Wednesday, June 12, 2013


   I am writing this blog as basically a continuation of a previous posting titled, "Thank God for God". It is designed to hopefully enlighten others about the reality that our lives are important and we are here for a purpose. The following views of mine are an open and honest rendition of what I absolutely believe is the truth.

   Picture in your mind a $1 bill, now picture 10 $1 bills, now 100 $1 bills, now 1,000, now 10,000, now 100,000, and finally, picture in your mind 1,000,000 $1 bills. At what point were you unable to mentally visualize the $1 bills?

   Try this, think of our sky, how high does it reach? Now think what's beyond our sky, our solar system, how far does that reach? Now think what's beyond our solar system, our galaxy, how far does that reach? now think what's beyond our galaxy, the universe, how far does that reach?

   The point I'm making here is that the human brain is capable of  mentally visualizing things to a limited degree, we understand that those things contain vast amounts of material, but trying to conjure an image of those vast amounts is impossible after a certain point. So is the concept of God, God is far too complex for our limited thinking capability to decipher.

   Now, picture yourself sitting back watching your favorite television show, you get up and go outside for a breath of fresh air, as you walk around the same electronic signals that let you watch that television show are now swirling all around you, not only those signals but signals from all the television shows, and all radio broadcasts. You can't see them, you can't feel or taste them, but you know for a fact that they are there.

   The point here is that just because you can't see, hear, or taste something, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

   Scientists tell us that the Earth is aprox. 4.5 billion years old, and that some form of life has existed on it for roughly 3 billion of those years. We are told that through countless evolutionary occurrences and sporadic catastrophic anomalies that humans have come to be the dominating species on this planet.

   Human beings have existed on this planet for a blink of the eyes of Earths timeline, and yet we have managed to not only rule over every aspect of it, we have been able to send other humans to the Moon and back. Our science has allowed us to even send out probes into the universe to explore what else lies out there.

   I fully acknowledge my belief in evolution, I don't propose to put any constraints on the methods chosen by God to place his creations wherever he pleases, and by whatever means he chooses. I realize this belief is contrary to the classical teaching that the Earth is 5000 years old, but I think science has proven that to be slightly inaccurate, I don't recall Moses encountering any dinosaurs.

   I also believe that God has populated vast numbers of other planets with life of one kind or another, he is after all God and he can do what he wants.

   In my time spent on this planet I have experienced many aspects of being alive, like most people I have encountered great suffering along with great joy, but usually just day to day events with no particular fanfare.
I have been aware however that as I grow older and have more to reflect back on, that the wisdom taught to us by Jesus , although masked in parable form, has the simplicity of meaning that is undeniable.

   My straining to understand what God desired of me was the main block to my progress, I found that by simply trying to abide by his main teachings of loving your brothers and sisters and treating others as you would have them treat you, was proving to be the key to understanding that we are all the same, we are all Gods creatures and his love for us is unending. Without having to try at all things were revealed to me that brought peace and contentment to my soul. Every kind act I performed seemed to return to me ten fold.

   While I was struggling to be a good Christian, I had no idea what that was. When I finally started to listen to that inner voice and do what it told me was right, then the voice got louder and louder and before long it was easily recognized by me.

   This voice explained to me what I have told you, that if God wanted us to understand exactly what he is, then our minds would be capable of that understanding, and that we are all here on a journey, a journey that will eventually reunite us all with our creator. Once we are united once again we will want for nothing and bathe in everlasting love. And it is that pure love that is God.

   I attribute a large part of my misunderstanding Gods message to me due to being constantly told to fear God, do this or you will go to Hell, or if you don't act this way God will be angry with you. Fear was the motivator  used over and over. I was told he was a God of love and yet all I should do is be afraid of God.

   Fear is a good control mechanism for a while, but it will lose its effect eventually. I came to see that religions depended on fear to control people, and I convinced myself that God hates religion.

   Once I was no longer fearing God his message came through, God made us, he knows us better than we know ourselves. God realizes we screw up, he sent his only son Jesus Christ to redeem us from sinful damnation. That is how much he loves us, he wants us to love him and to have him in your life. If God wanted robots he would have made robots, he didn't, he wanted us, and still does.

   I once thought that being a Christian meant not doing anything fun, just boring times and lots of church, but I discovered that having God in my heart and knowing that no matter what happens, when it's all said and done, that eternal love awaits us, all our questions will be answered and all our pain taken away.

   And the price for all of this?  $0.00, not a dime, Our salvation has been paid for in full, it's free for the asking.

   I don't subscribe to any organized religious organizations, I listen to the voice from my heart, and though I still screw up regularly, I always come back to the place I am loved and forgiven.There is one message that is the key to what God wants of us, and if we adhere to it, then all the blessings and peace of the lord will be ours, that message is," DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU"

   Keep following the words of that message and I promise you that you will truly find God very quickly.