Tuesday, August 27, 2013


   That's a serious statement, just what does it take to cause a forty year long GOP supporter to decide that he has been backing the wrong party?

   Mostly it took opening my eyes and ears to what was going on around me, and actually investing the time and energy to investigate the facts, instead of taking the word of someone who says they have only my best interests at heart.

   Except for an elite group of manipulators and the puppets they employ, I can easily imagine that the vast majority of GOP supporters are like I was, my dominant political position was "O.K., I'm busy, so go ahead and do the things you promised you would do, I trust you to do the right thing".

   My wake up call began in earnest with the Bush Jr. Presidency and has continued on to the present.

   While still giving lip service about protecting the Country and its people, Bush/Cheney/GOP were in full speed ahead mode to fulfill an agenda that was planned out long before, a very self serving agenda.

   What has taken place since can only be described as an all out assault on America by the GOP and the elite puppet masters that control them.

   You would have to be almost purposely ignoring the obvious facts to not see that the GOP is exclusively serving the masters who bought and paid for them, and that is not anyone with an income of less than 7 digits, not including the decimal point.

   Some people say," Well the Democrats are just as corrupt as the Republicans are ".

   WRONG !!!      WRONG !!!      WRONG !!!

   Yes, there are of course corrupt Democrats, but the immensely overwhelming evidence of political corruption is very easily witnessed belonging to the GOP, and they don't seem mind us seeing it.

   Apparently, the GOP thinks that as long as they continue spewing out lies and false accusations, that nobody will notice their deception and misdeeds.

   The belligerent arrogance they so readily display is a tell tale sign of their opinion of the intelligence of the average American citizen.

   They scramble to enact legislation that curbs the ability of minorities to vote in the name of reducing voter fraud, when no fraud exists.

   They redistrict the nation to ensure that the GOP 
candidates get overwhelming advantages.

   They openly state their intention to block any and all legislation proposed by Obama in an effort to make him look like a failed President.

   They spread vast amounts of propaganda trying to keep Obamacare from becoming a reality.

   They have ongoing congressional hearings trying to implicate President Obama in whatever scandal they can manufacture.

   The list of GOP abuses goes on and on and on.

   So while the GOP is busying itself in the pursuit of besmirching Obama and the progressive left, what's happening in Washington D.C.?


   In their agenda fulfilling adventures, the GOP has been responsible for killing bills that would create millions of American jobs, rebuild Americas aging infrastructure, and provide oversight on industries that nearly destroyed the economy.

   Oh yes, and lets not forget that they were the ones responsible for the down grading of Americas bond rating for the first time in history.

   These are not deep dark hidden secrets that got leaked out, these are easily verified FACTS that anyone who wishes to can look them up online.

  That is todays GOP leadership, a group of bought 
and paid for flunkies that think we are all so stupid that we can't see what they are doing, and the sad part is, they are right, way too many people still believe that the GOP is fighting for the average American, when the truth is just the opposite.

   Unfortunately, the lies and propaganda that the GOP and its diabolical ally, Fox News constantly drill into the heads of their ignorant drone like followers seems to keep them from opening their eyes and minds to the reality of the situation.

   Nobody has their eyes closed now, due to the terrorist wing of the GOP known as "the Tea party", and its self appointed leader, Ted Cruz, we can all see pretty clearly that America and its people are the last thing these traitors care about, they are more than happy to watch it burn, because they can't get their way, just like a spoiled little child.

   Though I am disgusted with the GOP and their outrageous behavior, I take comfort in knowing that their devoted base is being constantly chipped away by their arrogance and deception, and that even with the vast amount of money supplied to them from their elite masters, winning an election will be next to impossible for them.

   At least, I hope it does.




Wednesday, August 21, 2013


   The following entities represent some of the most vile of the worlds douchebags.

   They all possess one very disgusting trait, their complete disregard for the well being of the other humans on this planet.

   May their greed, hate, bigotry, and evilness be their companions on their journey to Hell.

