Sunday, December 29, 2013


   If you are a Liberal/Progressive/Democrat, you will absolutely love reading this posting.

   Anybody who pays even a minimum of attention to the political scene these days knows some of the things happening around them.

   To those of us watching, the most apparent thing is the GOP/Tea party in hyper desperation mode.

   The conservative movement has for many years now been quite comfortable representing the wants and desires of the corporations and the elite 1% in America, and quite comfortable accepting the cash they so generously supply to their political puppets.

   Now I'm not implying the left doesn't have it's share of corrupt political figures, of course it does, but there are dramatic differences between the two.

   First of all, the ones doing the corrupting are the ones with the most money, ie. Banks, Wall street, Big oil, etc., and the main interest they have is to keep government from regulating or overseeing them.

   The elite that own those corporations seem to believe that they are above the law, that they are somehow superior to the rest of us, and they should therefore be granted special treatment.

   Their behavior is nothing new, since the human species first began living together in large groups there have been those whose desire to control the lives of others drove them to incredible actions.

   The same holds true today, a small group of individuals feel it is their right to dictate how things should be, that they alone should make the rules.

   That being said, the two major political parties in America are the GOP, and the Democrats. The Democratic party has a platform of equality for all Americans, that we are our brothers keepers, that we are a country blessed with enough riches that nobody should live in poverty, or go hungry.

   The Democrats feel that those who have been the most successful among us, have done so because of the efforts and contributions from all of us, and therefore should share more with the rest.

   The GOP on the other hand aspire more to an attitude of , "I got mine, go get your own".

   They believe that they alone were responsible for their success, and that sharing any of it is unfair.

   With that in mind, the GOP is naturally going to appeal the most to those that don't like the idea of having to share with the rest, and thus, the GOP receives a far greater share of contributions from the elite and corporate world.

    Somehow the GOP/Tea party has convinced many Americans to vote against their own self interests, and that the Democrats are trying to destroy their way of living.

   Like I said, the conservatives are in a desperate mode right now, every time they try indicting our President for wrongdoing, it has come 360 degrees to bite them on the ass.

   They swore to make him a failed President, and for 5 years they have done every possible thing they could think of to make that happen, but they only ended up shooting themselves in the foot every single time.

   After revealing to the entire world just how petty and spiteful the GOP is by shutting down the government and holding America hostage, they have now bet the house on the ACA failing .

   But guess what GOP, even with all your tries at sabotaging the ACA, it is now hitting its stride, the web site is working great, people are signing up in huge numbers, the success stories are rolling in, and now you have nothing.

   I normally feel sorry for the loser, at least a little bit, but after all the crap you did in your evil plan to win back voters, I have nothing but contempt for your nasty party.

   I will laugh at your misery, I will toast your demise, there isn't anything bad that can happen to you that I won't enjoy observing.

   Your despicable group of traitors have proven over and over that the only thing you give a damn about is money and power, well, enjoy what you have now, because in 2014 most of your ugly party will be hitting the bricks, and in 2016, the left should be controlling both houses, and the Presidency.

   Even with your gerry mandered districts, your voter suppression, your ballot rigging, your fear mongering, your false accusations, you will not win, you have shown your true nature, that of a morally corrupt group of self centered bigots who don't give a damn about anybody but themselves.

   So keep this in mind, the laughter and cheering you hear every time your party sinks further into oblivion, will be coming from the people who do represent the true America, the Democratic liberal progressives.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


   It is finally over, the war on Christmas has been won by the liberal Democratic party.

   Reports are coming in stating that seal team 6 has killed Santa Claus, 5 of the reindeer, and a number of elves.

   It is not known at this time if Rudolph is one of those reported killed, however we can confirm that Donner, Prancer, and Blitzen are among the casualties.

   Experts in the study of Christmas warfare say that this last battle will most likely end all hostilities. 

   Professor Sarah Palin Phd. called it the worst Christmas carnage she has ever seen, she was quoted as saying, "Well gosh, ya know that guy who isn't white over there in Washington DC just creamed poor ol Santa".

