Friday, April 25, 2014


   Just because their base of supporters appears to be made up of only uneducated ignorant bigots does not mean that those who are in control of the GOP/Tea Party are equally intelligence challenged

   Keep in mind that it is the rich and powerful  that own and control the conservative movement. They didn't get rich and powerful by being stupid. They have spent lots of money and kept a strict agenda to attain their current status. They have spent years building a political party that obeys them like a lap dog. They have chosen to appeal to the less educated and bigoted in society as their voter base simply because those are the type of people who won't ask questions they will just go along with whatever they're told. So long as the party keeps firing them up with the kind of lies and propaganda that allows them to believe that they are right to be bigots then that base will never leave. 

   The problem they have is that they are faced with an ever shrinking number of supporters. And you need a majority of votes to win elections.
Common sense would tell you that you need to make your party more appealing to a wider group of people.  They have chosen a different method to win elections. Namely voter suppression, gerry mandered districtting, ballot tampering, etc., etc. It seems to have no end.

   In the 2012 elections the GOP got their asses handed to them in a hat. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars and got virtually nothing for it. A big part of the reason that happened was due to the mass turnout of democrats that came out to vote. Numbers that the GOP wasn't counting on. They won't make that mistake again.

   The honchos in the GOP are all too aware of how unpopular the conservative brand is among the rest of America. They know that on a level playing field they don't stand a chance of winning any national elections. That's why they choose to make the playing field as slanted as possible.

   Ever since president Obama was first elected the GOP/Tea Party has tried everything they could think of to dishonor him and make him appear as a failed president. They have failed miserably. Not only that but at the same time they have shown the nation just how petty and spiteful they really are. That they will gladly let America and her people burn to the ground to fulfill their evil agenda.

   They have ended up shooting themselves in the foot with every attempt they have made in their endless indictments of our president. And now they face the ultimate failure. They had bet the farm on Obamacare being a mass disaster. But surprise! It is becoming an incredibly successful program that is surpassing all expectations.

   Now the GOP has a really really big problem. They planned their entire campaign for the 2014 elections on pointing out the failure of the ACA. So what can they do now? The same thing they have always done. Only this time they will amp it up to unbelievable levels. 

   They don't seem to care about how obvious it is to the rest of us that they will use every dirty trick they can to win elections. They use their stooge conservatives on the supreme court to allow mass amounts of money to be given anonymously. They use those same partisan justices to gut laws that protect the voting rights of millions. They pass state laws aimed directly at suppressing the votes of those who traditionally vote democrat. The list goes on and on. But now all bets are off. The GOP is desperate now. They will do whatever it takes to win. They have already proven that there is no level low enough that they won't go to get what they want. They will rig the ballots. They will lie. They will cheat. They will steal. There is nothing that they won't try. 

   That's why I warn to keep your eyes on them. If they succeed we are all in trouble.

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