   I don't think I need to explain why these bigoted morons are super douchebags.

  A close relative of the above douchebags, these butt heads want to shut down the whole country.

   If deceiving people was an olympic event, this propaganda machine of the GOP would win the gold medal every time.

   The unbridled greed that these douchebags have displayed is almost unbelievable, they created an imaginary financial market they called "derivatives"
for the express purpose of ripping off investors, but then of course the bubble burst, but not before these purely evil S.O.B.'s collected billions of dollars in bonus money. Then these dicks had the audacity to tell their paid for puppets in Washington D.C. that if the government didn't give them money, then the entire economy would collapse. They are perhaps the biggest douchebags in the history of mankind.

   Speaking of unbridled evil greed, Halliburton has been in the business of stealing from America for a while now, at the least since their previous C.E.O., Dick Cheney was in charge. These douchebags are more than willing to prompt America into war if at all possible, for that's when they can sell us all the profitable death products they offer. If you have ever wondered who the industrial military complex was, here is a shining example.

  The largest retailer in the world has shown itself to possess so many douchebag qualities that pinning them down to just a couple isn't easy. By paying their employees such low wages, they force them to apply for government aid, thereby having the U.S. taxpayer subsidize it's workforce They force their suppliers to outsource their production to overseas countries just so they can stay competitive. The list of their abuses goes on and on and on.

   Ever wonder who facilitates the governments way of spying on us all? Look no further.

   Everyone's favorite mass murderer of the earths ecological system. B.P. and the other douchebag big oil companies won't be satisfied until they have destroyed every habitable inch of this planet.

   Monsanto's slogan is, "Human safety first, unless it gets in the way of profits". This despicable crap hole of a corporation is more than willing to feed poison to us all if it means making a buck.

  These two are the ultimate in douchebags, they are easily among the top ten most evil, nasty, and vile creatures that ever existed on this planet. Between their destruction and polluting of the enviroment, to their buying of politicians, to their funding of right wing extremist nut job organizations, these brothers and their corporation represent the pinnacle of the elite oppressors, Hell has a special spot for them.

  There it is, some of the worst douchebags you will ever have the unpleasant experience of knowing.


Thursday, August 15, 2013


   This is a Plea to the every day Republican, it is not intended for the GOP elite, for you are a major reason that the Republican party is what it is today.

   My plea is also not directed at Libertarians or the members of the Tea Party, whose sole purpose is to totally shut down government and let the chips fall where they may, regardless of who pays the price.

   If you are just a regular middle class American who doesn't really want to get caught up in all the rhetoric and name calling in todays heated political climate, and you vote GOP, then this message is for you specifically.

   Just so you know, I had been a Republican for most of my life, not that I took any great interest in politics during that time, but my family were all Republicans, so I just went with the status quo.

   It was when Reagan was President that I started feeling uneasy about the direction the GOP was heading, the whole Iran/Contra scandal opened my eyes to their apparent agenda.

   When Bush senior invaded Iraq, I bought into the propaganda at the time, but I still didn't like that we were protecting the oil companies interests, while being told we were only there to save Kuwait.

   What started me questioning the integrity of the GOP was the 2000 elections, and the obvious ways  the voting was being manipulated to favor Bush Jr.

   As soon as he took power, George W. slashed taxes on the wealthiest among us, then he began to deregulate every industry in sight, giving his crony friends an open invitation to fleece us all.  

   Again, I didn't like it, but I accepted it.

   After 9/11, I, like most Americans, supported the President in his efforts to bring justice and safety to our nation.

   Within 2 years, Bush/Cheney had intimidated the congress into passing legislation that trampled our constitutional rights, and at the same time, openly lied to us so they could invade Iraq, something they had wanted to do for awhile.

   The GOP's tactics to get Bush re-elected in 2004, were to scare the hell out of Americans, telling them lie after lie how they had saved us from the boogymen, and that if we don't vote for them, then we will all be murdered by the unknown evil that lurks just outside our doors.