   Since this war began the day after Thanksgiving the fighting has been fierce, with both sides taking heavy casualties.

   President Obama was quoted as saying, "We would have wrapped this up in 4 days if those damn Canadians didn't come to Santa's aid".

   With the limited nuclear strike on both of Canada's major cities,  the Canadians withdrew their support for Santa saying, "Hey, sorry there Mr. Kringle, but you're on your own Ay".

   With the opposition now down to only elves, reindeer, and and a group of Tea party fringe flyers, the President decided to dispatch the infamous seal team 6 to kill the leader of the Christmas terrorist organization.

   Apparently Mrs. Claus was taken into custody and immediately sent to Saudi Arabia for interrogation , asked why she was sent there a top intelligence official stated, "They just do it better there".

   Rumors are that Frosty the snowman was also taken into custody, but we have been unable to confirm that information.

   Witnesses report that the entire North pole region has been leveled, and that Santas workshop was completely destroyed, leaving any remaining Santa helpers without a base to attack from.

 As we all now know, this war was deemed a necessary pre-emptive action due to the ability of Santa to see and know when everybody on the planet was sleeping, awake, or being good or bad, President Obama said, "After discussing it with the NSA, it was determined that it was in our national interest  to make sure we were the only ones that are capable of doing that".

   With the war on Christmas now over, officials at the NSA say they can now devote their attention to the ongoing war on peoples religion.

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Friday, December 20, 2013


   I, like a great deal of Americans, consider myself a follower of Christs teachings, thus, a Christian.

   However, just as there are a variety of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds in the U.S., there are also a variety of Christianities that abound here.

   Some people look at how the Muslim faith is divided between the Shiite and the Sunni sects, and are confounded that two groups who proclaim the same faith can be so hostile to each other.

   Well, they've got nothing on us, there are so many different angles on what a Christian is supposed to be, that it makes your head spin.

   Now the days of killing each other over our differences are mostly behind us, but there remains some ugly reminders of just why we factionalized in the first place.

   Since Christianity began there have been those that devined different interpretations of Christs words, and then acted on those interpretations.

   Most notably, the Roman Catholics, the Protestants, the Mormons, Jehovahs witnesses, etc., and the offshoots of them, all that feel that they are the ones that are right.

   Now days these groups tolerate each other, and generally respect the others right to believe what they want, but there is a group that exists that is giving a bad name to the term "Christian".

   Mostly they call themselves "fundamentalists".

   Now this group is nothing new, they have been around for awhile, and the term actually describes a broad number of believers. 

   But the ones that are the problem, are those that like to mix large amounts of politics with their faith

   The most obvious of these lately are the members calling themselves the Tea party. They are mostly southern whites whose main motives seem to be in destroying the U.S. government.

   Unable to garner any real political power, they instead choose to attempt dismantling the current government structure.

   Although they loudly demand freedom, that would be the last thing we would have if these bigots were in charge.

   Instead we would have a small group that would dictate every step of our lives, they love to tell people what they can and can't do, in Gods name of course.

   This band of zealots criticize sharia law, and the Taliban, when in reality, they are just like them, ready to control your life as they see fit.

   The fact that the demographics of America are rapidly changing in favor of non white people is scaring the hell out of this group, probably because they fear that they will get treated as poorly as they treated others.

   Regardless of the desperate and destructive acts they partake in, this group will never usurp power from the majority of Americans, those that believe we are all in this together, and that when we take care of one another, we are making America a much better nation, a nation that cares for all of its citizens, not just a chosen few.

   My guess is that the very narrow and self serving way these fundamentalists pick and choose the parts of the bible that best serves their needs would be looked upon rather poorly by Christ, so I wish they would call themselves something else, because they are giving the term "Christian", a bad name.



