Sunday, May 26, 2013

To Those Who Gave All For America, Thank You

   Memorial day is a time that all Americans reflect back on those men and women who have sacrificed themselves in the service to us and our great nation. I can think of no thing more honorable or special to write about than a tribute to the heroes of America.

   In the 18th century we fought America's first war, the War of Independence. America was born from that unlikely success we enjoyed way back then, when states didn't exist yet, only colonies loosely united. But even back 237 years ago when its people were being treated with contempt and disdain, those early Americans rose up and went forth in the face of overwhelming odds to defend this land and its people against the tyranny being imposed on it by a ruler an ocean away.

   Thousands gave their lives way back then so that their children and their childrens children would be able to live in a land of freedom. We had forefathers who had the insight and wisdom to provide us with a road map for democracy, the Constitution and the Bill of rights, perhaps the most important documents ever written. Those revolutionary soldiers set the standard of what Americas military would become, a proud professional force whose courage and honor could not be surpassed, and whose strength on the field of battle would become legendary.

   In the first half of the 19th century the military proved it's abilities in two major conflicts, the war of 1812 and the Mexican American war. In 1861 our great nation faced its worst nightmare, a civil war. The American civil war threatened to tear the United States apart forever, and although it began as a war for states rights, its ultimate cause would be for the enforcement of that which is written in our Constitution, that "all men are created equal."

   The civil war succeeded in putting right a situation that shamed America, abolishing slavery. The civil war cost over 600,000 American lives, by far more than all other wars combined to that point in time, but it also brought a new beginning to these still United States of America. We ended the 19th century with the Spanish American war, where we established our military reach virtually around the world. Early in the 20th century America was quickly becoming an industrial giant and its influence in world affairs growing. Beginning in 1914 European nations entered war with each other that would eventually draw in most of the world.

   Although The United States attempted to keep itself isolated from the conflict, we too were drawn into battle. By having our brave fighting men entering what was called the "war to end all wars", the gridlock was broken and the Americans and their allies were the victors in what would be known as World War I. This was a turning point for Americas military, we had gone abroad in the defense of other nations right to freedom.

   Twenty one years later the European nations again found themselves at war with each other, and we again attempted to stay removed from their conflict. However over the next 2 years it was becoming more and more apparent that the only way this new war would end with the worlds freedom intact would be for the United States to once again enter the fray. While our nation was debating on whether or not to become involved, the decision was made for us on December 7, 1941. That day Japan attacked our Pacific fleet in Pearl harbor and decimated our battleships, it had also attacked our military bases throughout the Pacific. The next day we declared war on Japan, a short time later Japans allies, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.

   Once again the entire world was at war with each other, and once again the brave men and women of America stood up and took their place in the defense of freedom. For four years the might of the American military fought battles worldwide and in 1945 became the victors over tyranny. That massive war cost over half a million American lives, lives sacrificed on foreign soil in the name of freedom. Just 5 years later we again found ourselves engulfed in a conflict in Korea that would claim thousands of American lives. In the 1960's and 70's the Vietnam war would cost over 50,000 brave Americans their lives.

    Through the 1980's and 90's Americas military answered the call to battle and did their duty without question. Here in the 21st century Americas fighting men and women have again been sent to foreign lands and again have given their all while representing this nation. All throughout the history of our great nation the bravery and honor of the men and women of Americas military have gone unquestioned, and their integrity and strength are unequaled in the world today.

   To the countless number of those American heroes who gave their lives, and the families that lost them, we owe our undying gratitude and thanks, for without their great sacrifices we would not have a United States of America, and the world would be a much different place. So be grateful everyday, but be especially grateful today, and say a prayer of thanks to the ones who made freedom possible for us all. May God bless America, and the brave men and women who protect it every day.   

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Thank You, President Obama -- I Really, Really Needed That

   Thank you Mr. President, you have brought back in me something that I feared was mortally wounded and would cease to exist in a very short while, something that I had held onto for all my life, something I took for granted until one day when a part of it got stolen from me

    Then for a long, long time people would come to me and say that they were my friends and that they wouldn't let anybody else steal anymore of it from me, but when I went to bed they would come by and steal little pieces of it from me while I was asleep, thinking that maybe I wouldn't notice it missing.

    After a while I really started to miss it and I wanted it back, so I asked these people who said that they were my friends, "Can I please have it back? I didn't know how much I loved it and now I really, really need it back." These people told me that, yes, I could have it back, but that I would have to wait a little while to get it because it wasn't safe for them to give it to me just yet. I was so happy to know that I was getting it back that I just said thank you, thank you so much,

   I know you'll try hard to make sure I get it back. And so I waited, but pretty soon I noticed that every morning when I woke up someone had taken a little more of it while I slept.

    Now it had been 8 years since it first started getting stolen from me and all I had left of it was a very, very small piece about the size of a grain of sand. I remember thinking, why should I even keep this, it;s not good for anything, and then I saw some people on TV saying that they had lot's of it, and if I would make them my friends that they would give me all I wanted of it.

  I thought that yes, I will make them my friends, but then the other people said that if I make them my friends then I would never be safe and that someone would come and steal my last piece of it I had. I didn't care, what good was one piece anyway, the man on TV didn't look like any of my other friends, but I asked him to be my friend anyway.

    Well after having to fight with the other people, he came to me and said yes, I will be your new friend now and as I promised you, here is a big bag of it, and don't worry, I'll get you the rest of what I promised you very soon. I was in heaven, I had a big bag of it and I was as happy as could be. I started using it right away and it was wonderful, I didn't know how much I missed it, pretty soon I noticed that I had used a lot of it up and I needed more, when I asked my new friend for it he said all the trucks were breaking down and there wasn't anymore to give me, but if I would give him time that he would be sure to give me more.

   I said OK, I will wait some more, but inside all I could think of was how those other people said they were my friends and all they ever did was steal more and more of it from me

    I now had used up almost all of it that he gave me before and I was going to just throw away the little bit I had left, when I saw my friend back on the TV, he didn't look or act the same, my friend started sounding like he used to, he said a lot of the trucks were still broken, but he had a huge supply of it and that I and everyone else can come and get all they can carry.  He said he had enough of it now so we will never run out again.

    President Obama has done something unheard of in modern times. He has told the nation that it is time to quit calling it a "War on terror" and that we need to retract the special powers given to a President in wartime.

    Who of you could possibly see any GOP President doing that?

    Obama has re-asserted his desire to close Guantanamo Bay and either send home its inmates or give them judicial recourse. He is stepping up to the plate and doing the things that will ensure him a place in history as one of our greatest presidents.

   He is showing the character and honor of the man I saw campaigning in 2007. And the thing that he gave me back was "HOPE," and I sure feel better because of it.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's Time To Start Treating Our Veterans Right

   If I'm walking down the street and witness four or five younger guys harassing and being physical with an elderly lady or man, I know that I would intervene and somehow get them to stop their atrocious behavior. If I saw a man beating a woman I again would attempt to prevent it from continuing. If a child was being mauled by two or three dogs I wouldn't hesitate to rescue that child.

