Monday, July 15, 2013

The Goofy Old Pinheads (humor)

   I had fun giving captions to various animal photos in a previous blog so I thought I would try it out with some political figures that nauseate me. Enjoy, and please comment and subscribe.

Even the wizard knew these losers were out of luck

Which one of these suitors would the princess choose
for the lunatic ball?

I'm sexy and I know it


Three more made up scandals and I'll get the matching tiara 


 Why won't anybody ever play with me?

    Dammit, do I go to market?
Do I stay home? should I have roast beef? Should I have none? I think I'll just wee wee wee all the way home.


I think I just pooped my pants


   This is my happy face you idiot

   Like I said, it's five dollars for a hand job, ten for oral, and twenty for the works

 The two best words to describe me are ass and hole

   Yeah high school was hard, maybe the hardest seven years of my life


I don't really know, one day I had a brain and the next day I didn't