Friday, April 25, 2014


   Just because their base of supporters appears to be made up of only uneducated ignorant bigots does not mean that those who are in control of the GOP/Tea Party are equally intelligence challenged

   Keep in mind that it is the rich and powerful  that own and control the conservative movement. They didn't get rich and powerful by being stupid. They have spent lots of money and kept a strict agenda to attain their current status. They have spent years building a political party that obeys them like a lap dog. They have chosen to appeal to the less educated and bigoted in society as their voter base simply because those are the type of people who won't ask questions they will just go along with whatever they're told. So long as the party keeps firing them up with the kind of lies and propaganda that allows them to believe that they are right to be bigots then that base will never leave. 

   The problem they have is that they are faced with an ever shrinking number of supporters. And you need a majority of votes to win elections.
Common sense would tell you that you need to make your party more appealing to a wider group of people.  They have chosen a different method to win elections. Namely voter suppression, gerry mandered districtting, ballot tampering, etc., etc. It seems to have no end.

   In the 2012 elections the GOP got their asses handed to them in a hat. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars and got virtually nothing for it. A big part of the reason that happened was due to the mass turnout of democrats that came out to vote. Numbers that the GOP wasn't counting on. They won't make that mistake again.

   The honchos in the GOP are all too aware of how unpopular the conservative brand is among the rest of America. They know that on a level playing field they don't stand a chance of winning any national elections. That's why they choose to make the playing field as slanted as possible.

   Ever since president Obama was first elected the GOP/Tea Party has tried everything they could think of to dishonor him and make him appear as a failed president. They have failed miserably. Not only that but at the same time they have shown the nation just how petty and spiteful they really are. That they will gladly let America and her people burn to the ground to fulfill their evil agenda.

   They have ended up shooting themselves in the foot with every attempt they have made in their endless indictments of our president. And now they face the ultimate failure. They had bet the farm on Obamacare being a mass disaster. But surprise! It is becoming an incredibly successful program that is surpassing all expectations.

   Now the GOP has a really really big problem. They planned their entire campaign for the 2014 elections on pointing out the failure of the ACA. So what can they do now? The same thing they have always done. Only this time they will amp it up to unbelievable levels. 

   They don't seem to care about how obvious it is to the rest of us that they will use every dirty trick they can to win elections. They use their stooge conservatives on the supreme court to allow mass amounts of money to be given anonymously. They use those same partisan justices to gut laws that protect the voting rights of millions. They pass state laws aimed directly at suppressing the votes of those who traditionally vote democrat. The list goes on and on. But now all bets are off. The GOP is desperate now. They will do whatever it takes to win. They have already proven that there is no level low enough that they won't go to get what they want. They will rig the ballots. They will lie. They will cheat. They will steal. There is nothing that they won't try. 

   That's why I warn to keep your eyes on them. If they succeed we are all in trouble.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


      I'm sure you've seen the ads on television. The one's that depict a happy looking family sitting in their nice warm house while outside a blizzard is doing it's best to cover the Earth in ice. Or the view of a brightly lit major city where millions of people scurry around regardless of the time of day or night.

   Then comes the narrator explaining to you that in today's busy world people are more and more dependent on reliable and affordable sources for energy. Energy to heat and cool their homes. Energy to run their cars. Energy to light their businesses. Energy to do just about anything it would appear.

   The image on the screen then quickly changes to show you hillsides filled with countless windmills happily spinning away. Or acre upon acre of solar panels eagerly absorbing every last ray of sunshine they can devour. The narrator then goes on to tell you that the company that has for decades supplied you with the oil or gas or coal to produce energy for your needs recognizes that clean renewable sources of energy are what we have to focus on now. 

   The image now changes to show a beautiful green meadow with a pristine stream running through it. And happy children playing and laughing as the narrator explains to us that those same fossil fuel companies are now spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an effort to make those clean renewable energy sources a reality. Don't believe it.

   The incredible amount of profits made by the fossil fuel industry are something they will not give up without a fight. And I mean a knock down drag out brawl. They are well aware of the social condemnation of dirty polluters and the concern about climate change so they put on a facade of being concerned about the future of the planet and our quality of life when all that really drives them is their unquenchable lust for more and more profits.

   They try to give the impression that they are promoting renewable energy when just the opposite is true. Through a group known as #ALEC companies like #Koch industries and #Exxon Mobil have been doing all they can to sabotage the renewable energy industry. At least for the little guy like the homeowner or the small business owner.

   Many states and the federal government have for years offered tax credits and subsidies to people to encourage them to invest in renewables. Until the last few years the investment of switching to things like solar power have been cost prohibitive for most folks. But with new technology and greater demand the costs have plummeted. Add to that the ability in many states for solar users to actually sell back surplus energy to the utility companies and all of a sudden going solar becomes an ever more attractive investment. 

   Now with the popularity of solar power usage skyrocketing the fossil fuel industry is feeling threatened that their beloved profits will soon shrink. And they will not tolerate that happening. 

   No instead the oil, gas, and coal companies have teamed up with utility providers in a campaign to have laws passed either taxing or regulating solar power users. That's right. They want you to pay for the right to use the Sun. Don't think it could happen? It already has.