   These three scenarios I've just listed have a common theme, in all of them my intervention has the very likely possibility that even if I were to be successful in halting the violence being dispensed, that I would soon discover that the violence hadn't stopped, it just changed it's focus point to me instead. Nobody wants to be put into a situation like that, where you know it's your moral duty to help the victim involved at the same time you're realizing that you could be the next victim yourself.

   That is called putting yourself in harms way. If you happen to be the victim being rescued then whoever that person doing the rescuing is in your eyes a true hero and surely has your eternal gratitude and good wishes. There is no real difference between what I have just described and that which the men and women of our military do every day.

   These soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines put themselves in harms way for us every time we ask them to. They intercede on our behalf to face and combat the forces that wish us and our nation harm. These brave people are no less heroic than the ones who personally rescue you. With the war in Iraq declared ended and the war in Afghanistan winding down we are beginning to have large numbers of military personnel returning home, some of these heroes have suffered terrible physical damage and should be treated to only the best medical care that can be found.

   But there remains many, many more that are suffering wounds that aren't visible to the naked eye, they are being tortured by the things they have witnessed, and the things one needs to do in war. Things that we cannot bear to think about are the things these people live with in their memories every single day.

    When I watched the tragedy of the Sandy Hook shootings unfold on the news all I could do was cry. Every time I saw anything about that horrible event my heart would break and my tears would flow. To this day it causes me pain to just think of the suffering being endured by the loved ones of those young victims.

    How much more so for those on the front lines in war, the slaughter of thousands of innocents who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The enemy our troops fought were very willing to kill and maim their own people for any opportunity with which to also kill Americans.

   Would you want to see the results of a car bomb going off in a busy market place? Seeing arms, legs, and heads lying around you that only moments earlier had been attached to women, children, and babies. God forbid us from ever having to view that scene, and yet, that is what many of our returning military were subjected to all the time. These things have a mental effect on anybody and they do take their toll in time.

   You aren't going to hear anyone saying that they're having problems because they witnessed a bus load of people getting ripped apart by an I.E.D., or that they can't shake the guilt of having to shoot a 9 year old suicide bomber running toward them.They don't talk about these things, they keep them inside because they know how horrible they sound.

    We as a nation have an obligation to these heroes that have gone into harms way on our behalf, we owe them a debt of gratitude so large that it is unlikely we could ever fulfill it. But instead of coming home and finding themselves the recipients of all that a grateful country can give, the only things they experience are the chaotic mismanagement of disability claims, the chronic unemployment problem, and the slashing of funding for veterans programs.

    Shame on us! Shame on us all! Our countries leaders who seemed to have no problems with sending these people into harms way now seem to have trouble delivering what was promised to these brave Americans.

   It would appear as though the Congressmen and Senators of the United States of America feel that their priorities are best suited in the continued squabbling and bickering being performed for the last four years instead of doing the job we sent them to do, looking out for the welfare of the American public. This bullshit has to stop, it's bad enough that we civilians have to endure the repercussions of our legislators partisanship nightmare, but subjecting our returning veterans to it's collateral fallout is an outrage that none of us should tolerate.

    Whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent makes absolutely no difference, we are all Americans and as such it is our duty to insure that we do right by our military vets. Giving anything less than the very best possible to these people is unacceptable and we need to tell those representing us in Washington that if they are incapable of doing so, then we will gladly replace them.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hate Me Or Love Me, You Need To Read This

   Obviously you are interested enough in what I'm saying to now be reading this current posting. Kudos to you, either you want to know more about my view of our current political climate, or you are just here to gather more reasons for which to hate me and my criticisms.

   Regardless of your reason for perusing my latest episode of running at the mouth, I do commend you for having the intelligence to at least look at my presentation, not that reading what I say shows any particular intellectual genius, it just show's that you are wise enough to keep an open mind to other sides of an issue, and that is a seemingly shrinking quality amongst our fellow Americans these days.

   I am an admitted liberal, I happen to hold views that both parties profess as their core philosophy. For instance, I believe that abortion is wrong, at the same time I feel a woman has the right to determine her own situation regarding her health and all it implies. I believe fervently in the second amendment. but I can't see how background checks for firearm purchases threatens us, there are hundreds of millions of guns already in the hands of regular Americans, my guess would be that a well armed citizenry is not on the endangered species list. There are many crossover issues I believe in so I'm not comfortable calling myself a Republican or a Democrat,

   I can only assume that there are many others like me who don't see an issue as either black or white, but as somewhere between those two extremes. For whatever reason, it would appear that being a moderate these days is akin to being a leper in times long past. No matter what I rant on about I get flak for my position, especially from two of my sons, one would hold that my professing of my belief that a particular political parties actions constituted a conspiracy that undermines all this nation holds dear was nothing but a delusional episode I was experiencing, while the other would criticize me for being naive because I failed to see that the entire system is corrupt beyond redemption.

   I hold fast to my beliefs, that there is good and bad in all things and that very little exists in life that can be labeled as just black or just white. For more than 237 years America has been governed by the rule of law, those laws originated from a system purposefully designed to rely on moderation and compromise. In spite of ourselves we have not only survived as a nation for this long, but have long been recognized as the desired role model for the rest of the planet because we have abided by that system our forefathers had the insight to install into our Constitution.

    At the present time in our history we seem to be in the midst of a political crisis that threatens not just the American people, but of the entire worlds inhabitants. Ever since 9/11/2001 the powers that be have been chipping away at the constitutional rights that have made this country what it was. The people who decide such things have sworn that all these procedures were needed in order to keep us safe and secure. Well with 12 years of war behind us does anybody feel any safer? How about having illegal random traffic stops so the police can interrogate "SUSPICIOUS" persons, does that make you feel more secure?

   How much safer does it make us to have surveillance cameras watching us our every waking moment? Perhaps getting a nice greeting with your pat down at the airport gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Just think of how safe and secure we would be if we could live in a big building with locked doors and armed guards that would keep all the bad people from getting to us, now that would be safe.

    Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers have been culpable in legislation that continues to marginalize the American citizen, it is at are own peril that we allow this behavior to continue. I frequently blast the GOP for their anti-American tactics lately not because I believe the Democrats are so altruistic and guilt free of wrong doing, but because the GOP has become a runaway train, and like a speeding train with no one at the controls, it does not care about how much carnage and destruction lies ahead, it just keeps speeding up.

    Our current system is obviously flawed, but as American citizens it is our patriotic duty to right what has been wronged, to reset the game and put back in place the principles that first guided us as a new nation. The ONLY way to accomplish that is to raise our voices and protest the way the GOP is obstructing legislative progress, to protest our President approving documents that further curtail our constitutional rights, to end these ridiculous witch hunts, and to stop the squabbling and bickering being done in the Congress and the Senate.

    Our elected representatives need to be forcefully reminded that they work for us, not the banks, not the corporations, not special interest groups, but for us, the American public, and if they can't do that then they need to be replaced with those that will represent ALL of the people.

