Tuesday, April 15, 2014


    It is quite obvious to anyone who cares enough to pay any attention to it that the GOP/Tea Party has been, is, and will continue to be engaged in an all out campaign to make voting as difficult as possible for those that traditionally vote for the Democratic ticket.

   Instead of trying to attract a wider and more diverse base of supporters the Conservatives have chosen to just keep their outdated and unpopular policies that appeal to a very limited and ever decreasing number of Americans. Their base is rife with bigoted whites whose hate filled souls let them accept and support a party that is wholly owned and manipulated by the elite 1%.  

   Even at the cost of voting for things against their own self interest the ignorant and hateful GOP/Tea Party members seem to prefer that over trying to accept a black man as president, or a woman's right to decide what's best for herself, or a gay couples desire to marry, or allowing millions of their fellow Americans  the ability to get healthcare, or etc., etc., etc. It doesn't seem to end.

   Now just because the GOP/Tea Party refuses to become part of the 21st century does not mean they don't want to win elections. They certainly want to do that. After all, their ultimate goal is to have total control over every aspect of our lives. They have just chosen a different method in being able to get elected. Even when most Americans disagree with their policies.

   The GOP/Tea Party figures that if it can't get more votes, then it needs to make sure the Democrats get less votes. That is exactly why they are so fervent in their agenda to enact as many laws as possible to make it more and more difficult for certain segments of the population to vote. Those segments just happen to be groups that traditionally vote Democrat.

   They have also done as much as they can to limit the number of voting days and hours a person can cast a ballot. They try to eliminate or minimize the ability for absentee voting. They reduce the number of voting booths in minority areas. They gerrymander districts. They get their partisan puppets on the Supreme court to strike down laws specifically designed to insure fair voting practices. They get those same puppets to allow the mega rich to give any amount of money they wish and to do it anonymously. 

   The list of despicable and truly un-American tactics that the GOP/Tea Party employs in their quest for voter suppression also seems endless. But there is one method they are using that is so diabolical and evil that it could only be devised by them. Voter apathy.

   They figure that if they can get people to believe that their vote didn't matter then those people just wouldn't vote. If they could convince people that both parties are equally corrupt and manipulated by the rich then people would figure it was pointless to vote. That is why they have made every effort in shutting down congress. They don't care if they look bad as long as they make people think that both parties are to blame. They have blocked all progress in the house for  the last 5 years for just that reason.

   If you notice their base of voters get overjoyed and enthusiastic when there is a government shutdown while the vast number of Americans only see a failed congress. GOP and Democrat alike. That is exactly what the Conservatives want you to think. They are playing people who don't even know they're being played.

   Don't let the GOP/Tea Party get away with their despicable behavior. They are a party of lies and deception. They don't give a damn about you, me, or anyone else that isn't rich and powerful. The Democratic party is not perfect, not by a long shot. But it is the party that believes that we are our brothers keeper and that ALL Americans deserve to have equal opportunities and protection under the law.

   Don't let yourself be manipulated by the nonstop B.S. the GOP/Tea Party engages in. Your vote matters. We are on the correct side of history. We vastly outnumber them. We just need to make sure we make ourselves heard and seen. Register early. Encourage others to register early. And for all of our sakes, VOTE.

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