Tuesday, October 29, 2013


   When emotion rules your every thought, logic has a way of  disappearing completely, thus leading you to irrational and often mistaken conclusions.

   In the accepted method of thinking properly, one should gather all criteria available on the subject they are pondering, investigate all viewpoints on said subject, study the data available as well as any historical significance that subject might have had, and only then, they should form an opinion, one that takes all things into consideration, and is brought forth in as honest a manner as possible.

   This is not being done by GOP/Tea party voters.

   If the conservative voters were actually trying to find out the truth about what they are being told, then they could easily check the facts for their validity, but they are not doing so.

   The proof lies in the continued support given to the outrageous actions and dishonest statements that party reps. such as Ted Cruz and his gang of anti American traitors, support that encourages their destructive behavior.

   If the average conservative invested a little time and effort into the search for the truth, then they would not only reject the current GOP/Tea party actions, they would fight against what they're doing to America.

   To conservatives I ask, turn off Fox news, don't listen to Limbaugh, Oreilly, Hannity, or the others, turn on PBS, go on your computer and search out non biased sites, non partisan news pages.

   After you've made a legitimate effort, sit back and relax, then look at all the facts logically, try to be pragmatic, because when you look at the facts without spin on them, it should reveal a great deal, and it will probably surprise you, try it, you've got nothing to lose.




Sunday, October 27, 2013


   In an incredible news story it has been revealed that Ted Cruz has actually been working for the Democratic party for the past year.

   In an exclusive Fox news report, Fox has stated that hard evidence exists that prove Ted Cruz has been a covert agent of the  opposition since last July, and that he was key in enlisting other Tea party Republicans to turn traitor to their party.

   Although they don't yet have the evidence, it has been rumored that Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann John Boehner, and others have also been hired as Democratic plants within the framework of the Tea party and the GOP.

   In their report Fox news has claimed that it has in its possession video secretly taken showing Cruz accepting large sums of cash from vice President Joe Biden while the two of them were having breakfast at a downtown Dennys restaurant.

   When questioned about the alleged treachery, Sen. Cruz replied "Hey, Joe was just paying me for a bet he lost".

   When Fox reporters informed him that they also had audio recordings  of him detailing how he was going to destroy the GOP from within, Sen. Cruz just ran away yelling "Benghazi, Benghazi".

   We will bring you more on this story as it breaks.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


   The recent actions of the GOP/Tea party have made it easier than ever to determine which of the two types of conservative you are.

   Of course when I say recent I mean the previous 5 years with an emphasis on the last 1 or 2.

   There are only two choices for you to pick from. Because if you still support the GOP/Tea party and its representatives after they have overwhelmingly proven just how diabolical and unpatriotic they are, how willingly they will throw this nation under the bus, how casually they will destroy the economy, and how unapologetically they will lie, deceive, and spread false rumors while subverting any and all election processes America was founded upon, then you MUST be one of the following:

   A: Ignorant
   If you are so blind deaf and dumb as to not have witnessed the incredibly obvious outrageous acts that the GOP/Tea party have attempted since 2009 and especially in 2013 then you have no place in voicing an opinion regarding ANY political issue. 

   Your uninformed and intelligence vacant position is not only unproductive and non helpful it is  very detrimental in any progress that this country might actually attain.  You should either get informed or just S.T.F.U.

   B. Criminal
   If you have actually been paying attention to the GOP/Tea party behavior I have listed above, and yet you continue to support them and their tactics then that means that you agree with them that "the ends justify the means".

   In the fulfillment of their treasonous agenda all bets are off. Any methods used whether legitimate or not are fair game. Regardless of how many Americans suffer from it's effects.

   Not only is that type of behavior anti-American, anti-democracy,and morally reprehensible it is also treasonous. Which makes it not only disgusting but also makes it illegal.

   If you vote for and support those who would take a solemn oath to preserve, protect, and defend this nation against all enemies foreign or domestic and those that you voted for were openly breaking those vows and yet you still support them that would be called criminal facilitation. And that would render you the same as them. A Criminal.