    Abraham Lincoln said that this country will only survive if we have a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". It is as true today as it was 150 years ago, and if we don't fix this problem soon, then I believe it won't be long until it is too late to fix anything.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Placing Blame Where It Belongs

   I am a firm believer that if a person is wrong then they should openly confess it. So I am now admitting that I was incredibly wrong on a previous blog that I posted and am here to state that I will try my best to not repeat this error of mine in any future postings.

   So what was it that I was so wrong about?

   Recently I made an appeal to the public at large that the various accusations I attribute to the GOP are by and large aimed at those that are in command of the Republican machine, holding their political followers relatively innocent of wrong doing. However, lately I have been visiting many conservative web sites just to keep abreast at just what concerns the modern Republicans hold most central. I could not believe the hate mongering going on there, it was like an electronic orgy of vigilantes whose only hope for satisfaction would be to lynch Obama.

   This wasn't isolated to only one site, it was permeating all of them, the message they were ALL sending was crystal clear, HATE, they HATE Obama, they HATE Clinton, they HATE all Democrats, these bloodthirsty backwards bastards even HATE John Boehner, and he's a Republican. In stark contrast when I visit liberal web sites I see very little GOP bashing, mostly what is represented are peoples sincere desires for progress in this country, desires like having all our political leaders working together to repair what's broken in America, repairs done by a Congress and Senate in a bi-partisan relationship, not legislators that won't even speak of bi-partisan agreements because they cowardly fear the responses of their voter base.

    In plain view of anybody who bothers watching, these GOP leaders do absolutely nothing to improve this nations situation. As if that weren't bad enough these corrupt robots willingly spew out the latest party line on cue, you can count on one hand the number of Republican lawmakers that have the balls to follow their consciences and do the right thing, the rest of them will only take action when their Lords and masters, the big banks and big business instruct them to.

    Recently there were issues concerning Benghazi and the IRS, were these issues being approached in a manner to find out the truth of their origins, hell no, the GOP  jumped on these news items like a hobo on a ham sandwich, their goal? Not the truth, they don't give a shit about that, what these puppets wanted was to convince everybody possible that the White House and it's current resident are pure evil and that they surely were behind such horrible acts.

    Whatever the agenda is that they deem this behavior of theirs is warranted and valid, the behavior of their followers is worse. It's worse because one of two things is taking place, they are either willing to look past all the traitorous actions being done because their hate for Obama is stronger than their love for America, or they are so incredibly ignorant that what is happening around them goes unnoticed and they simply believe the lies, not their eyes. So yes you die hard Republicans, I do find you at fault for the shape this nation is in, if it weren't for your arrogant self righteous attitude that keeps what little grey matter you possess from accepting the reality that what you are a part of is an out of control broken down party whose desperation is doing serious damage to America and threatens the well being of the entire planet, then maybe you would be able to see that those who swore to represent you and your beliefs are just pawns to the elite class whose concerns about your welfare do not exist. If you could see past your bigoted hatred you might recognize that this ship is sinking and oh by the way, it's taking us all down.

   Because you give these GOP lawmakers an open pass to engage in any and all destructive behavior in order to prove your hatred at any cost instead of holding them to an oath they all swore to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America, I hold you all guilty.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Benghazi Update From FOX News (satire)

   FOX NEWS ALERT UPDATE: As promised, Fox news will continue reporting on the Benghazi story until something incriminating President Obama or Former Secretary of State Clinton is found or produced.

    The people at Fox News have spared no expense in the hiring of numerous anonymous sources in order to bring to the American public the message that Fox News believes they should hear.

   Fox News owner and CEO, Rupert Murdoch has reportedly authorized whatever money it takes to ensure the proper results be attained in Benghazi.

    In a gesture that can only be described as patriotic Americanism, the Koch brothers, Donald Trump, and Karl Rove have all pledged to donate sizable amounts of cash to anybody that comes forward to implicate Obama and Clinton in the Benghazi debacle. Evidently interviews are currently being held and it is reported that a suitable anonymous witness will soon be available for testimony to prove that Obama and Clinton were totally complicit in what took place.

   Fox News analysts have also developed stories tying the President to the subversive use of the Internal Revenue Service in not only delaying the granting of tax exempt status for many Republican non-political action groups, but has also encouraged them to investigate those same non-political Republican groups.

   The GOP spokesman Fox news consulted on this matter stated that these type of tactics being employed show just how desperate the Democrats have become, they know were going to mop up the floor with them in 2014 and again in 2016 so they're running scared and doing everything possible to stop our progress. The suggestion that these non-political Republican action groups would attempt getting tax exempt status so that their donors could write off contributions to them is an insult to the honesty and integrity that the GOP has shown it had possessed in the past. The spokesman went on to say that the GOP won't demand a full scale investigation of these alleged IRS wrong doings because it is quite obvious there is nothing to hide and that the GOP was willing to let bygones be bygones in order to address more serious matters at hand.

   When asked about his opinion on the matter ex-vice president Dick Cheney said "I don't know about any of that crap, but what happened in Benghazi was the most horrible thing I've ever seen". He went on to say that while he was growing up during the civil war that the atrocities he witnessed were indeed horrendous, but nothing in comparison to the sheer carnage of Benghazi. Cheney added that even during world wars 1 & 2 the levels of inhumanity didn't compare to that of Benghazi, he said Benghazi made Korea and Viet Nam look like a summer beach party.

    In an interview with Fox news Cheney was joined by ex-secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld in condemning the White House for lying to the nation, and demanded that Obama and Clinton take full responsibility for their actions. Rumsfeld was further quoted as stating "if somebody lies and deceives you once, then you can bet that they will lie to you all the time. Trust me, I know about these things". Fox news will continue monitoring this story and bring you updates as they happen.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hillary is not shy (satire)

   The scene is that we are in Heaven, observing God having a conversation with Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., and Hillary Clinton. One by one, God queries the three of them.

God: So Bill, tell me what you most believe?
Bill Clinton: Well Lord, I believe that each of us was put on Earth for a special reason, I believe that special reason for me was to travel the world uniting people from all countries to act as one and end war and hunger and poverty so that we may all live in peace.
God: Very good Bill, those are noble and honorable beliefs, take a seat here on my right.

God: George, tell me what you most believe?
George Bush Jr. Well you see God, I believe that we need a strong America to keep all our citizens safe and to be the protector of the world's people.

God: Very nice George, you may sit here on my left.

God: So Hillary, tell me what you most believe.?

Hillary Clinton: I believe you're sitting in my chair.


The GOP Is Ten Times Worse Than It Was

  1. The war in Iraq was ten times worse than World War II.
  2. The Boston bombing was ten times worse than 9/11/01. 
  3. The L.A. riots were ten times worse than the U,S. civil war. 
  4. The Benghazi cover up is ten times worse than Watergate. 

   What do these statements all have in common?

   Well, if you are the proud owner of a brain that functions as it should then you will quickly realize that all four of these claims are full of shit. The absurdity that whatever occurred in Benghazi was ten times worse than the Watergate scandal is the pinnacle of propaganda. The lies and half-truths being presented as facts by the Republican representatives investigating the Benghazi incident are worded to sound as if proof was discovered and evidence of a diabolical cover up existed.