   Kansas and Oklahoma both now have laws that assess a fee for solar users thanks to the efforts and money of the utility companies and fossil fuel providers. And using the influence of their front group known as ALEC they will continue to push for similar legislation nationwide.

   The utility companies and fossil fuel companies aren't totally against the idea of renewable energy. They're just against the idea of not being able to make outrageous profits from it.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


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E mitting
D isinformation 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


    It is quite obvious to anyone who cares enough to pay any attention to it that the GOP/Tea Party has been, is, and will continue to be engaged in an all out campaign to make voting as difficult as possible for those that traditionally vote for the Democratic ticket.

   Instead of trying to attract a wider and more diverse base of supporters the Conservatives have chosen to just keep their outdated and unpopular policies that appeal to a very limited and ever decreasing number of Americans. Their base is rife with bigoted whites whose hate filled souls let them accept and support a party that is wholly owned and manipulated by the elite 1%.  

   Even at the cost of voting for things against their own self interest the ignorant and hateful GOP/Tea Party members seem to prefer that over trying to accept a black man as president, or a woman's right to decide what's best for herself, or a gay couples desire to marry, or allowing millions of their fellow Americans  the ability to get healthcare, or etc., etc., etc. It doesn't seem to end.

   Now just because the GOP/Tea Party refuses to become part of the 21st century does not mean they don't want to win elections. They certainly want to do that. After all, their ultimate goal is to have total control over every aspect of our lives. They have just chosen a different method in being able to get elected. Even when most Americans disagree with their policies.

   The GOP/Tea Party figures that if it can't get more votes, then it needs to make sure the Democrats get less votes. That is exactly why they are so fervent in their agenda to enact as many laws as possible to make it more and more difficult for certain segments of the population to vote. Those segments just happen to be groups that traditionally vote Democrat.

   They have also done as much as they can to limit the number of voting days and hours a person can cast a ballot. They try to eliminate or minimize the ability for absentee voting. They reduce the number of voting booths in minority areas. They gerrymander districts. They get their partisan puppets on the Supreme court to strike down laws specifically designed to insure fair voting practices. They get those same puppets to allow the mega rich to give any amount of money they wish and to do it anonymously. 

   The list of despicable and truly un-American tactics that the GOP/Tea Party employs in their quest for voter suppression also seems endless. But there is one method they are using that is so diabolical and evil that it could only be devised by them. Voter apathy.

   They figure that if they can get people to believe that their vote didn't matter then those people just wouldn't vote. If they could convince people that both parties are equally corrupt and manipulated by the rich then people would figure it was pointless to vote. That is why they have made every effort in shutting down congress. They don't care if they look bad as long as they make people think that both parties are to blame. They have blocked all progress in the house for  the last 5 years for just that reason.

   If you notice their base of voters get overjoyed and enthusiastic when there is a government shutdown while the vast number of Americans only see a failed congress. GOP and Democrat alike. That is exactly what the Conservatives want you to think. They are playing people who don't even know they're being played.

   Don't let the GOP/Tea Party get away with their despicable behavior. They are a party of lies and deception. They don't give a damn about you, me, or anyone else that isn't rich and powerful. The Democratic party is not perfect, not by a long shot. But it is the party that believes that we are our brothers keeper and that ALL Americans deserve to have equal opportunities and protection under the law.

   Don't let yourself be manipulated by the nonstop B.S. the GOP/Tea Party engages in. Your vote matters. We are on the correct side of history. We vastly outnumber them. We just need to make sure we make ourselves heard and seen. Register early. Encourage others to register early. And for all of our sakes, VOTE.

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Monday, April 14, 2014


   I predict that Obamacare will grow at an incredibly fast pace in the coming months with new sign ups far exceeding all goals set.

   I predict that the GOP/Tea Party and their propaganda wing Fox News will have little to say about Obamacare but will now be referring to it as the ACA since they don't want any credit for such a successful program associated with the president

    I predict the GOP/Tea Party and Fox news will be once more ramping up their lies and fact vacant accusations on Benghazi, fast and furious, and the supposed IRS scandal in their never ending attempt to demonize our president.

   Why should you believe my predictions? Well at the risk of sounding like I'm bragging. I have correctly predicted the outcome of the current political situation for some time now. However I must confess, it was pretty easy to do.

   If you want to be able to correctly know the future then the first thing you must do is take any information that you get from Fox news and the GOP and realize that it is made up of between 2% and 7% truth, and between 93% and 98% B.S.

   The GOP and Fox news are firm believers in the theory that if you tell a lie long enough and enough times people will believe it as true.

   That may be so with the ignorant and bigoted throng that make up their base of voters. But most Americans are a lot more intelligent than the GOP thinks they are. Most Americans have witnessed first hand the non-stop lies and fear mongering the conservatives have been dishing up 24/7. And most Americans aren't buying into it.

   Now that the ACA has zero chance of getting repealed the insurance industry has shifted it's efforts away from defeating it and will now be pouring in money for ads that will encourage people to sign up since they want to stay in business and be profitable. That also means a lot less money to the GOP/Tea Party from the industry. And when you don't give the GOP money, the GOP doesn't give a damn about you.