   In 2006/7 the walls on the GOP's house of cards began to collapse, the industries that the GOP were so eager to deregulate, proved just how greedy and destructive they could be without any oversight.

   Wall street pulled off the biggest Ponzi scheme in history with their housing derivatives nightmare, causing millions of Americans to lose their houses, jobs, and retirement savings when that bubble burst and plummeted the world into financial ruin.  

   By 2008, the sheer arrogance and condescending attitude of Bush/Cheney/GOP was too much, I was unable to even look at those criminals without the feeling that America was raped and beaten by them   
  Then, in the 2008 election,what were we offered? 
McCain and Palin, a man whose old enough to die any second, and a totally unqualified moron.

   By this time my eyes and ears were wide open on the political scene in America, it was incredibly obvious that the GOP was paying lip service to all the people, while fulfilling the agenda of their true masters, corporations, banks, big oil, and the elite rich in America.

   Not only have the GOP kept and maintained that agenda, they have put their efforts into hyper-drive. 

   The GOP has been blocking jobs bills and other legislation designed to bolster the economy for one reason, to blame Obama and the Democratic party for a failed economy.

   The list of liars and buffoons they offered in the 2012 election proves that whoever they put into office is just their puppet, completing their agenda.

   What I am asking you, the everyday Republican voter to do, is to ask yourself these questions, and honestly think about the answers you come up with, and when you are finished, if you are still sure that the GOP has yours and Americas best interest at heart, then God bless you, vote GOP, but if you see as I have, that money and power are the only gods they worship, then please reconsider putting them in office, where they can continue to destroy America.

   Ask yourself, Why does a party have a standing directive for its members to block any and all legislation proposed by the other party?

   Ask yourself, Why does a party vote down bills that would create millions of American jobs?

   Ask yourself, why would a party spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, and countless days, holding congressional hearings in the pursuit of scandalizing a President, when there is absolutely no evidence of his wrongdoing?

   Ask yourself, why would a party keep touting that we need more corporate deregulation, when we have already see the devastating effects that has?

   Now ask yourself this, do you really want to be associated with a party whose philosophy is that the ends justify the means, if we have to lie, deceive, spread false rumors, then so be it? Do you? Really?

   I'm not claiming that the Democrats are angels, they have their corrupt and self serving members too, but at least their agenda is to try and help the American people as a whole, not just the top 1%.



Tuesday, August 13, 2013


   Having oneself associated with certain people or groups speaks volumes of that persons character, intelligence, honesty, and integrity.

   It is with that in mind that I would suggest that if you have any honor and self respect that you would like to keep, you would be wise to distance yourself as far as possible from the following douchebags.


    Mitch Mcconnell, A sniveling, whining master at the art of lying and truth twisting, his pathetic acts of pandering to whoever is in charge shows what a hypocritical coward he really is. A true puke.

   Reince Priebus, the chairman of the GOP, is a shining example of his parties policies of deceit and fact manipulation, like a true republican, this goofy named A-hole can spew out lies en masse'.

   Perhaps the largest source of pure propaganda to exist since Nazi Germany, this absolutely vile and reprehensible arm of the GOP absurdly purports itself to be a "fair and balanced news organization", when in reality, their thinly veiled allegiance is to the conservatives and the elite. The spokesmen of Fox News, ie Limbaugh, Hannity, Oreilly, etc., are nothing more than self absorbed bigoted racists that enrich themselves while dividing this nation.

   Paul Ryan typifies todays Republican political candidate, he condemns every plan Obama wants to institute in rebuilding  America, yet the offers  he proposes as an alternative, are at best unrealistic, and usually non-existant. This jerks a true loser.

   Ted Cruz is such a douchebag, that even the other douchebags hate him. This conceited A-hole has devoted all his time trying to look important which he isn't.Though born in Canada, This un-American wants to be President in 2016, good luck butt head.

   Louie Gohmert is a racist, a bigot, and perhaps scariest of all, a complete and total lunatic, this idiot will just explode, and start ranting and raving about things that are so outrageous, that all you can do is shake your head and laugh, he is a buffoon.