   But if you listen closely to these political spin masters you will notice that they do not have any evidence of Obama or Clinton's supposed wrong-doing; instead, they spew out conjecture and accusations designed specifically to confuse people into believing that they possess the proof that Obama and Clinton were complicit in a grand cover up attempt.

   Just when I thought the GOP couldn't surprise me anymore with the kind of bullshit they are more than willing to engage in and the outrageous butchering of the truth they seem to be so adept at, they come up with this crap and once again they do surprise me at their willingness to sink to any level needed to keep their message of hate alive. They claimed that the Benghazi incident is worse than Watergate and the Iran/Contra scandal combined, 10 times worse!

   Are they f***ing kidding?

   Let's do a little history lesson. The Iran/Contra scandal involved a covert operation by the CIA with the full support and backing from the Reagan White House, the Congress had specifically passed laws banning our government from arming and equipping the Contra rebel army, the CIA then circumvented the Congresses mandate by secretly selling weapons to Iran and funneling the money to the contras, again secretly. This was done covertly because they were breaking the very laws that were passed to prevent this happening. A very GOP type of operation.

   In 2003 GOP President Bush and his evil posse manipulated evidence, withheld intelligence, and knowingly lied to and deceived the American public in order to invade Iraq, an agenda they desperately wanted to fulfill. The cost of that agenda item was TRILLIONS of dollars, 1,000,000 Iraqi lives, over 4,000 American lives, and ongoing instability and conflict throughout the region.

    In the early 1970's the GOP conducted break-ins at various places in order to steal documents for their efforts in smear campaigns. They broke into the headquarters of the Democratic Party to find out their plans for the 1972 elections. The DNC had offices in the Watergate Towers in DC, thus the name.

The Nixon White House also used the FBI illegally to bug what it called its enemies. It again illegally used the IRS to harass specific targets that the GOP deemed enemies. The President at the time, Richard Nixon was proven complicit in an enormous cover up plot and only escaped impeachment by resigning his office. Some of the guilty were sentenced to prison, but Nixon got conveniently pardoned by the new (GOP) President, Gerald Ford.

 Now what the GOP is claiming is that Obama and Clinton knew that the attacks in Benghazi were done by terrorists and decided to cover up that information because they feared it would cost them reelection in 2012.

 Once again, are they f***ing kidding me?

   The desperation so obviously witnessed in the GOP's actions would be hilariously amusing if it weren't for one thing. In their all out effort to thwart any positive reflections on the Obama Presidency the GOP is willing to take any measures it deems are needed, and if those measures result in damage to this nation or its citizens then so be it. The GOP is damaged goods and has become a real threat to the well being of America, if it is allowed to continue dragging this nation into the abyss then we are all going to suffer.

  Todays  GOP is the thing that is ten times worse than  ever came before it, their arrogant disregard of the truth, their belligerent refusal to be bi-partisan on all legislation, and their utter contempt of the people they took an oath to represent puts them in a unique place in history as the worst political party that ever was.


Monday, May 13, 2013

The UFO Controversy Put Into Perspective

   First off, clear your mind of any thoughts.

   Okay, are you ready?

   Imagine you are at the beach. Any beach, anywhere. You reach down and pick up a handful of sand. How many grains of sand do you think you have in your hand?


   Alright, so now you fill up a bucket with sand. How many grains do you have now?


   Now, how many grains of sand are on that whole beach?


   Let's just say that there are quite a few grains of sand present.

   Okay, now how many beaches are there on this planet? Once again, let it suffice to say that there are lots and lots of them. So, how many grains of sand do you think there are on all the world's beaches combined?

    These are unfathomable numbers, our brains are incapable of conceiving such astounding amounts, however with that in mind, consider this: there are more stars in our universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in all the world.

   Our star, the Sun, has eight planets rotating around it. So, how many other planets do you think this universe contains?

   Now let's try to figure out if life might exist anywhere else in this vastness.

    Let's say that conditions needed for life as we know it exist on only 1 in every 1,000,000,000 solar systems. Then let's say that the time needed for evolution to take hold to form the most basic single cell organisms has only happened on 1 in every 1,000,000,000 planets. and let's go on to say that all the things needed for the development of intelligent life were present in only 1 in 1,000,000,000 of those planets. That still leaves billions upon billions of planets that could have intelligent life on them. We would have to be about the most arrogant things ever created to think we are the only intelligent life in this universe.

   Life has existed on Earth for approximately 3,000,000,000 years. Human beings have been around for about 1,000,000 years or so. If you consider our linked lineage. The written history of man goes back a little over 5000 years. In that 5000 years we have gone from hunter-gatherers to people that can land a man on the moon.

   So what will we accomplish in the next hundred years? How about the next thousand years? How about in ten thousand years? How advanced would a race of beings be if they were a million years ahead of us in the evolutionary process?

   As much as society dismisses people for believing in alien visitors to this planet, if you consider the sheer odds of its likelihood, it doesn't seem so preposterous.

   Why wouldn't an advanced race want to study us? We send probes throughout the cosmos to investigate what's out there. We build huge telescopes to look and see what we can find; why wouldn't they be just as curious?

    There have been tens of thousands of people reporting that they witnessed UFOs in the skies, are they all nuts? Maybe they're all hoaxers just pulling a prank. Every one of them doesn't have to be believed, but if only one of them really did see an alien craft then that would mean that they do exist. Just one.

    It's very easy to see why the government would want to cover up such a thing, how are they going to supposedly protect us from a race so incredibly advanced? They can't. So instead they cover up any knowledge of it and start a campaign to discredit believers as lunatics and psychotic. Anybody reporting seeing a UFO is ridiculed and humiliated by their peers and society in general. 

   I believe that extra-terrestrials exist and are present on this planet, I don't know what agenda they might have, but I certainly hope it's peaceful. You can call me an idiot for believing if you like, but after contemplating the odds I showed you earlier you still think that alien visitation is impossible, then I believe you'll find the biggest fool in the mirror.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Want To Know What Really Happened In Benghazi? (satire)


   In an unprecedented statement made on Fox News today, an unnamed source has revealed the fact that President Obama was directly responsible for the attacks on our embassy in Benghazi that ended up with the killing of four Americans. Fox News stated that their source requested complete anonymity for obvious reasons. Fox News is in the process of confirming this information with other anonymous sources it depends on and said that if they hear anything at all that they will alert us at once.

   Their current anonymous source reported that not only did Obama and Clinton know about the attack in Benghazi, but they were the ones responsible for it.

    The source said that they had heard that Obama and Clinton were so upset with the Muslim community for taking up so much of their time that, "a little payback's was in order." With that, they set out to devise a way to piss off the Muslims as much as the Muslims had pissed them off.

   President Obama called a secret meeting with his entire cabinet and the idea was proposed to make a movie depicting Muhammad in a compromising position, thereby inflaming the Muslims. It was agreed that a movie was to be secretly produced and posted to the web so all the Muslims would be sure to see it.

