Friday, February 7, 2014


   Because the GOP/Tea Party has an attitude that women are somehow inferior to men it is not at all surprising that the more intelligent women flock to the Democrat/Liberal Party. Leaving the gene pool of Conservative female candidate choices somewhat shallow.

   Though the GOP/Tea Party continues their ongoing "war on women" in earnest they do know that they must give the impression that they are a fully integrated party if they hope to garner any female voter support nationwide.

   The ability to enlist supporters who willingly vote for things opposed to their own self interests has been a cornerstone in the Conservative party.

   The Corporate elite that direct todays GOP have methodically plotted and planned their diabolical agenda with great care in order to facilitate their rise to power and ultimate control of Americas political process. But just as their minimum amount of minority members are pathetically flawed examples so too are the women they have representing them.

   And on the opposite side of the fence we have the women of the Democratic/Liberal/Progressive party. An amazingly brilliant group of committed women who possess the desire to see America once again become the nation it was meant to be. A nation of people caring for one another. A nation of opportunity for all. A nation setting a bright example for the world to see.

And with that I now present you with the choices offered by both sides. You decide who is best.

               The Ladies of the left.

             The Conservatives offering

         Seems like a simple choice to me.

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