Saturday, December 14, 2013


You love investigations, unless they're aimed at you
You also love to slander, cause that's just what you do
The truth you have no use for, cause it doesn't serve your needs
In fulfilling your agenda,  of doing dirty deeds
You're a liar and a phony, a con man and a thief 
The levels that you'll sink to, are way beyond belief 
You're a car thief and a tax cheat, a whiz at setting fires
And getting rich from politics, is one of your desires
How you got elected, we may never know
But the people who elected you, must be mentally quite slow
Integrity evades you, you don't deserve respect
You're like a toxic virus, striving to infect
Thank God you're term is ending, in just a little while
Because thinking of you leaving, gives us a great big smile

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You stupid ignoramus, you're as crazy as a loon
I wouldn't be surprised, to catch you howling at the moon
Your theories of conspiracies, are well known far and wide
That everyone is after us, to cause us genocide
You're right at home at Fox, who pretend to tell the news
But all we get from both of you, are the lies that fill your views
The things you pass off as the truth, should make you quite ashamed
For all the trouble in the world, you say Obama should be blamed
You pander to the nut jobs, to make yourself quite rich
But regardless of your money, you're still Murdochs little bitch
Perhaps you're not so crazy, perhaps there's something more
Perhaps you're just like Rush and Sean, another money whore


Thursday, December 12, 2013


To administer justice, blindly and fair
Is the reason the 9 of you, sit in that chair
Non partisan actions, is what you espouse
But your actions of late, show there is trouble in your house
You've allowed the elite, to buy all our reps
To pile up their bribes, on congresses steps
You've given your blessings, for every red state
To stifle the vote, of those that they hate
Though 9 of you make up, what we call a bench
There are 5 there among you, who give off a stench
Their conservative bias, is not hard to detect
And the elite that control them, are all they respect
With a third of the power, over our laws
These 5 pawns of money, should give us great pause
They've proved their allegiance, to the GOP name
They disrespect all the people, as though playing a game
They don't want to change, and we cannot teach them
So might I suggest, that we just impeach them

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Poor Sarah Palin, born without a brain
Any intelligent thought, she fails to maintain
All the words she utters, to show that she is bright
Only go to show one thing, that her thinking isn't right
We question her integrity,  she has honor not a bit
She reminds us of a dung heap,  a giant pile of shit
She is stupid as a scarecrow, dumber than a rock
As clueless as a cloud, as ignorant as a sock
And yet she babbles on, torturing all of us
When all we want to see, is her being hit by a bus
Oh Sarah Sarah Sarah, Please listen to our cry
Go back to the hole you came from, then curl up and die


Friday, December 6, 2013


What can I say, about the white whale Rush
Whose pure evil words, we can't seem to hush
He's a bigoted racist, without honor or style
As a mound of cow dung, he makes a large pile
He lacks all integrity, he possesses no class
And it's easy to see, he talks out his ass
Though he claims he's a patriot, we know it's a lie
Because a patriot has honor, and he ain't that guy
He's a monger of fear, a seller of hate
To wreak havoc among us, for this he can't wait
His masters are rich, the corporate elite
he bows in their presence, and kisses their feet
He's made lots of money, spewing hate lies and fear
And since money is his god, he holds it quite dear
He's a traitor a criminal,  a racist and bigot
His mouth spews out evil, like a fully open spigot
For me there's one answer, that I'd love to see
The white whale Rush, at the bottom of the sea

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Thursday, December 5, 2013


 Dear GOP/Teabagger,

    I am writing this letter for one special reason. That reason is so that I don't have to deal with your continued whining to "show you the facts" when all I ever do is to show you them. At which point you simply choose to ignore them.

   You seem to be master at the art of self imposed  ignorance. Your ability to deny truth and facts is nothing short of amazing. 

   The way you utter out lies and disinformation you've been spoon fed from Fox news and your less than honorable party spokespeople is very impressive.

   Whether you do this because your bigotry forces you to or you're so mentally challenged that you'll believe anything someone tells you, or you just like being somebodies pawn, I don't really know. But I also really don't give a rats ass.

   If at this point in time you refuse to see what the GOP/Tea party is doing to this nation in your name then you never will. And I thus have no reason to try convincing you of the truth.

   The fact that you hold fast to a party that has been very open about its desire to cause division and chaos in America whether by hook or by crook proves that your devotion to the party line goes way beyond any devotion you have for America.