    It was rumored that when the possibility of attacks on our embassies and people were mentioned that Obama said "don't worry, they're big boys, they can handle it", and with Hillary and the rest of his cabinet agreeing, the plan was set in motion.

   The anonymous Fox News source reported that somebody who sounded "kind of Russian" had told him when the movie was posted online that Obama and his staff went into the situation room to watch the outrage begin worldwide. Evidently they were laughing and dancing on the tables as they witnessed Muslims all over the planet become outraged over this treatment of their sacred prophet, Hillary was said to have stated "Screw those camel-jockeys!  Serves them right!"

   They were all laughing and drinking when suddenly it was reported that the American embassy in Benghazi was attacked and that four people were murdered, including the Ambassador. The President reportedly said, "Oh, shit.  What a buzz kill."  Then, one by one, made everybody in the room swear that they wouldn't mention a word about who did this. After everyone promised to keep quiet the President told everyone to go home and just act normally.

   After the story of the embassy attack went worldwide the press naturally wanted a statement from the White House on the details of the attack. Obama and Secretary Clinton decided to have someone that wasn't aware of their involvement be the spokesperson that would appear on all the Sunday morning news shows. That person ended up being Ambassador Rice. She was given a statement to read saying that we don't know what took place, but were going to find out.

   This cunning plan would have come off without a hitch if it wasn't for those brilliant Republican Congressmen who with keen senses and amazing insight knew that there was more to this story.

    The way that the Republican lawmakers so selflessly put aside all the current legislation they had been filibustering in order to devote all of their valuable time into combing though and dissecting every minute particle of this event just so the American people could have the full explanation of what had happened in Benghazi made you proud to be called an American.

   Though they tirelessly sifted through any information provided to them, and heard testimony from anybody they could get to show up, these heroic and patriotic legislators were thwarted by the Obama/Clinton cabal. Through month after month of investigations the brave and honorable Congressmen weren't allowed to find enough evidence with which to prove the complicity that they were sure the White House was responsible for.

   But now Fox news and their anonymous source have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the President not only knew about but was the reason for the horrible loss of four fine Americans that fateful day. Stay tuned to Fox News for further updates.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Apathetic Attitudes Are Always Annoying

   WILLY: Hello and welcome to wise Willy's Wonderful World Of Words.  I'm Willy, how may I be of service to you today?

   CUSTOMER: Hi, A friend of mine told me that he had purchased an opinion from you last week and that your choice for him was perfect, he said that all his friends just loved his new opinion and could hardly wait to get one themselves.

   WILLY: Well we aim to please. Our philosophy is: "If that's what they want to hear, then just say it loud and clear."

   CUSTOMER: Right! That's why I'm here, lately people have been asking me about how I feel on different issues and things, stuff like gun rights and immigration, and when I tell them that I don't have an opinion they sneer at me and walk away. When I was on a date the other night this girl I was with asked me what I thought about a woman having the right to decide what happens to her own body? When I told her I never really thought about it she got real huffy and asked me to please leave. It's really starting to become a problem and I want to fix it, but the truth is that I find it so much more comfortable not knowing what's happening around me.

   WILLY: Well fear not young man, you've come to the right place. There are vast numbers of folks in the country who find that ignoring all the crisis happening is almost as comforting as pretending that there weren't any at all, but just as you have suggested occasionally social situations require you to take one side or the other of a particular issue, and if you are unprepared to respond it can be quite embarrassing. That is the reason we here at wise Willys do what we do.

   CUSTOMER: That's good to hear, I thought I was the only one who didn't care about anything except what happens to me.

   WILLY: Oh no no no, you would be surprised at how very very many people there are just like yourself, people whose thoughts and actions go no further than their own personal well being.

   CUSTOMER: Terrific, what would suggest for a guy like me?

   WILLY: I would advise you to buy our "can't go wrong" package. It includes various opinions that seem sincere to the listener, while maintaining enough wiggle room to quickly adapt their perceived impression to fit the situation. This package comes with your choice of three current issues and can be upgraded to the deluxe package which allows you two additional issues to choose and a tutorial DVD for practicing at home. And of course all our opinion packages have a thirty day exchange policy in case current crisis should change.

   CUSTOMER: That sounds great, I'll take it, what do I owe you ?

   WILLY: Oh don't worry about that now, trust me, you'll pay for it later.



Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Time We Learned Something

   I was never a big fan of school. I started in 1961, back then being four and a half-years-old was all that was required to enter kindergarten, and so I did, with some minor assistance from my Mom. Unbelievably, I can still recall certain moments from that time of my life. The funny thing is, the only memories I can recall at all were in my school setting.

   I remember crying to the teacher because Roger threw sand in my face. I remember hanging up my coat in the proper place, I remember show and tell day and story day. I remember having graham crackers and milk for a snack and then retrieving my roll up rug to lie on for nap time.

    The only memories that I have from that time of my life that did not involve school was when I saw my Dad and Mom cry because a man on television said that someone had shot President Kennedy and killed him.

   So I have reasoned that our memories are in high gear during dramatic and stressful moments; the kind you feel when you are placed in an unfamiliar environment and your mind is challenged to figure out what your situation is all about.

    I remember in grade school enjoying math and spelling, but as I advanced through the grades I found that I was less and less interested in what was being taught, and more and more interested in ways to avoid school at all.

   By the fifth grade I was convinced that school was the most boring activity ever devised. Throughout the rest of my school years I found I would do the minimum required of me in order to get by and by the twelfth grade the only thing I wanted was to leave. Amazingly, once the burden of mandatory schooling was completed, my inner desire for knowledge and understanding exploded.

   I hungered for then and still do to this day to absorb any and all of the wonders of this world. Gathering information, knowledge, and understanding of all that is around me is a huge part of my life and adds a great deal of enjoyment and fulfillment to this existence of mine.

    When I reflect back as to why I was so anti-learning in those early years and yet so pro-learning later on, the main reason I come up with was that I was never really challenged. I obviously was challenged at the beginning, with everything I was experiencing being new to me, but as I got familiar with the routine and the curriculum my interest in what was being offered faded fast.

   No doubt that there are a myriad of reasons for this and I by no means hold myself blameless, but I can't help but think that if the teachers I had would have recognized what was taking place and devised methods that would have motivated that part of me that was now dormant, then perhaps my years of schooling would have been an entirely different experience.

   The reason I am telling this story of my life is to get across an enormously important point that is in need of sharing, that the United States has allowed it's educational system to fall into serious disrepair.

    The first thing we are so lacking in is to pay our teachers much better, these people are required to get college diplomas before entering teaching and are continually furthering there education throughout their careers. They are saddled with the same debts as others who go into various professions but the salaries offered them start and remain much lower in education.

   These are the people we trust to make certain that our children will learn the skills needed for their entire future. In my opinion teachers have never been given the appreciation and rewards they so assuredly deserve for the selfless giving of themselves to others. That being said, there are also people teaching who ought not be doing so, people whose sole purpose is to receive a salary and retire after twenty years of service.