   So you see your choices are conveniently few. Are you an ignorant conservative or a criminal conservative?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


   OK, I'll probably take a lot of heat for this one, but W.T.F., that never stopped me before,

   I have been criticized more than usual lately by mostly Libertarians, they say things like,"Obama is forcing healthcare on this country", and, "Obama wants to financially ruin America", and, "Both party's are only a smokescreen to hide what's really going on".

   These are but a few of the responses I receive (unrequested) when I present any positive news of our Presidents actions, or negative news of the GOP/Tea party,

   The Libertarian ideal is indeed a very enticing scenario, minimal government intrusion, freedom from societal limitations, a true Utopia, but just like Utopia, it is unrealistic, and no matter how hard we close our eyes, or how many times we click our heels together, it just would not work.

   It is true that we have had a few Libertarians as President in the past, but that was over 150 years ago, in an era that was totally different from today.

   The complexity and massive intricacies of modern society make the idea of the "every man for himself" philosophy, and the "you do your thing and I'll do mine" mantra an absurd pipedream.

   Yes the idea of pure freedom is appealing,and yes the thought of everybody seeing to each others needs is a pleasant thing, but we live in a world of fellow human beings, and one thing about human beings is, we are a selfish species, we will look out for numero uno , and we will reach out to help others in varying degrees, but 99 times out of 100, that will happen only after our own needs and wants are satisfied.

   I am not condemning humanity for that, far from it, it's survival of the fittest and all that stuff, and I know there are people who do truly care about the well being of their fellow humans, but to count on every person in this nation to "do the right thing", is about as far fetched as you can get.

   And no matter how pleasant a place America would be in the Libertarian world, it just isn't going to happen, and that forces us to deal with the realities of today, and to accept them as they are, or to change them in a way that has some chance of being successful, not by pretending that somehow we can turn the clock back and return to an era long since past. 

   If it were a matter of the balance of power remaining static, then fine, chase your pipedream, I hope you catch it, but unfortunately, that is far from what's happening today.

   There exists a party that is under the control of the elite 1% of this nation, and in that party lies a sub party that acts as a force bent on bringing our nation to its knees.

   Those would be respectively, the GOP, and the Tea party.  The GOP partnered up with the Tea party for two reasons, they needed to expand their ever shrinking base of supporters, but mostly, they are both funded by the elite people and corps. in America, and have a similar agenda.

   As recently witnessed, the Tea party is an out of control group of misguided bigots, who are now running roughshod over the GOP pussies that are too scared to oppose them, they value their job a lot more than they value America.

   Now these GOP pussies and the terrorist acting Tea party puppets all took an oath, an oath that they are now breaking, making them dishonorable traitors, and they wear the title proudly.

   So while the Libertarian party would just sit back and watch the show, there is a drastic need for those who recognize what the GOP/Tea party is doing to step up to the plate and defeat these treacherous bastards, and to stifle them permanently.

   So while I understand that the Democratic party is flawed, and it too has its own corruption to deal with, it is at least fighting "FOR" the average American, not "AGAINST" them, and President Obama has proven over and over that he is trying to better our lives, not enslave us.

  Every progressive thing suggested is shot down by the GOP/Tea party, they would rather see America burn to the ground than to see our President succeed, and if you can't see past your face enough to realize that, then I have no use for your views or critiques, please keep them to yourself.

   Some of us are trying to get something accomplished.


Monday, October 21, 2013


 More and more evidence of U.S. government involvement in 9/11 continues to manifest itself, when will there be an investigation into exactly who was responsible? 

Probably never.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


   So far my predictions have all been spot on, I said that the government shutdown would not lead to a default by the U.S., because President Obama would not allow it to happen, and it didn't.

   I really don't deserve much credit for that prediction because as I have stated over and over, every time the GOP/Tea party attacks President Obama, they have, without fail, ended up only making themselves look more pathetic and mean.