   Darrell Issa  has spent all of his time, and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, trying to scandalize Obama with anything he can think of, instead of doing the job he was sent there to do. He is among the sleaziest politicians out there. He is an arsonist who burned down his own business to collect the insurance. He easily qualifies for grand douchebag.

   Michele Bachmann, what can you say about this brainless idiot that hasn't already been said? She has the intelligence of Jello, the oratory skills of  W,  the charisma of rocks, and the self righteous attitude of a Spanish inquisitor. A waste of any air breathed.

   The Tea party is a group of bigoted losers that were formerly GOP bigots. Their entire mission is to block all progressive legislation, and if possible, to shut down the government entirely. Traitor is a fitting title for this collection of scum that tries to convince others that they want to protect America from the evil liberals. All of them are douchebags.

   And finally we have the G.O.P., though in years long past, this party was an honorable and integral part of the American political landscape, it has for some time now proven itself to be nothing more than a paid tool of the elite masters that it serves so well. Through decades of deceit and manipulation, the powers that be have created a political monster that willingly does its masters bidding, and it does so without regard to any collateral damages, up to and including America itself. The personification of evil has enveloped the GOP and its messengers of hate so much that they are more than willing to let this nation burn to the ground if they don't get their way, as they have been so often showing us.  They are the true terrorists we should be scared of.

    Visit me on f/b at http://Gettingaclue1

Friday, August 9, 2013


   Judges have officially declared that New York state is the winner of the rogue cop contest.

   The competition was fierce, with many states vying for first place, but New York pulled ahead at the end and was crowned the "rogue cop capitol" of America.

   New York is always one of the favorites to win, but with N.Y.C.'s unconstitutional stop and frisk  program, the opportunities for rogue cops to do what they do best increased exponentially.

   The murdering of unarmed civilians and the unwarranted assault of tens of thousands of its citizens shows just how determined New Yorks finest were to win this competition.

   Second place went to Florida, although they lacked the massive numbers of rogue cop events, the sunshine states cops displayed a unique and special performance of murdering the unarmed citizenry they "protect", along with their long history of racial profiling, these rogue cops were 
stiff competition to the end.

   California came in a solid third place, some were betting that the Oakland transit police killing of an unarmed youth, and the vast amount of assaults from the L.A. sheriffs dept. and police dept. would be enough to win the golden state the rogue cop title, but with this years competitive field, the best they  could do was third place.

   Honorable mentions went to Texas and Ohio for the galant efforts  of their many, many rogue cops.

   Although Arizona had very high numbers of reported rogue cop events, it was ruled that the TSA and other federal law agencies were the main source for many of those reports.

   From the Detroit cops pulling over and robbing people at gunpoint,  to the Park forest,Ill. cops killing a 95 year old man in a nursing home, and countless other similar events, it is clear that the rogue cops of today outperform any that have gone before them, as future competitions should prove.

   So congratulations New York, you are the proud title owner of the state with the most rogue cops.



Thursday, August 8, 2013


   I will , as a rule, refrain from commenting on any news article or web posting that involve the douche bags known as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Bill O'reilly.

   I believe that these detestable creeps and their inflammatory messages of hate and untruths have done untold damage to this nation.

   These self centered bastards spew out their vile words for one reason, "MONEY", they don't give a damn about America and it's people, they do it for the cash, period, end of sentence.

   They use their mouths to enrage their listeners with lies and false accusations, they know what they're saying is total bullshit, but that doesn't matter, as long as they get their audience outraged.

   They are the willing spokesman for their puppet masters, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Ailes, Fox News, and the cesspool known as the GOP.

   And just as the GOP is quite willing to tear this nation apart in order to achieve its agenda, so too are these modern traitors to America.

   The reason I don't comment on them is because I feel that even acknowledging them gives them some form of validity, and I am loathe to do that.

   People hear what they want to hear, but I'm sure that there are many who would open their eyes and see the obvious truth if they weren't being drown by the poison spewed out 24/7 by these assholes.