    In order to be an effective and successful teacher a person must have a great desire to see their students succeed in achieving their fullest potential and guide them in their journey to that achievement. We need to weed out the undesirable elements in the teaching profession and replace them with the type of educator whose passion for their craft is only matched by their concern for their students success.

    Whenever there are budget cuts to be done be they local, state or federal, education is always on the list for slashing. That to me is about the most insanely stupid maneuver we could make, if we don't have a well educated population coming up behind us, then the only thing we can expect to see is the further deterioration of this nations abilities to lead the world in all the sciences.

    We also need to stop forcing those who come here from other countries for an education into returning back home when their education is completed, these people have in the past been responsible for some of the best innovations America has ever produced, and given the option of remaining here in the U.S. would more times than not choose to do so.

    If this country is to have any real chance at regaining the momentum it once had, then we need to recognize the incredibly powerful role our educational system plays, and just how important and vital our educators are, and fund them with the needed resources they most certainly deserve. The teaching profession is full of people with integrity and honor and they warrant our deepest respect and our sincerest gratitude.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Matter How Hard I Try, They Won't Let Me!

    Do you want to know something? I swear by all that is holy that I attempt to keep my posts as fair and accurate as possible. When I view other peoples blogs or postings I will watch for signs of bias in their reporting, and if I find what appears to be favoritism being introduced in their story, then I will generally discount most or all of that piece as propaganda, thereby compromising any objectivity it may have contained.

   Of course I understand that we all will favor one side or the other of an issue, but you can still be objective and honest when evaluating and reporting it, unless of course you are just trying to shove your own personal opinion down peoples throats. That being said, I promise you that although it appears that I single out the Republican party for attack in my blog postings, it is not from some deep need of vengeance, or to fulfill a vendetta against them that I write, but because of the seemingly unending absurdities they continue to commit.

   I don't believe for a second that the Democratic party is above dirty tricks, deception, and cronyism, and when I see it being employed I will and do bring it to the light of day and properly chastise those that I feel are responsible for those actions. It's just that the GOP takes their causes to a level previously unknown and inexperienced by the American people.

   They profess openly that they represent all the people, yet the record of their actions is undeniably evident of their allegiance to the elite, it is painfully apparent that they reside securely in the pockets of big banking and big corporations. If you take the time and effort to notice, the various candidates the GOP chooses to represent the party are by and large nothing but straw men, virtually hollow entities that will obediently do what they're told to do.

    Want an example? OK, here's a few, Mitt Romney, if you don't like his stand on an issue, just wait five minutes and it will change. Sarah Palin, speaks for itself. George W. Bush, he did exactly as Cheney instructed him, if Bush could have delegated someone to take a shit for him he would have. And how about the guys who still live in the dark ages, the ones who feel that a woman should not have an opinion or a say over her own body. So as if all this wasn't enough reason to doubt the validity of today's GOP, they decide to amp it up a bit further by all agreeing to either block or vote down ANY legislation proposed by President Obama, regardless of the damage it would cause to the United States or its citizens, as long as it didn't make Obama look good.

   And if that weren't enough, they voted down a bill that was openly supported by over 90% of America, how arrogant was that? Their attempt at voter suppression was about as un-American as you can get without being shot as a traitor. The lies that were so casually told during the 2012 elections showed just how much contempt the GOP shot callers have for the public, they figure that if they just kept repeating the same lies over and over that we were stupid enough to believe them.

  Now they are at it again, they are attempting to make the tragedy in Benghazi an issue with which to attack and discredit President Obama, ex-Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic party. What happened in Benghazi was terrible, but to hold anybody but the perpetrators directly responsible for the deaths of the four brave Americans that perished there is not only outrageous, but it shows the desperation that the GOP is rightfully feeling. They should be desperate, a party that is so out of touch, so morally corrupt, and so belligerently defiant of the peoples wishes deserves to fade into oblivion and be replaced by a party that will carry out the mandates of the people it purports to represent.

   Issa tried everything he could do to make Obama look like he was involved with the IRS scandal, and then, low and behold, it was a conservative Republican office manager who allowed this to happen, and Issa continued accusing Obama long after he knew better. Issa is a perfect example of the GOP  today, he is arrogant, self absorbed, and wll lie, cheat, and steal to fulfill his agenda. He, like his GOP cohorts cares nothing about the truth, truth just gets in their way,just like facts do.

   Now that it is blindingly obvious that Obama is innocent of the absurd accusations made against him, how long do you think it will be until he gets an apology from Issa and the GOP? NEVER, NEVER EVER, NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER! They will just try something new to hang on Obama, screw doing real work like fixing our country, their much too busy trying to fry Obama. These guys aren't low class, they are NO class.   

   At one time I claimed to be a Republican, but these days that is a title I wouldn't wish on anyone, as I said before, the Democrats have their faults and weaknesses too, but the magnitude of the GOP discrepancies are such that anything the Democrats might do pales by anybody's comparison.


Monday, May 6, 2013

A Letter To My Beloved Family

   I have been blessed in my life with having three great sons, James, Thomas, and Alexander, all of whom I love to no end. And now it appears that two of my sons plan to wed. I am of course overjoyed that they have found someone to share their lives with and bring them happiness.

   Both of my sons fiances, Cassandra and Kelly are very lovely women with the intelligence and wit to keep them on their toes, and the quality of character to be role models for others. As opposed to their mother and my getting married far too young, all three of my boys have been patient in pursuit of their mates, which no doubt will prove a wise decision as they remain together for life with their chosen spouses.

   Although their mother Patty and I were less than a perfect example to them for long term matrimony, all three had the benefit of witnessing a rock solid union between their Uncle Larry and Aunt Dianne.

    After Patty and I divorced, circumstances dictated that the best possible setting in order to minimize the trauma of parents splitting up would be with their Uncle and Aunt, along with their cousins who belonged to Larry and Dianne. Three beautiful and loving girls named Jessica, Amy and Emily. In all the world you could not find a more stable and loving home, and with great love and open arms James, Thomas and Alexander were welcomed into their home and were brought up as though they were their own.

   Although I regret the relationship that I might have had with them, the bonds between us today are strong and secure, and the love between us is as it should be. And the care, devotion, and sacrifices that went into raising them is quite apparent, they are all men anyone would be proud to call their sons.

    To my sister Dianne, my brother-in-law Larry and my nieces: Jessica, Amy and Emily, the words don't exist that could express to you just how much I love you, and how much I will forever be indebted to for your unselfish giving of yourselves.

   I know that I do not deserve such a wonderful family as this, but I sure as hell am glad that I'm part of it. It is with great hope and optimism that I wish my sons the love they've seen possible between a man and a woman, a love that has seen my sister and brother-in-law through 43 years of marriage with no plans on ending in sight.

   While feeling happy for my sons, I can't help but feel a little sorry for myself. It feels like one day we were all sitting by a camp fire listening to the story about the flying cockroaches in Florida being told to us by an elderly man by the name of Norm  from the camp site next door, and then I blinked my eyes and 25 years have gone by.