   That is why I refer to him as "Barack Houdini Obama", because just when it appears as though he is going to be snagged by the GOP scandal game, he quickly sidesteps their imaginary accusations. and they once again shoot themselves in he foot.

   Of course it helps tremendously that the reason they are unable to pin anything on him, is because he isn't guilty of their charges.

   So now, with the government re-open, many are concerned that we will just go through this same B.S. game again in 3 months, when the debt ceiling will need to be raised again, but I'll tell you right now, don't give it a second thought, you haven't a need to worry for even a second, here's why.

   In the next 3 months the website troubles that are currently causing problems for people to sign up for the ACA  will have been fixed, and Americans will sign up in mass numbers, proving that healthcare is an important issue with the public, and that they like what is being offered, to the chagrin of the GOP.

   Also, this last folly of Ted Cruz and his small band of extortionists has shown all America that the Tea party is nothing more than terrorist rebels, who would let this nation burn to the ground while they sang Dixie and roasted marshmallows in the fire.

   But the public also saw regular GOP members who went along with their rebel contemporaries, whether from conviction, or cowardice of their getting primaried, either way, what America saw was a political party that held this entire nation and everyone in it, hostage to their demands.

   The damage done to the conservative movement was immense, so much so that the Republican brand may not survive, and if it does, it will not have any resemblance to what it was.

  So with these things in mind, the GOP won't even think about rocking the boat again just months before the midterm elections, where previously it was a shoe in that their gerrymandered districting would allow them to continue to hold the house, but after all the dust has settled, it is being predicted that they may lose control of the house.

   Be assured that in the coming months that the GOP/Tea party will continue with their lies and false accusations, but even they aren't so stupid as to try a shutdown again.



Friday, October 18, 2013


To all those Americans who experienced any suffering due to the GOP induced government shutdown, those of us who who believe in an America without a need for terrorist type tactics empathize with you, and thank you, we are truly sorry that you were made unwilling sacrificial pawns of the GOP's radical Tea party wing. We wish for you a speedy recovery from any damage suffered, and a complete healing in time.

To those Americans who consider themselves conservatives and vote GOP, I can only assume from the polls that MOST of you did not want, nor approve of this shutdown, and that most of you did not like the idea of America being taken hostage by ANY party, for ANY reason. The vast majority of you I'm sure love this nation as much as any democrat, liberal, progressive, or independent does, and that you also understand that America was founded on principles that majority rules will dictate how we perpetuate this country forward, not allowing a small group of individuals to threaten to destroy our way of life if they don't get their way. Though they scream and shout that they are the true patriots, their words and actions are exactly what the founding fathers fought against, they are a cancer to your party, and they will be silenced, if you are at all concerned in the health and survival of the GOP as a integral part of the American political process, then you must rid yourselves of this cancer, and take your rightful place where you belong, alongside real Americans, fighting for what you believe in, not degenerating into a group of traitors bent on destroying our nation. America needs to have a voice for those who adhere to conservative values, but not from one holding a gun to its head.

To those tea party loyalists, I believe you love America, but you are not abiding by the American ways that have guided this nation for well over 200 years, your radical agenda does not promote the ideals set forth by our founding fathers, and the actions that are being implemented by your elected representatives are anything but patriotic. You may not like the way the government is being run, you may not like the current leadership in government, you have the right to feel that way, however, you DO NOT have the right to circumvent the American political process of changing things. You DO NOT have a right to threaten America with economic destruction and chaos simply because you are unhappy with the way things are. The actions and agenda of the Tea party have no place in this great nation, and as thus, the tea party will soon be swept away like so much dirt on the floor. Take yourselves away from this radical posturing and rejoin the ones who share your beliefs, but adhere to the American methods of change, voting.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