   So it was elated joyous happiness I experienced when I heard that Limbaugh and Hannity were to be dropped from the stations of the 2nd largest corporation of radio station owners in America.

   They had become toxic to advertisers because of consumers boycotting their sponsors products, how wonderfully sweet and uplifting is that?

   From all the most current information available, they are even offering free airtime to fill the holes left in their program, but advertisers are refusing to take it in fear of being associated with them.

   I LOVE IT !!! 

   I only hope those blowholes continue spiraling downward until the only response you get from mentioning their names is, "WHO?".

   Two douchebags down, one to go.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


   Extortion is a very serious crime, that is unless you are a licensed extortionist, then you can just feel free to steal as much as you like.

   The licensed extortionists try to soften it down by referring to it as "asset forfeiture". 

   From the federal government down to the little town council, our "representatives" have taken a law intended to financially cripple drug dealers and money launderers, and instead turned it into a "for profit" business.

   As is the case over and over again, we get sold an idea that has merit, and once that idea becomes law, those in power skew it, abuse it, and use it with the broadest interpretations they can get away with.

   From the city that sees it as a way to make up for lost revenue, to the counties who see it as a way to obtain new equipment, to the states who are always looking for money for their budgets, to the federal government whose law enforcement agencies get huge sums of money from asset seizure, they are all playing the legal stealing game.

   And just as government on all levels is so well known for doing, once they find a way to steal more money from us, they will milk that cash cow until it is completely dead.

   Believe it or not, there are some jurisdictions that actually pay their cops bonuses depending on how much money that cop generated for them with the asset seizures he had done.


   There are countless places across America where all you have to do is look "suspicious" to a cop, and he will take your money and valuables claiming they were ill gotten gains, and then it is your job to prove otherwise, and if the judge doesn't like your answer, too bad, bye bye money, thanks for stopping in, have a nice day.

   Just like the towns who set up speed traps to get your money, these cops misuse the law to legally rob you of everything you have.

   There are communities where people have gotten their homes seized because their grandchild was selling dime bags of pot from it.

   People have their vehicles seized and auctioned off, leaving them without the means to go to work.

   This is the same exact behavior that permeates our entire justice system, those that run the system and make up the rules are so disconnected from the public that they become cold hearted monsters, unable to feel any compassion or empathy, they no longer consider people as fellow humans, they see only opportunities to enrich their own interests.

   They could not possibly care less about the chaos and destruction they are causing you, to them you are like an insect, just squash it and move on. 

   Our system is horribly broken, and I'm not sure it can be fixed. But I am sure of one thing, I'm sure that if this house of cards collapses, and society as we know it crumbles in pieces, then those people who had once been in power had better find a damn good hiding place, because you will be seeked out, and you absolutely will not want to be found.

Remember, payback's a bitch, and payday's coming.






  Usually I try keeping up with current events on a regular basis, but I must have been out of town the day they announced the contest on which state was able to produce the highest number of rogue cops.

   It appears to have a lot of competition, even the smaller states are striving for 1st place.

   An interesting but unsurprising element to this contest is that the cops get to make up the rules as they go along.

 Because the various police agencies are very secretive about their rogue police teams, it has been difficult to determine just which of the 50 states is currently in first place.

   There is also the added  factor that extra bonus points will be given to the rogue cops who display behavior that sets them apart from even the other rogue cops in the competition.

   Although most all the states seem to be trying to compete in this contest, there are some states that are so well versed in employing cops who already possess the mindset that turns them rogue, that they have a clear advantage over the rest of the field.

   From the information I am able to gather, These are the states that are currently leading the pack, and some of their highlight cop events.

   Arizona: This was to be expected of course, with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the many illegal roadside I.D checkpoints they institute, they are one of the favorites to win.

   Texas: You knew they would be striving for the top spot here, they've even shown their ingenuity by purposely recording illegal invasive body cavity searches on their police vehicle cameras. Kudo's.