   For some unknown reason whenever I picture my sons in my imagination, they always appear to me as young boys. And though I call them boys, it is quite obvious to anyone else that they are fully grown men.

   With the full measure of respect and honor they deserve, I am proud to call them my sons, but I will always think of them as my boys.

    And to you James, and to you Thomas, and to you Alexander, you have made my life worth living and I thank God every day for blessing me with you. There isn't a father on this planet who loves his children more than I love you. Thank you for being in my life.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Giving Mexicans Credit Where Credit Is Overdue

   In the late 1840s, the United States and the Republic of Texas stole a fair-sized chunk of property formerly belonging to Mexico and its people. The land stolen was massive and included all or parts of Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada.

   After stealing that land the government at the time voided virtually all land claims made by any Mexicans currently residing on those lands then sold and granted them to others, even if those Mexicans had lived there for generations.

   During the 1930s when America was experiencing an economic depression various groups and politicians rallied for and passed legislation that would effect Mexicans living and working in the U.S., giving the authorities an easy path to jail or deport them. Then, World War II arrives and most of the male population joined the military or got drafted into it. Before long there was a dire need in this country for laborers to harvest the vast number of crops in the fields, and to our rescue came thousands of Mexican people to do the job.

   Although this was a mutually beneficial situation, without their help, we would not have been able to produce the amount of food needed to supply not only this country and its military, but the massive amount of food we were shipping to desperate countries like England and Russia.

   The abundant prosperity experienced by the U.S. after the war and throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s let many people in this nation realize financial growth and wealth accumulation, but just as African-Americans were stifled in the opportunities allowed them, so were the Mexican-Americans marginalized in their quest to attain the "great American dream." Sure, they can pick our lettuce and cherries, but don't ask us for anything else.

   Throughout American history we have treated the Mexican people with contempt and disregard, when they have contributed as much, if not more, to the reasons this nation has prospered. And now We are again facing high unemployment and financial difficulties in America, so what's the answer to the problem that the Republican party espouses? Deport the illegal aliens! (meaning Mexicans of course.)

   It's the Mexicans taking all of our jobs that's causing these problems. Of course the vast amount of these "illegals" are doing jobs regular Americans would rather not have to do. These "illegals" are working their asses off for pay that is far below what they deserve. Yet, you never seem to hear them bitching about how deplorable the conditions are, you just see a proud, hard-working people that are truly grateful for the opportunity to advance their situation in life, while we usually can be found doing nothing but complain about our jobs.

   It has always pissed me off about how the Mexicans get treated in this country and I believe it is high time we recognize the huge debt of gratitude we owe them. So on behalf of the people of the United States, Thank you for putting up with our shit and we will try to do right by you in the future.


Saturday, May 4, 2013


   Dwight D. Eisenhower was the supreme allied commander in Europe during WW2, he held the rank of Five-Star General, one of only a few men to ever attain that rank. He oversaw all military operations for not only the American troops, but all allied countries involved in the war. He was an extremely popular figure during the war and remained so after the war ended and he returned home.

   The people of America all knew him as "Ike." Ike was so loved and respected by the American people that the Republican party nominated Ike to run in the 1952 election. Ike went on to win not only in 1952, but in 1956 also.

   He served as President the same as he did in the military, with dignity and honor, keeping our nation strong and safe during some of the scariest times in history, with the cold war at its peak. Ike guided us through like the great leader he was. As Ike was handing the reigns of the nation over to the newly elected President, John F. Kennedy in 1960, he made a great speech on American progress, and sternly gave us all a very serious warning.

   This man who knew every detail on how a military is compiled, trained, equipped and run said that the biggest fear America faced was the ever-more powerful "military industrial complex." Ike had warned that if we did not keep this huge and highly influential entity under control then it wouldn't be long before they were in control.

   He watched their power and influence growing since the wars end, and he feared the worst from these greedy corporate war mongers. Ike knew that what motivated these corporations most was profit, and there was a lot of profit to be had by supplying the guns, bombs, and bullets the military used. And what better way to make sure that a demand for their products always existed, then to keep a perpetual conflict raging somewhere in the world.

   Along with the Pentagon, these corporations intertwined to create an atmosphere of fear in America. Fear that an impending enemy is at our doorstep and will attack and destroy both us, and our way of living unless we kept ever vigilant, ever prepared, regardless of the cost. That's how they controlled us then and that is how they still control us now.

   When the USSR ceased to exist in 1990, they needed to replace the fear of Communism they had been selling, and find a new reason for us to be scared, that reason became terrorism, and it seems to be doing its job just fine, this country is permeated with fear, and as long as were scarred, we will buy everything they're selling.

   These same corporations are now diversified into many fields today that will continue to route all power to the elite and to keep the masses in place, where they can control every aspect of our lives. Corporations like Halliburton, who not only supply the military with personnel and hardware, but own the largest share of private prisons in this country.

   Our nation spends more on defense than the next twenty countries combined! They can spend more than $400,000,000.00 on tanks the Army doesn't need or even want, yet they allow people to starve, children to die from lack of proper healthcare, cities forced to cut police and fire services.

    Those in power have had a firm grasp on the control of this nations wealth for a long time, and giving it up is not something they are prone to do very easily, but their selfish greedy nature will one day prove their downfall, and that day appears to be rapidly approaching.

   I don't see the GOP producing any solutions in the future, and the Democrats appear to be compromised as well, so it is left to us to speak out against the status quo and get things changed, we can do it, we just have to try.


Friday, May 3, 2013

When The U.S. Government House Sits For You

   You and your family are going on a long-awaited and much deserved weekend trip. Everything is taken care of, the camp site is reserved, the gas tank is full, the car is packed, you even have a house-sitter because you were told that it's dangerous around here and you need someone to protect you and your family.

   Three days later, you're all back home, all tuckered out from your trip. You pay and thank your house-sitter and immediately hit the sack. After awakening the next morning you sit down to breakfast, you ask your wife for some scrambled eggs and bacon, she opens the fridge and sees that there are no eggs there.

   She says that there were two dozen eggs there before they left, maybe the house sitter ate them all, but two dozen? Maybe the sitter had company over, but that can't be true because she was given strict instructions that nobody was to be in the house but her. So you just ate cereal for breakfast.

   Three months later your wife's Aunt Matilda dies and your family has to go out of town to attend the funeral. you'll be gone for four days, and you are still being told that danger lurks all around, so you call up your house-sitter to come watch and protect your home and possessions. This time without trying to sound scolding, you firmly state that you expect nobody else to be allowed in the house. She agrees and you and your family head out.

   When you return home you again pay and thank the sitter for protecting your home and go to fix yourself a nightcap before bed. You open the cabinet and notice that the brand new bottle of Chivas is half-empty and there's no sign of the bottle of vodka that was there. You ask your wife if she drank them. "Of course not," she replies, maybe the sitter drank them. You know that can't be true because you specifically told the sitter that she was not allowed to drink any liquor there, yours or otherwise, you decide to call her and ask if she did indeed drink the liquor.

