Monday, April 14, 2014


   I predict that Obamacare will grow at an incredibly fast pace in the coming months with new sign ups far exceeding all goals set.

   I predict that the GOP/Tea Party and their propaganda wing Fox News will have little to say about Obamacare but will now be referring to it as the ACA since they don't want any credit for such a successful program associated with the president

    I predict the GOP/Tea Party and Fox news will be once more ramping up their lies and fact vacant accusations on Benghazi, fast and furious, and the supposed IRS scandal in their never ending attempt to demonize our president.

   Why should you believe my predictions? Well at the risk of sounding like I'm bragging. I have correctly predicted the outcome of the current political situation for some time now. However I must confess, it was pretty easy to do.

   If you want to be able to correctly know the future then the first thing you must do is take any information that you get from Fox news and the GOP and realize that it is made up of between 2% and 7% truth, and between 93% and 98% B.S.

   The GOP and Fox news are firm believers in the theory that if you tell a lie long enough and enough times people will believe it as true.

   That may be so with the ignorant and bigoted throng that make up their base of voters. But most Americans are a lot more intelligent than the GOP thinks they are. Most Americans have witnessed first hand the non-stop lies and fear mongering the conservatives have been dishing up 24/7. And most Americans aren't buying into it.

   Now that the ACA has zero chance of getting repealed the insurance industry has shifted it's efforts away from defeating it and will now be pouring in money for ads that will encourage people to sign up since they want to stay in business and be profitable. That also means a lot less money to the GOP/Tea Party from the industry. And when you don't give the GOP money, the GOP doesn't give a damn about you.

   See how easy that was for me to predict? I knew that most Americans actually do care about each other and want to see everyone getting equal treatment. I knew that Obamacare would be successful and the insurance industry would have to give up their fight against it.

   My second prediction was just as easy. The GOP has spent the past 5 years trying to convince us all that the implementing of the ACA would be the death and destruction of us all. Now that we can all see how successful and welcomed the law is the GOP can no longer keep up their lies and propaganda against it. They can only fall back on their well worn lies about scandals involving the IRS, Benghazi, and fast and furious. All have been shown to be nothing but GOP false accusations but that is all they have to work with.

   I will make one more prediction. I predict that the very unpatriotic behavior by the GOP in their relentless attempts to suppress the voting rights of millions of Americans will be a catalyst that will instead cause more democratic voter turnout than any mid term election ever.

   I believe that the reasons that my predictions are true is that I have faith in the intelligence of my fellow Americans and their ability to see that the GOP/Tea Party doesn't represent them or care about their well being.  

That if we want an America that is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people, then ridding our political system of the GOP/Tea Party vermin has to happen now. 

Pretty easy to see if you ask me.

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