   See how easy that was for me to predict? I knew that most Americans actually do care about each other and want to see everyone getting equal treatment. I knew that Obamacare would be successful and the insurance industry would have to give up their fight against it.

   My second prediction was just as easy. The GOP has spent the past 5 years trying to convince us all that the implementing of the ACA would be the death and destruction of us all. Now that we can all see how successful and welcomed the law is the GOP can no longer keep up their lies and propaganda against it. They can only fall back on their well worn lies about scandals involving the IRS, Benghazi, and fast and furious. All have been shown to be nothing but GOP false accusations but that is all they have to work with.

   I will make one more prediction. I predict that the very unpatriotic behavior by the GOP in their relentless attempts to suppress the voting rights of millions of Americans will be a catalyst that will instead cause more democratic voter turnout than any mid term election ever.

   I believe that the reasons that my predictions are true is that I have faith in the intelligence of my fellow Americans and their ability to see that the GOP/Tea Party doesn't represent them or care about their well being.  

That if we want an America that is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people, then ridding our political system of the GOP/Tea Party vermin has to happen now. 

Pretty easy to see if you ask me.

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Friday, February 7, 2014


   Because the GOP/Tea Party has an attitude that women are somehow inferior to men it is not at all surprising that the more intelligent women flock to the Democrat/Liberal Party. Leaving the gene pool of Conservative female candidate choices somewhat shallow.

   Though the GOP/Tea Party continues their ongoing "war on women" in earnest they do know that they must give the impression that they are a fully integrated party if they hope to garner any female voter support nationwide.

   The ability to enlist supporters who willingly vote for things opposed to their own self interests has been a cornerstone in the Conservative party.

   The Corporate elite that direct todays GOP have methodically plotted and planned their diabolical agenda with great care in order to facilitate their rise to power and ultimate control of Americas political process. But just as their minimum amount of minority members are pathetically flawed examples so too are the women they have representing them.

   And on the opposite side of the fence we have the women of the Democratic/Liberal/Progressive party. An amazingly brilliant group of committed women who possess the desire to see America once again become the nation it was meant to be. A nation of people caring for one another. A nation of opportunity for all. A nation setting a bright example for the world to see.

And with that I now present you with the choices offered by both sides. You decide who is best.

               The Ladies of the left.

             The Conservatives offering

         Seems like a simple choice to me.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014


   Opportunities like this are few and far between. And when they do come around you need to first off recognize them for what they are, and second you need to grab a hold of them and work them for all they're worth.

   The Golden opportunity that I'm referring to is the fact that the progressive liberal Democrats are in a position to virtually dominate the 2014 and 2016 national elections. The GOP has left the door wide open for us to clean their clocks at the polls.

   Even after the blood bath they took in 2012 they still haven't changed a bit of their losing strategy. They continue going forward with the identical failed agenda that proved so destructive to them already. And they just appear to be doubling down on that same flawed agenda.

   After alienating just about every group of voters from minorities and women to young people and the LGBT community the GOP/Tea Party ticket has been left with a threadbare base of old white men and diehard southern bigots. And those old white men aren't regenerating anytime soon.

   And as an added bonus for us the various factions that make up todays Conservative movement, namely the GOP and the Tea Party are at each others throat. Further still you have the Libertarian Party causing its own style of division among the ranks.

   The splintering of these groups alone should cause us to be very optimistic about our potentially being the majority in both houses after the 2014 race. But as the commercials say, "But wait..there's more". The fact that the GOP shut down the government in 2013 and then held America hostage has not been forgotten by the voters. The continuing success of the ACA will show how much the GOP was lying to America. The obstruction they created to make the congress the least productive in American history was there for all to see.

   The current desperation of the GOP is extremely apparent. They have resorted to their worn out old standbys, "Fast and furious", "The IRS scandal", and of course, "Benghazi..Benghazi..Benghazi". They know how pathetically weak they are and there is little they can do to fix it.

   That is why we can decimate them across the board. If we unite as a solid force and give it our all we can finally get to a place where the GOP can't stand in the way of jobs bills or infrastructure bills or the myriad of other legislation that we need to get America back to work. We need to work tirelessly toward that goal. We need to get out there and make sure their voter suppression tactics fail. We need to make sure every single Democratic voter knows just how critical the 2014 elections will be for our future.

   We also have to be aware of the dirty tricks the GOP likes to enlist in their arsenal. Things like ballot rigging and voter intimidation. Remember that they are extremely desperate and have absolutely nothing to lose. They will employ anything they can to win. They have no morals or decency when it comes to winning or stealing an election. They have already proved that many times in the recent past.

   As the clock continues to wind down toward the November election date we will see the GOP engaging in ever more desperate behavior. They will lie bully and scare as many people as possible in every conceivable way. But as I said we can and must put an end to these home grown terrorists that would let America fail for the sake of their elite masters.

   Just imagine the progress we can make as a nation when we have an elected body that is unified in the goal of restoring this great country to its proper standing in the world. It's a wonderful thought. 

   Lets make it happen.

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