   "No," she boldly states, I most certainly wouldn't do something like that. Perplexed, you let the matter rest, swallow your drink, and head off to bed. It continued to bother you that someone you had put your trust in, someone you paid for security, may have intentionally gone against your wishes, taken your money, and broken your trust. But how could you prove it, when you suggested to your wife your suspicions she rebuked you, saying our house-sitter would never betray us like that, she swore to protect us against the evil things lurking all around, you're just imagining things.

   Not wanting to be the recipient of more hostility like that, you let the matter drop. Summertime arrives and your vacation to Disneyland is at hand. Everything is in place, but you tell your wife that you're not sure you can trust your house-sitter, she tells you that this is the only house-sitter you have, and you need to believe in her. You don't have a choice, this is your house-sitter, like it or not.

   This time you are determined that there is no misunderstanding of the rules, and after thoroughly explaining what you expect from her, your sitter tells you not to worry, she has only your best interest at heart and that she knows that she is answerable to you, and only to you. You and your family head to Disneyland, after five days of fun there, your son gets very sick and you decide to cut your vacation short by 2 days.

   As you prepare to pull into your driveway you notice a strange car already parked in your spot, parking in front of the house you immediately get out of the car and head for the house. When you open the front door you are shocked to see your house sitter sitting on the lap of a man you don't know, next to them sits a bottle of liquor that was previously in your cabinet, strewn throughout the house are dirty dishes and glasses, the door to your bedroom down the hall is wide open, and you can see that it has obviously been used recently.

    As you stand there taking this all in the only thing you can say is "Why? Why do you treat us this way?" We believed in you and trusted you. You told us that you would protect us from the unseen evil that lurks all around. You swore that you would abide by the rules, and now I find you like this. Your house-sitter immediately jumps up and says, I was protecting you, two days after you left a house in the area got burglarized, then yesterday the news said that the burglar might still be in the area, so I called my boyfriend to come over.

   I know you said nobody else was supposed to be in the house, but after all, I needed to break the rules in order to protect you. My boyfriend said he would come over only if I gave him food and let him drink your liquor, so what else could I do? I knew if your house got burglarized while you were gone that you would say that I wasn't watching out for you good enough. I think you should thank my boyfriend for making sure your family was safe from the invisible evil. I know I lied to you and did things that I swore I wouldn't do, but be honest, don't you feel a lot safer?

   Our government is the culpable house sitter,  it is doing things in secret and in full view that we understandably don't approve of. It uses the well worn excuse of "protecting us from evil" as its rationalizing the destruction of our rights and freedom.

   Transparent oversight is needed to keep in check those people who would eagerly abuse the power afforded them. Keeping our elected officials feet to the fire is the ONLY way we can accomplish that.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Is That Sunshine That I See?

   Lately, I have been a little leery and a bit nervous about the approval of certain legal procedures President Obama has decreed via Presidential order. After witnessing George Jr. in action, and the potential nightmare that could reappear from a President going rogue, I watch very carefully for signs of sinister intent..

   I therefore was elated when I saw our President dressing down the various Senators and Congressmen who were responsible for failing to enact legislation requiring background checks on individuals purchasing firearms; giving proof of their cowardly allegiance to the gun lobby and the NRA.

   It further boosts my faith in Obama to hear him reiterate the dire need for the closure of Guantanamo and to go forward with the final deposition of those that have been kept there in a state of legal limbo.

   The passion in his voice and strength of his words reminded me of the Obama I so desperately hoped would be the savior of a great nation that had been spiralling into the darkness for the previous eight years. Watching him at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on television, and the charismatic way he showed his compassion for and his common bond with the everyday American somehow comforted me and eased my concerns.

   When he voiced his admiration and support for a professional sports figure's courage in announcing he was gay and his public support of equality for gays to marry, he showed that unlike the current legislators who hide behind party platforms, lacking the balls it takes to speak out for what's right, he's willing to face the possible repercussions from the opposition, and stand up for what he believes in.

    Between 2000 and 2008 my optimism and outlook for a bright future grew dimmer and dimmer with each passing year, until it reached a point where it couldn't get any more dismal, then Barack Obama got elected as President of the United States of America. His message of change gave me encouragement, as did the fact that we had a very much needed changing of the guard.

   But by far, the thing that rose my outlook the most and gave me a huge renewal of optimism, was that the American people elected an African-American man to be their President. Against all naysayers, the people of this nation had the guts and courage to elect a candidate based on the content of his character, not the color of his skin.

   That alone gave me the power to hope again, hope for this wonderful country to return to its rightful place of honor and leadership in this world. And so the President's revitalized efforts to do the right thing is a very, very welcome sight to me. And although we as a nation continue to face some very real and daunting challenges, my optimism grows daily for our future.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Following The Money part 1

   In the history of high-rise buildings worldwide, commonly referred to as skyscrapers, there have been a total number of three that have collapsed due to fire.  All three of these skyscrapers happened to have collapsed on the same day, in the same city, and are the result of the same event.

   What we were told: The collapse was due to the jet fuel igniting all the wood, paper, and plastic within the impact area, and the resulting fires weakened the buildings steel structure to the point that it could no longer support its own weight. As one level fell, it caused the level below to give way, until finally, all the floors fell to the basement.

   Problem with this answer: Expert investigators agree that all the jets fuel would have burned off within fifteen minutes [ed: actually, ten] of impact. Anything contained within the impact area that was set ablaze could not generate enough heat to melt the steel support structure regardless of how long it burned.There was also flame retardant material covering the walls and ceilings throughout the buildings. The support frame of the towers was built to withstand an aircraft crashing into it, and the the steel framing unaffected by any fire would be more than able to absorb the collapse of the impact floors collapsing.

   Hundreds of the world's most skilled and acclaimed architects, builders and buildings designers have stated publicly and sworn to as true, that the only way for those buildings to collapse as they did, would require the use of explosives placed in key areas of the steel frame.  Thereby defeating its load-carrying capacity.

   What we were told: That the reason the floors collapsed was from heat fatigue on the steel structure and that the additional weight being heaped on the floors below caused their collapse.


   What we were told: The explosions heard were the result of atmospheric pressures building up and blowing out windows in the structures.


   What we were told: No response


   What we were told: Same fire, different building.

    If after 12 years of investigative evidence there still remains anyone who believes that those 3 buildings didn't have explosives used in their destruction, then God bless you, go on with your life and may the sun shine on your face and the birds whistle your favorite song as you head down the yellow brick road.

   If however you are sane, and that it is obvious that SOMEBODY took a great deal of time to plant those explosives, somebody with a great deal of expertise of not only explosives, but of the buildings structural design. Which begs the question,

   WHO? Who had access to the buildings? Could a team of middle eastern young men pass themselves off as something unsuspicious to gain entry to elevator shafts and interiors? I have my doubts as to that ever taking place. So here we are, all dressed up and no one to blame. I have my theories, and I'll leave it to you to come up with your own.

   For more information on 9/11 and my theory of who did it and why, read my blog titled "following the money part 2".