Thursday, February 28, 2013


   Those who know me might be somewhat startled that I would wish an type of blessings on the GOP. As far back as Daddy Bush I have assumed the role of a politically independent individual.
Previous to that my allegiance was to the Republican party , although my participation was minimal at best.
I liked Reagan because he's an easy guy to like , handsome movie star politicians  were unique back then , and Jimmy Carters only entertaining quality was his brother Billy.

   It wasn't any particular thing daddy Bush did to persuade me away from the Republican party , it was more a combination of deceitful actions, broken promises, and out and out lies that opened my eyes to the truth of what values the GOP holds dear.

   I liked Bill Clinton a lot too , movie star looks and way of orating that made you feel as if what you thought really did matter , which of course it didn't.

   Then you come to the administration of what I believe will go down in history as the most embarrassing , corrupt , and anti-American Presidency to date , our buddy Junior Bush.

   Junior , along with fellow traitors such as Dick (how fitting) Cheney, Karl Rove , Rumsfeld , Wolfawitz , Rice , Clarke , Sununu , etc. , etc.,  etc. , were the proverbial icing on the cake for me to see what the GOP really represented , which by this time was obviously not the American people , at least not those who had annual incomes with less than seven digits , not including the decimal point.

   This kabal of treacherous thieves got to work immediately by first stealing a rigged election and began formulating any methods they could to legitimize invading Iraq . After getting intelligence about an impending attack on the World trade center , they went the extra mile to insure that this event , unlike the previous attempt to destroy the towers , would be so horrific that convincing the American public that the only way to safety was through their leadership , and God help any unpatriotic sleazebag that didn't fall in line.

   With virtually unlimited presidential powers , this administration set forth to force upon not only the American public , but the entire planet , their dark agenda , regardless of the effects on those they were sworn to protect , and the Constitution they were sworn to uphold.

   During the 8 year despot-like reign of these thugs , 2 wars were started , deregulation of businesses that would soon nearly melt down the world economy and rob millions of people of their retirement funds , and drain every ounce of world prestige this great country possessed.

   I found myself so infuriated and frustrated by these criminals , that I literally could not stand seeing them on television , if their image appeared on the screen I would immediately change the channel.

   It was toward the end of Juniors 2nd term that I began to have hope , not because of a new election , although that helped , no , I began having hope when Bush's arrogance was so outrageous that his actions even pissed of his own party , at that point it split into factions what those behind the scenes spent 30 years building , a powerhouse party.

   That brings us up to today , the GOP has yet to consolidate it's members and the evidence is obvious , Mitt Romney was a joke , and Karl Roves attempt at vote rigging like he previously did , was thwarted by the Anonymous group, leaving hundreds of millions of dollars going for NOTHING !

   The tactics employed , the lies blatantly professed , the facts massively ignored , the deception so effortlessly embraced , the hostility toward a womans rights over her own body ,their anti-science attitude , the list goes on and on and on .

   All these things have made the GOP an impotent , splintered  , squabbling group of individuals who can only retain any power because of jerry-mandered voting districts , and whose only legislative priorities are to protect the elite , and to block all legislationthe Democrats introduce,

   It's this abundant disclosure of their true inner  beliefs, that are apparent for all Americans to see and understand , contrary to their belief that we are all stupid , that I thank todays GOP , and may God bless them on their journey to oblivion.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013



   I  hereby swear by almighty God , that I , without a doubt , having no reservations , and affirming to be 100% true, declare here in writing, for all to witness that I absolutely , positively , and completely , HATE people talking on cell phones while driving.

   Now I don't like to use the word "hate" casually , as a matter of fact in my day to day existence , I will occasionally say that I hate something , and then immediately chastise myself for such negative thinking.
But let me assure you , when I am sitting behind another vehicle who hasn't caught on that that light that turned green 8 seconds ago was meant for us , or that individual going 50 MPH in the fast lane , or the lovely person who forgot how to make a right turn , or the driver who's hands are to full to signal a lane change , or the lost soul doing 3 MPH while trying to figure what street they need to turn on , when I encounter any of these , shall we say , folks , and I can plainly see their hand pressing that little electronic widowmaker against the side of their apparently empty head , all the time believing incorrectly , that they possess the skill and talent to jabber away to somebody , while attempting to navigate a 3000 lb. motorized murder machine, right at that very moment is when HATE enters my thought pattern.

    Actually , at that point hate is a rather mild description of my disposition , in reality some would say it looked as if Satan himself had materialized suddenly , and was bringing forth the pent up fury reserved for the end of days. Now , anyone who knows me , knows that I am a very passive person , slow to anger , and very forgiving , but accept this as fairwarning , if your driving while yapping somehow gets me killed in a wreck , I will relentlessly haunt you forever..........................................I'M JUST SAYING................................................


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


   This is my very first blog , so please be patient with me as I learn the in and outs
   If you are unfamiliar with my written comments from my Facebook site , then let me prepare you of your forthcoming adventure involving my charming , witty , and sometimes edgy opinions.

   All of my opinions are correct and have been verified by myself to insure accuracy.

   If for some reason your opinion should differ from mine on any particular topic , then please inform me at
once so I can show you the most immediate way to change your thinking so that it reflects the proper
opinion , which of course is mine.

   I believe that as you soak in the perpetual perfection precisely presented per promises previously put forth,
that you will have to agree that in comparison to my opinions , yours are not really very well thought out ,
and probably should be discretely abandoned so that you may open your previously diluted brain to the
realization that everything you knew was wrong , and everything I say is right. Then you will find yourself
suddenly agreeing with me about everything I say.

   At first you will probably be angry because nobody told you that I'm always right , and instead of thinking
wrong all the time , you could have asked me , and then you would always be right. But hey , don't be mad ,
at least you can fix yourself now , just think of the unfortunate people that will never meet me.

   So subscribe to my blog if being correct is important to you , and I will do my best in the future to tell you
what you are thinking.

   Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading my  blog as much as I enjoy writing it.