Since I receive an enormous ration of shit from those who will go unnamed ([#1 greatest son,] ALEXANDER G[reat]. DEELEY) anytime I bring up the possibility that an event or action might be the work of a number of entities with sinister intentions behind them, (i.e. a conspiracy), I have decided to separate these individual items into singular blogs for each one. Thereby focusing all attention to any evidence supporting that particular theory.

   It would seem to be true that those who are overly skeptical of anybody even referring to conspiracies tend to shut down anything resembling open-mindedness faster than a Republican sells his services (which is very fast).

    I will be the first one to admit that there are a multitude of theories making the rounds lately, and to be honest, I agree that many of them are baseless, full of conjecture, and just plain idiotic.

  That, however, should not dissuade anybody from taking the time and effort to find out for themselves if what is being suggested might be valid. Especially if it concerns our nation and its government. If it's valid, there will be proof and evidence available from reliable sources who have invested the time and effort to bring their theory forward. If it is not valid, it will be easily challenged and recognized as such.

   Keeping in mind that our government has, is, and will continue to lie to us shouldn't shock anyone. If it does, conspiracies are the least of your problems The agenda for those who would benefit from these particular conspiracies and cover-ups would most likely include a disinformation campaign to keep as many as possible from even questioning the situation.

   If you have any doubts regarding the willingness of our government to deceive its people for whatever reason, then there are plenty of examples over the years that prove they are more than capable of anything they deem worthwhile.

    If you need proof, look at the Bush Jr. administration and the incredible amount of lies and deception fed to us in order for them to achieve their agenda: invading Iraq.

    Where were the WMDs?

  Where was the help Saddam supposedly gave Osama Bin Laden?

   These were all lies, and they knew it going in, lies that cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars.

    Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the various other pieces of shit that made up that cabal had no  problem lying to us, and we ate it up.

    An even more recent example was the campaign of Mitt Romney and his GOP minions. If you think it was a coincidence that all the states that attempted to block voter turnout happened to have Republican controlled legislatures and Republican Governors, then you need to re-bury your head in the sand.

    The planning and execution of such an undertaking which, by the way, almost worked, could not have been possible without the cooperation and direction of a group intent on achieving their goal.

   In other words, a conspiracy.

   The world today is on shaky ground. Our nation has experienced things on a level never before known, the challenges we continue to face are daunting and difficult, with no clear answers to comfort us.

    The reason that I even blog about conspiracies is that I believe that if enough of us see what is really going on, and we keep our leaders doing their jobs, not what the banks and corporations tell them to do, that we might stand a chance of living in a country once again of the people, by the people, and for the people.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who Left The Outhouse Door Open?

   All right, I will admit that I just can't keep quiet about all the crap going on these days, and you will just have to see your way through the agonizing suffering I plan on bestowing to your oh-so-sensitive gray matter.

   From now on my blog will center on three main subjects:
  1. Politics
  2. Religion
  3. Conspiracies & Cover-ups
   I purposely picked these three because every so often one person or another might have a slightly different opinion than mine and this way I can easily show them where they are mistaken.

   It grieves me horribly to witness others wandering aimlessly through life, without the knowledge and wisdom that I can enlighten their pathetic existences with. I ask nothing in return, except perhaps that when you finally understand that everything I say is correct and that up to now, your life hasn't really been worth living, that you might reach out to those still living a life of misery and show them that just by reading my blog, their lives will suddenly be filled with the same magic and satisfaction that you have received.

   You don't have to worry about my advice overwhelming your senses. I realize that up to now, the only information available to you has been tainted. But fear not, if you make a concerted effort to study my postings daily, and re-read them often.

   Then, before you know it, you will agree with everything I say. And at that moment, you will feel the bliss and joy that comes with always being right!

    Once you recognize this epiphany in your life, you must take serious precautions to remain humble as I do, although I understand your feelings of elitism at this point, any actions of superiority displayed by you will create doubt in the minds of the unenlightened and diminish their acceptance of your brilliance.

   So keep reading my blog daily, and submitting your comments regarding the masterful way I think and write, and I promise to always be moderately sincere.