You are not noble, you are not wise
You two brothers, are just despicable guys
Though you have lots of money, you are lower class
You're American traitors, and can both kiss my ass
You think you are kings, princes or dukes
But all you two are, are miserable pukes
You have all your gold, your silver and riches
Yet you both remain, two worthless bitches
You lack all integrity, style and grace
And it makes us all sick, to look at your face
You've paid for a party, who likes to serve tea
You try to control them, but it's easy see
You've created a monster, and it's turning on you
And that monster won't stop, whatever you do
It hates all it sees, and just wants to kill
Things that once pleased you, and gave you a thrill
The monster now threatens, what you hold so dear
An economy ruined, is your biggest fear
A second depression, much worse than the last
Your empire crumbling, your wealth fading fast
You might have regrets, for the misery you brung
But we will be cheering, the day you're both hung

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Thursday, October 10, 2013


   Well, it has been an exciting competition, with a very impressive group of contenders, but it has now come down to the 5 finalists for the most hated.

   All of these finalists have garnered enormous amounts of hatred from all corners of America, but only one can hold the title of "Most hated". 

Michele Bachmann is a longshot to win overall, but her recent support of Ted Cruz has bolstered her hatred ratings across America, and in D.C.

Ted Cruz is a front runner to be the most hated, his ability to deceive all the people all the time seems to continue working on his weak minded supporters, but to the non-tea party public, he is just a vile and evil self serving narcissist, who will gladly allow this nation to melt down.

John Boehner has not only amassed large amounts of hatred from Democrats, but has also managed to garner a tremendous amount from his own party, And along with most of America's ire, he would appear to be the one to take the title.

The Tea party have a very special type of hatred most Americans hold for them,the same type they hold for any terrorist organization, they are bigots, racists, and un-American fools who are like sheep that let themselves be led to slaughter.

And finally we have the Koch brothers, Though usually found hiding under a rock, these two self appointed rulers of the United States have been ultra busy in employing their destructive and sinister agenda all across America, and especially in Washington D.C. They are perhaps the most evil, despicaple, and vile creatures to ever shame the name "American". They are the odds on favorites to win the title of "The most hated".

   There you have it, the top 5 degenerates money and power can corrupt, together they represent a large portion of what is wrong in America, and each of them are very deserving of being named most hated, but only one can win, who might that be? I will let you know when and if this ever ends.



Wednesday, October 9, 2013


   If there are any sane, intelligent, reasonable, and patriotic Conservatives left in America, please come back to reality and do something about your political party.

   If you value the integrity, honor, and reputation of the Conservative movement, please reel in the lunatics that are currently claiming that title.

   If you would like the Conservative movement to continue as a viable political entity in this land, then please oust the un-American  traitors that are committing despicable acts in your party's name.

   If you honestly love this country, please contain those in your party who openly seek to destroy any semblance of government in America.

   The American(?) Tea party has not only hijacked your party, it is using extortion to keep the entire body of your elected legislators to agree with their outrageous demands.

   Your elected congressmen and senators are too scared of a small group of radicalized zealots who are funded by the Koch brothers and other mega wealthy sources, for them to do anything but fall in line, or they risk getting primaried at home.

   The Tea party has shown over and over that it is more than willing to destroy everything around it if they can't get their way, including America itself.

   They give lip service about being patriotic, while at the same time they are involved in actions that totally undermine the democratic process that this nation was founded on.

   Those Tea party individuals are under the control of the most elite 1/10th of 1% of the richest members of our society, and they don't even know it.

   So it's up to you, the moderate, well informed conservative to step up and reign in those that are destroying not only your party, but America as well

   The Democratic left and Conservative right have always had a balancing effect on each other, and this nation has grown and prospered throughout the years with that in place, but these Tea party terrorists threaten to dismantle every part of this country, and if they are not stopped soon, the GOP will feel the wrath of the nation and cease to exist.

   The normally apathetic of you must rise up and defend your values and beliefs, do not let the Tea party rule over you, they are the American taliban, and they will be defeated, it's up to you to decide whether or not the entire GOP goes with them.