   I have posted already that the tipping point has been passed. The ACA has become a booming success in spite of the conservative movements numerous attempts to sabotage it. And the GOP has proven to all of America just how petty and dishonest it really is.

   And to the chagrin of the GOP/Tea party the President will once again be seen as the victor for the American people. While the conservatives will continue to be viewed as nothing but worthless do nothing troublemakers whose fear mongering and lies are the trademarks of their existence.

   So, as I have said before, I'm not at all worried about the conservative agenda. Their dismal future is already cast in stone. I will simply sit back have a drink and laugh at the self imposed destruction of the GOP/Tea party.

   And when you ask me for the facts that you will quickly ignore I will instead repost this letter to you. Just so that you understand that I'm not ignoring you. It's just that you aren't worth the time I'd be wasting.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013


   As you, I, and most all left leaning political folks know all too well, our fellow Americans who lean to the right possess a host of serious drawbacks that we find not only reprehensible, but also boggle our senses as to how they can talk themselves into not only accepting them as true, but of staunchly being in defense of them.

   It amazes me that without fail, every time I fight a battle of words and ideas with a conservative, be they GOP, Tea, or Libertarian party, it feels to me as to what it must be like to try catching a greased hog.

   Just as you corner them with logic, and grab hold of them with facts and truth, they simply grab hold of another absurd talking point they've been fed, and slip away from the issue at hand.

   After attempting to force reason and sanity upon the self induced ignorance they cling to, most of us on the left realize that those we are trying to expose to the truth aren't all single digit IQ lifeforms, but are just stubborn hard heads that either can't, or won't change their way of thinking.

   Whether from racial bigotry, identity insecurity, or ingrained tradition, those that hold fast to the lies and propaganda they get fed from Fox and their less than honorable elected reps. do exhibit one thing the left could employ more of, Dedication.

   For all their faults and weaknesses, the hard line right wingers do have dedication and commitment. Even though it is ill thought out, it still remains a positive virtue.

   These virtues do posses an inherent problem to the left leaning however, just the nature of being a liberal/progressive causes us to always examine and question things we are being told. To not just take the word of others as to the validity and honesty of a particular issue or event.

   We approach things pragmatically and require proof of their integrity and accuracy before assigning them our support.

   These are certainly critical steps in keeping our platform free from mindless obedience, but when we do commit to a position, we need to see it through to the end.

   For 6 years now the President we elected twice, Barrack Obama, has done amazing things in the recovery of America, and he has done it fighting more political opposition than any President in American history.

   As our President strives to improve the lives of EVERY American, he faces unending negative forces from the right. Forces whose only intent is to somehow defeat and dishonor him and any sort of legacy he might leave.

   These negative forces the GOP/Tea Party invoke are done so at the cost of whatever they deem needed. And if this country needs to self destruct to accomplish their agenda, so be it, they are more than willing to let America burn to the ground.

   And although the idea of giving them all their own section of land with which to establish their own miserable third world nation is extremely appealing, we are unfortunately, stuck with them.

   And so, that being the case,  we on the left must insure that America remains a country that is worth living in.

   To accomplish this task, we don't need to sink to the level of dirty tricks, lies, and voter suppression that the right loves to employ. After all we have the high ground by espousing equality for all, fairness for all, and acceptance of all.

   But we all need to commit ourselves to the cause. The ACA has now become a proven success story. Millions of Americans now have affordable healthcare. Something the GOP/Tea Party were counting on failing.

The unemployment rate is under 6%.

   President Obama has proven over and over to be a man of integrity, honor, and wisdom. Which is why the fear mongering haters of the right have not been able to make even one of their continuing barrage of false accusations stick, because they are all lies and distorted half truths. Just like most of the things the GOP/Tea Party says.

   If we all vote in the 2014 elections then we will keep the senate and maybe take back the house.

   So stand tall, don't fall victim to the ever increasing desperate lies the right spews out. Have faith that our President has our backs and that in the end we will be the victors, and the America we love will be purged of those that wish it ill.