   California: Perhaps the favorite to win the contest is this state, between the Los Angeles police and sheriffs departments multitude of contributions, the state can also boast of the actions of the Oakland transit police, with their "shoot first, ask questions later" policy.

  New York: The unconstitutional policy of random searches allows an opportune advantage for N.Y.C. rogue cops to propel that state in the rankings, and along with their mass corruption, they will be tough competition to beat.

 Florida: Certain to be among the top finalists, the habit of killing unarmed citizens, and regarding the murder of non-white people as undeserving of any investigation should prove to be a real plus for the cops of the sunshine state.

 Ohio: The recent outburst of over 100 Cleveland law enforcement officers willfully disregarding department procedures and going rogue in a high speed chase that culminated with the murder of two unarmed citizens, shows the determination and desire they have to win this contest.

   It is obvious that the field of competition is fierce and committed, but no matter which state turns out to be the eventual rogue cop champion, they can all be proud of the fact that the cops in their state did everything they could to win.



Monday, August 5, 2013


   Just how dumb would the GOP and their lords and masters, Wall street, big banks, big oil, corporate America, etc. like us all to be?

   The answer is, they would like us as dumb as possible.

   Why on earth would they want that you ask? Because the dumber you are, the less questions you will ask them to answer.

   Questions such as, "is that food safe to eat?", and, "is fracking for gas environmentally safe?, and, "can you be trusted with my life savings?"

   They would really, really prefer not having to answer questions like these because they realize that their insatiable greed causes them to place our welfare and well being a distant 2nd or 3rd, way behind personal enrichment, and corporate profits.

   It's not that they won't answer these important questions being posed by the public, they do, they just answer them with lies and deceit.

   If need be, they will hire specialist groups to do "test studies", and "impact evaluations" in order to determine any detrimental effects, studies done to put our fears and concerns at ease.

   The problem is, these "specialists" they hire are there to do one thing, insure that their findings are exactly what those that hired them want them to be.

   Look at the tobacco industry and how it's "experts"
lied to us for years and years, if you don't think that type of thing is still happening then you need to take off those rose colored glasses.

   The only thing that these corporations and the elite that own them give a damn about is your money, and what is needed for you to give it to them, and they will do whatever it takes to do that.

   So, the more you believe their spin about having your health and happiness as their main priority, the more you will trust them and buy whatever they're selling, be that petroleum, policies, or practices.

   Ask yourself this, why would the GOP ever want to cut funding for education? 

   It's because an educated public is an informed public, and an informed public takes much greater notice of the things being done in their names.

   An educated and informed public doesn't take what it is being told at face value, it investigates and scrutinizes statements and claims being made to determine if they are true or not.

   If you compare two statistical map charts of the United States, one showing the areas of the nation with the least educated population, and the other showing the areas containing the highest percentage of GOP voters, you will find that their similarities are amazing.

   A drug company omits negative data to the FDA in order to get a new drug to market, that drug proves to be toxic and gets recalled, the drug company gets fined $10 million, but in the meantime it has made profits of $500 million selling that drug.

 An oil corporation is found illegally drilling on public land, it gets an $80 million fine, but the oil they have stolen has profited them $900 million.

   An investment and banking industry conspires to create the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, when the scheme finally implodes, millions of innocent people lose their life savings, and an entire world is plunged into financial chaos. The executives of those companies receive bonuses of millions of dollars each, and the taxpayers have to bailout the offenders, and no one goes to jail.

   With these and many, many more shameless acts of pure greed being done against us by those who own most of this country already, it is a wonder we haven't strung up those responsible yet. (hopefully soon)

   But the saving grace for the elite puppet masters is, those masses of uninformed, ignorant, apathetic Americans who are unable or unwilling to open their eyes and see what is really happening around them, see that they are becoming slaves to an evil and uncaring group that views them as nothing more than a cash cow, a cow to be milked till it's dry.

   Unless we can get those masses to be interested in the future of America, I'm afraid that Americas future is going to be pretty bleak.